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My Swedish fairytale: Day 7-8-9 – Everyday sweetness

Tuesday was a "stay inside and don´t do anything" kind of day!
First of all, the rain was pouring outside, and second of all, we felt really tired after the stressfull weekend at Närcon, so we decided to just take it easy.

.... to be quite honest I don´t remember fully what happend that day, but I am pretty sure that was the day we went out to eat sushi in the evening at the local sushi–place where Emilia lives * V* 

I love sushi <3<3<3

On wednesday, we decided to do some crafting! As you guys might know, Emilia likes making her own jewelry, and she makes them to sell aswell! (interested in some?)
Ever since I got to know that I could visit her, one of my requests was for us to do some crafting together, so that she could "teach me her ways" huhuhu >v<

Emilia pulled out box, after amazing box with huge amounts of beads,
clay, necklace clips, and tons of other nick-nacks,
and everything you could possibly think of being neccesary for creating jewelry *v*
I was so amazed!

First she tought me how to make beaded–bracelets( and she made me some awsome pairs also;v;)
It is acctually really fun and easy to make! 
Afterwards, she showed me how to soften the clay and mix the colours to get pastels!
And I decided on a few items I wanted to try making :)

Here is my result after a few hours of crafting!
(It took yet another few days before we put together these things, because we were kinda tired
of crafting by the time it was finally time to put these in the oven.

I made the marshmellows, the icecream, the moon and the star, the bow and the cookie! ^^
I made both rings, necklaces and bracelets with these later on.
Emilia made some really pretty roses, for some bracelets she was selling! 
I wish I was as talented as her ;v; hehe
And lastly!
Thursday was another quiet day, we started making plans for friday, when we were going into town again, to shop and to catch a movie (Monsters University >v<) together with Amanda, Saga and Jöss!
But more about that in the next entry ;)

Thursday, we went over to visit Emilias friend, Sakura, and we had kakigori! ^v^
For those of you that doesn´t know, kakigori is "shaved ice"–icecream! 
(If you have seen "Memoirs of a Geisha" you might remember that Sayuri had kakigori as a child :3
I always thought it looked really good and kinda... magical >v< hihi)

We had previously been out taking a walk in the hot, blazing sun,
so having something cold to cool us off was really good!
Her kakigori machine was "chopper" (One Piece) themed ;V; SO CUTE! <3 

Mine was the red, strawberry flavoured one, and Emilia had the green, melon flavoured one :3
It felt extremly cold to eat, and I kinda got a brain-freeze for a while there, but once I got to the really "red" part, it tasted really sweet and lovely and refreshing :3

And thats pretty much it! 
There wasn´t much action in these "in–between" days,when we didn´t have any plans...
so I´ll just end this entry with saying that even though there wasn´t much to tell you guys about,
I had the best time ever...
I felt so relaxed and at ease over at Emilias place... there was no pressure and I felt like I could just relax and enjoy myself, something I rarely do these days...
So,  I guess I just want to thank you for that Emilia <3 thank you, truly!

I hope you guys stay tuned for more updates!
I will try to get more of them out there soon :)

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