onsdag 4. juli 2012

♡ Baby Pinku sweetie + Peachies letter ♡


I just wanted to update you shortly upon some recent "gets". It wonders me how I can just keep doing these kinds of entrys.... I think it has to be because my life is secretly really boring, filled with kawaii, but currently boring XD haha

I have been really depressed the last 5 days, because we have had visitors living here that has a dog, and since I am terrified of dogs, I have been announcing my EVERY move in my own house, which is not fun at all >.< Something that again has lead me to isolating myself in my room, and because I have been so bored and down, it has led to depression -.- 

Luckily, they are leaving tomorrow, so I won´t have to be super intimidated anymore :D Don´t get me wrong though, Its not that I don´t like them or anything, I have just been reeeeally down because of the whole dog thing -.-" And being an introvert, having to live with 7 people just SUDDENLY, is quite hard! 

But I did do a bit of internet shopping, being limited to staying in my own room for such a long time ^^ 
Mostly when I shop, I buy clothes or accesories, but this time I wanted to be a bit more focused on interior! :D Because, a tip for you all! ^^ What better way to make your life cuter, than by surrounding yourself with cutness all the time?
 So I bought a lovely Little twin stars photo frame to keep my precious signed Baby Pinku picture in! ♡

A few clicks around Rakuten lead me to this adorable  frame, that I instantly fell in love with! ^^ It was bearly 700 yen! ^0^

And look how lovely it fits! :D I just love the adorable details of this frame ^^ It is completly out of plastic, and one can both choose to hang it up or position in on a table or something similar. 

I tried out different places to see how it would fit, but I am not quite sure where to put it yet >v<


Where should I put it?


Now, I have recently become penpals with one of my best internet friends ever x3 AND I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!^^
It is the person that I last promoted on my blog! :D Princess peachie!
She is such a wonderful girl, I just love her <3
I got her letter just yesterday, and almost fell over from happyness OAO she put such a huge amount of cute stuff into it that I just felt really overwhelmed! 

look at this!:

One of my biggest weaknesses is super duper cute stationary, and she gave me tons to use >w< iiiih, the designs are so cute that I just can´t help but squeee <3333 (She also gave me even more, and stickers also, but I allready put most of them up on my "wall of kawaii" hihi x3)

Lastly, my favourite thing out of all the things she gave me, this amazing drawing TT^TT

she drew meeeeee *A* In the outfit I have worn that is her favourite one! >w< 
iiiih, it is so adorable! Don´t you think? :D 
(if you want to compare, please click the "outfit" link!)

Onwards, my plans are not much, me and my mom are going to go buy some candy in our near by town on Friday, and I will probably watch a movie at home or maybe even hit the cinema ^-^
I will also deffinatly work hard to make a suiting reply to Peachie (which will be hard, after getting such and awsome first letter from her oAo)
The weather here has been typical Norwegian summer weather, around 15 degrees celsius, wind and occational rain. Right now, though, its sunny and nice, and I just hope it stays that way for a while ^^

Have you experienced something uncomfortable this week, but having it become ok?

I really need to update my blog more, and stop constantly making excuses XD haha

bye bye for now! :)


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  1. aww I absolutelly love that frame,I love little twin stars at all,and cute drawing of you too *___*

    1. thank you very much! ^-^ I love little twin stars a lot :D