onsdag 20. juni 2012

ღ Last day of school + June haul ღ

Today was the last day of school, which means that now is... SUMMER VICATION! ヽ(;^o^ヽ)
Our day was rather short aswell, which means that I came home really early :) We only cleaned our classroom, talked a bit, bbq´ued in the park near our school, and then we went home ^^

It will be weird to be seperated from everyone for a long time now! But I always think its exciting to see how people change over the summer :) If anyone changed their hair, style or got a new kind of interest, perhaps.

Up until now, this week has been really great! ^^ On monday I FINALLY got my long awaited package from Japan, containing my new Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito  skirt set! 

And here the amazingly beautiful skirt is! Have you ever seen a more darling print?
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Just look at this beautiful skirt  。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 I love this colourway SO MUCH! It is so vibrant and pretty <3 and I love this print <3  I can´t wait to put together an outfit for it!

I have started to become more and more interested in other harajuku styles than lolita, and when I saw that amazing soldier necklace, I just HAD to buy it ; v;
I am really interested in this band/brand called BrokenDoll (that this necklace is from) lately ^^ They play cute punk music, and the brand they have produces super cool accesories and clothes in Harajuku! :D Their style is more in a general direction of cool and punk-ish, with a few cute elements, which makes them suited for a whole variety of styles!

The necklace is really HUGE! just look at this!:

I wanna wear it with a bright shirt :3 that would be awsome *v*
If you wanna know more about BrokenDoll, please look it up HERE
And if you wanna support the brand and buy some of their things, you can use a shopping service to buy from their online shop HERE

Yesterday I wore it in a really, really, really simple outfit, to school! ^^
So this is what the necklace looks like worn: 

 I wanted to wear something easy and light for the summer temperatures we are having currently, and I also wanted to make the fashion point my new necklace,  and not focus on other things x3 hehe
Everything is from H&M, and the shoes are from Roberto Rosso ^-^

What do you think? ^^

When I came home today, I got another surprise in the mail! ^^ My new stationary came along :D I was SOOO super excited that I couldn´t help but squeel as I ran inside my room and ripped the package open. I have a lot of penpals, so cute letter sets is an absolute must :3 I will reccomend it to anyone that has a penpal, or want to get one :D Writing on cute paper both makes it more motivational and fun to write, and it is a lot more fun to receive! ^^ I really love putting a lot of love and effort into my letters, and be able to show how much my friends mean to me, and to give them as much joy and happiness as I possibly can! ^^

I have been out of letter material for months really, so when I finally had some money to spare, I searched around and found the cutest stationary store I have ever seen!
It is called
Janet store

You can find anything from letter sets, pens, erasers, pencils cases, cute kitchen ware and even accesories, plushies and other tiny cute things for the most incredible prices! ^^ the only downer was that shipping was a bit much, but I must say, it is totally worth it!

The communication was fast and good, and very polite ^-^ I got this package in just around one week :) I really reccomend buying from her! <3

I got this lot for under 20 $ (not counting the shipping!):
Tooooooonsss of cuteness * v*  (seriously, this package weighed like, 800 g O.o)

Friend bear letter set with envelopes, and super adorable tiiiny Stitch memopad (*/∇\*)
 Chip´n´Dale tiny memopad, extra small friend bear letter set with the tiniest and cutest envelopes EVER ;A; And icecream envelope set (`・ω・´)”
 Little twin star and Chu chu frog (oh my gosh I just love that name x3) letter paper sets ^^ They each hold about 40+ sheets of super adorable paper with individual designs! :D

A super cute surprise! ^^ I got this really cute scrunchie with one of the tiny memopads! ^^ If you look closely, you can tell that it has micky´s head printed on it >w<

And this one was the BIGGEST one *A* a whole of 80 individually kawaii designed letter sheets in a huge stack  O(≧∇≦)O WHAAAAH!!! My heart goes doki doki just thinking about all the kawaii >w< (I doesn´t really show in the picture, but the top picture was super sparkly!♡)

I used like, 15 minutes just going through all the different designs, letter sets and papers, squeeling and planning what combinations I wanna do >W<  I can´t wait to start writing letters again! :D

In the end, I put everything in a giant pile on my desk :D Just look at that >w< whaaaah! I am just so excited about it, its rediculous really!

That, was basically my haul for the month (sans three multicolour pens with Spongebob motif that I just recently bought at Ebay, but they havn´t come around yet ^^").
Pretty satisfied with this months gets :D 

Not much else is going on at the moment really :) I might draw a bit tonight, or just watch movies and enjoy myself ^^ vications are the best <3

And now
My question for you tonight is:

Have you started your vication yet?

I would love to hear your plans :D

I will mostly goof around for now 



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  1. God I want all of it! the BTSSB skirt is amazing!!! can't wait to see a coord with it :D I have summer vacation today too, but I have a lot of work this summer :P Have a wonderful summer girl, and I love your posts :D

    1. Yes I know! :D It is so beautiful, and I love it so much in that colourway ;v; I´m gonna work also this summer, but not until about a month from now :P
      And thank you! ^-^ I´m glad you like them :D

  2. Yay, it's a Toy Story-necklace! It's AMAZING! The skirt look wonderful, and I understand why it was totally worth spending money on. Looking forward to seeing it IRL! ^^~
    And you are adorable, and I love you, and I want to hug you. Yay, bye ♥ :3

    1. you totally should :D it looks even more amazing IRL! ^_^
      whaah, sweetie ;A; I love you to *snuggly huggly*

  3. What a beautiful skirt! I really like your H&M outfit too ^w^

    1. thank you very much! ^_^ I know the outfit is kind of boring, but it was comfortable and easy to put on, so I kinda liked it myself as well ^-^

  4. I'm going to be working the whole summer, to save up for Japan next year:D Of course I'll also be doing fun still like going to Paris and visit Disneyland and BTSSB and AP shops there (omg I can't wait ^0^).

    1. wow! You can afford going to paris and shopping, and at the same time save money for Japan? I am going to work a while this summer also, since I also plan to visit Japan next year ^_^

    2. OMG!
      When are you planning to go? I'm thinking of October, maybe we can meet up there?:P
      Well it's just not a summer job. I work full time and earn quite a bit. And seeing I haven't treated my self in such a long while because of work I thought hey why not^^

    3. I was thinking about going with my sister in August or May x3 not sure :P
      Oh, I see! ^^ Well, one should be able to treat oneself that that kind of things :D It sounds really great, and I must say that I envy you a bit >w<

  5. Awww I love everything that you purchase,especially this skirt.Amazing print *___*

    1. Thanks! :) I love the skirt in that colourway <3 So pretty ^^ And really suiting, since it has star constlations on it :D

  6. I'm loving the Janestore site^^ I think I'll order pretty soon^o^

    1. yaay !^^ So happy you liked the store! :D It is super cute, and the prices are really great ^_^

  7. Amazing stuff! Completely in love with the necklace and skirt ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks! ^-^ I am really happy about all my new stuff >w< iiih <333