fredag 15. juni 2012

✿Photoshoot: child of materialism✿


Today, I am happy to inform you that I have something fun to post about! ^^
I was acctually really excited about getting to make this post on Wednesday, but because of a number of errors and wrong doings, we ended up with having to do it all over again  (; ̄Д ̄)

This is a school project we had to do, with no rules what-so-ever!  ^^ We could do whatever we wanted, because this is the last project of the year, so my idea is called:

Child of Materialism
(I had to lend a lot of plushies from a friend of mine, to have enough to be burried in it xD)

These pictures are from the first time we did the photoshoot, but they turned out blurry (we were going to print them in A3 size, so even though they don´t look to bad in a small size they are not good enough be big), so we could not use them in the project, but I will post them here anyway x3 :

And a bit of "behind the scenes" x3 

I really liked this photoshoot a lot x3 It was really warm lying inside of all of those plushies though xD I almost fell asleep :3

So yeah, thats it really! ^^ I am looking forward to see it printed :D Its gonna be awsome! ^^ My teacher said that he thought the idea was brilliant >w< *proud*

If you are wondering what I am wearing, it is the "soft cream" skirt from Bodyline in pink! ^^ The shoes are from Baby, the star shines bright and the socks/tights are from H&M!

Now, I  can finally relax a bit for the weekend :3 This project has taken A LOT of time and energy, and I have mostly been to tired to think or do anything related to something else throughout the intere week  (ー△ー;)

I will watch the Hayao Miyazaki movie; "Arrietty" and eat candy this weekend :3  I might also go to the movies to see "Snow White and the Huntsman" ^0^ Looking forward to it! 

I hope you enjoyed the entry today! ^^

Have you seen "Arrietty"?



6 kommentarer:

  1. That shoot is so adorable!

    I have seen Arrietty. It is SUCH a cute movie, just like all of his movies. Especially all of the backgrounds and scenery. I fell in love *o*

    1. thank you! ^^ I wanted to try out something quite different x3
      I can´t wait to see the movie :D

  2. Great shoot! I also saw one photo of it on Tumblr, and thought this was a amazing photo ♥

  3. :D so cute shoot,I have the same skirt ^^