søndag 10. juni 2012

+ Instagrammed +

 Just a small entry today ^0^!

I am sure some of you might know that I have an instagram account, but I thought I´d write a bit about it here today, so that the ones that doesn´t could get to know more :D

Lately, I have been quite active on Instagram (a photo community app on Iphone/android), posting all kinds of pictures really! ^^ I thought I´d share my favourites of the newest ones I have taken >v<

This is in our living room! ^0^ My mom is great with decorating :3

Home alone this weekend, playing with ... stuff XD

contrast :)

Fancy box in blue <3<3<3

I drew Menma recently! ^0^

Making funny faces is a must ;)

Totally obsessed with jellyfishes as of lately *A* This is acctually the first jellyfish I have ever drawn! I coloured it with waterpaint :)

As well as showing you some of my pictures, I have also now told you a bit of my everyday life at the moment! ^^ I hope you liked it :D To sum it up, basically obsession with pretty things, weird makeup, drawing and jellyfishes... I never said I was normal XD hahaha

If you wanna follow me on instagram, my username is 


Can´t wait to hear from you! ^-^

Do you have Instagram?

And now, Imma scawe yew! >0< bohohoho



8 kommentarer:

  1. ima follow you on Instagram :3 @OwlDolly

  2. Lovely pictures! I'm gonna follow you :D follow me too (churichan) :D

  3. cute pictures!!!Especially love ur skeleton necklase and jellyfish drawing ^^

    1. Aww ^^ thank you! I was really proud of that drawing :3

  4. Har du tegnet den tegningen på bildet med de pro-markers'ene selv? I såfall: Omg du er flink! D:

    1. ja! ^^ Har tegnet det helt selv fra grunnen av :) tusen takk :D