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Kawaii characters: Kiiroitori


You all know about the massivly popular character Rilakkuma, 
and perhaps also his white female counterpart, Korilakkuma, too?
  I am a very big fan of both of them, especially Korilakkuma!
 Like, I think I could very well fill my room
 with korillakkuma stuff and be as happy as ever...

Well, in this entry, I´d like to talk about the third wheel on the ever so sucessfull bike, 
the little yellow character that often falls into the shadows of the other two.
 You know who I´m talking about, the one
 that most people (that I have talked to) don´t even know the name of! 

The bird Kiiroitori

picture from google

The word "Kiiroitori" means "yellow bird" in japanese. To further explain
 the story behind "Kiiro", you must go back to the origin of Rilakkuma.
 The story has it, that Rilakkuma just appeared one day, quite mysteriously, in the female office worker Kauro´s apartment. Rilakkumas name comes from the words "relax" and "kuma"
 (which means bear in japanese) being pulled together. Rilakkuma is essentially a very 
relaxed bear that has lazy and laid-back attitude. Korilakkuma has a "ko" in her name, 
to let people know that she is in fact a girl. Her biggest pleasure is to be mischievous, 
and play practical jokes on Rilakkuma.

Now,  Kiiroitori is a little bird that lives in Kauro´s house, being her pet chicken.
 He used to only live in a birdcage, but now he sneaks out 
to scold Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma for their lazy or mischiveous attitudes.
 His character as a bird is that of a cleaning, hard-working tsukkomi.
 A tsukommi is the character in a story that is smarter and more logical, and often 
criticises the others for making mistakes. Basically, he´s totally opposite from how Rilakkuma is. Sometimes he gets kind of sad, because he´s affraid he scolds them to much,
 so, pretty much he is a good guy deep down :3

picture from google
The reason I chose to write a bit about Kiiroitori today,
 is because I find that I have become more and more obsessed 
with this character. I think its kind of sad that he often gets ignored,
 atleast in the western population of the world...
 I adore that little round fluffball so much, 
I wanna buy loads of Kiiroitori merchandise =v= hohoho 

A good thing about being a fan of Kiiroitori internationally though,
 is that he is a relativly "unknown" character. Like earlier mentioned, not many 
seems to know his name, and he isn´t exactly the one flung all over peoples bedrooms
 when you search for kawaii things on tumblr either, so...

If you are after getting some things to show your appreciation 
of this highly underrated character, you can, in other words, get it quite cheaply! ^^
 lets fill our house with kawaii things 8D

Here is some awsome warps for 
Kiiroitori fans!

Get this medium sized Kiiroitori plush at EBAY for only 31$
 picture from ebay.
That is almost a 20$ difference to many of the Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma plushies they sell on Ebay...

Personally, I have fallen madly in love with these adorable little slippers, that I just HAVE to order 
as soon as I get the funds for that kind of things =v= 
Get your pair HERE for 24$
 picture from ebay.

And, you know that adorable Rilakkuma tote that is shaped like Rilakkumas head? 
The one that everyone seems to have ? 
Well, they acctually made one for Kiiroitori also ^^
 It has such a happy yellow colour! love it!<3

You can get it HERE for 20$ 
 picture from ebay

If you want something more discreet, there is tons of adorable keychains out there 
for you to pick from. "Kiiro" happens to be a very small character, so its quite natural
 to make so many tiny items of him x3 hehe

Also, for a even more subtle way of showing your affection, 
you could buy some really cute stickers! You probably won´t find sticker sheets 
containing only Kiiroitori stickers, but if you buy some of the kind with mixed characters, 
you will get quite a few of them eventually. Stickers is also a lovely way of 
decorating your letters, if you have a penpal.
 I love adding stickers to the letters I write <3 
Also, you could even get a Rilakkuma letter set, where you would 
probably find some designs involving "mr. fluffyball" :3 hihi

What do you think of Kiiroitori ?

Help spread the word of this cute little fellow around ^0^
 Kiiroitori needs love also! :---)
I hope you guys found some new Kawaii inspiration in this little info text. 
The next big holiday coming up is easter after all,
 so why not get a little head start? 
"Kiiro" is a chicken after all...
 I love learning about new kawaii characters, 
the producers make the cutest background story for them :3
 It keeps it exciting!

I hope to write soon again!
 And I hope you enjoyed
 this little obsession post x3 hehe

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