tirsdag 24. juli 2012

~ Busy summer days ~


As life has been busy, and this years summer-job at the local library started 2 weeks ago, Josephine became a dull grown-up that had to take responsibilties and work...

The reason she didn´t update, was also because she was warming you all up to this months BIG event ; v; 
bleaching her hair !

~I am so freaking exciteddddddddd~

So, today I will simply make an update to show you guys what my past couple of weeks has been all about! (^^ Some daily outfits as well! )

 My godmother made the cutest, sweetest, and most cavity enducing cupcakes known to mankind...

I got new, super cute curtains for my bedroom >w<

I wore " fancy box" at work!

My brand new "Sugarbunnies" desk mat arrived! ^^
 This is one of the cutest and most usefull things I have ever bought!

Day off, spendt in a simple, yet sweet lolita outfit with pink, white and mint details.
 I wore my jewelery jelly headbow with this! ^^

It was an extremly cold day, and I went to work as a "leopard bear" xD

I was bored, and went into our loft and dug out my old Konata figurine that I got when I was 13 years old...

Wanted to wear something classical and elegant, but still punk-ish and cool for the weekend!

And a closer look, because  I love this picture :3

And in a last celebration of my hair, a close up of todays outfit at work ^^
 (That sweater is really wide on me, and I really have no idea why it makes me look fat in this picture O.o It wasn´t touching my tummy, only the lining of the skirt I wore )
(Most of this pictures are taken with instagram, my username is lollypopp1)

Not much else has happend really, I have seen the new spiderman movie in the cinema, and also the Abraham Lincoln one (xD) 

Other than that, I have really just been tired from working everyday, and anciously awaiting  the day of my hair colouring ^^ I have not been able to spend any money for 3 weeks, and finally =v= its happening...

Looking forward untill tomorrow *doki doki doki*

Ok, by-bye! 


9 kommentarer:

  1. I want your godmother to make me cupcakes, but I'm too far away to eat them.. TT-TT Sweetiepie, how could anything you wear make you look fat? You know what they say! Alt kler den smukke! Love you <3

    1. She makes the best cupcakes = v=
      aww, takk skal du ha! ^^ jeg er så sykt selvkritisk .. måtte tenke hardt over å ha den genseren på meg i det hele tatt i dag :S

  2. Seeing those cupcakes has made me so hungry D: they look delicious and so professional!
    Your outfits are also lovely, I adore your style ❤

    1. They were incredibly good D: but there was about 1 - 2 cm of frosting on top, and they were around 5 cm across, so pretty huge for a cupcake! XD and quite sickening acctually, but I loved it :3

      Thank you very much! ^^ I am happy you like my style :D

  3. wonderful outfits!!!I love ur pink and white dress and red and white one is great combined,love ur tights and also adore this sugarbunnies desk mat so much kawaii :3

    1. thanks! ^^ The pink and white outfit is acctually a blouse with a skirt and an apron that is pink on top ^^

  4. I love your red and black outfit to death. It look so cool!
    Also, where did you get that pink apron also? It's reaaaaally cute.

    1. Thank you :D I really liked that one also ^^
      The pink apron is acctually an apron with a bunny head on the front, but I removed it for this outfit ^^ It is from BtSSB! :D

  5. SORRY for random comment but you are so cute and I love your outfits! ; u ; And yay we are almost neighbors!! 8D (I'm from Finland! XD)