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My Swedish fairytale: Day 2 - Maids!

When I opened my eyes the next morning,
it finally dawned upon me, the incredible thing that had happened yesterdayimage 
I had acctually met Emilia! It felt so surreal and unrealistic, It acctually took some days for me to fully realize the situation I was in! I mean, I met sooo many people that I´ve only seen in pictures online and that I admire so much! Emilia (Pastelbat), Amanda (Lolitaland), Emma (LoversRock), Simon (Bakasoseji) and loads of people that I didn´t even know before I met them there! I sadly don´t remember everyones name, because I am stupid like that, but I did meet people like Alexandra (Nova-zun), Sara, Hannah, the butler Asu and our co-leader (together with Emilia) and founder  Sakura (Wonderhatter)! ^^


We got up quite early, as we still had to fix the maid-cafés location,
to get all the finishing touches down!

 I got my suitcase properly settled in the sleeping hall where all the maids and butlers slept, and I got to see my maid uniform for the first time!imageimageimage I had settled it with Emilia to get me my uniform from the same taobao shop that most of the other maids in the café got theirs, so I just had to pay her when I arrived, and got it! ^^ I choose pink as my main colour, because I thought it would suit me the most, and also because it suited my character! (<----more about that later)
I got a cute headbow and an apron with three detachable bows also image! Lovely!


I got dressed, did my makeup and wig and rushed over
to the cafe to fix the last things before we were going to start!
This is how the café looked, still in decoration mode!

Welcome to Sakura Garden!



I loved our boards ;V; Go go Attack on Titans xDDD


All the maids were fans of SNK ; v; yay!
Any of you love that anime?


"Armin-sama, MATTEEE! XDD"... and offcourse Ravioli-senpai = v=


 Emilia and the others fixed themselfes also, and we started making our outside stall ready!
You see, this year, they were trying out how it would be to have a cute little outside booth, as a little extra thing to add to the actual cafe! The main difference was that they only had serving in the outside booth, and thus not the whole "experience" that you would normally have in the actual café! 
As you might know, the routine in a maid café is that you bow and wish everyone welcome, saying "okaeri!", and then taking their orders, casting a little personal spell on their food when they get it, and simply play your role as whatever kind of maid you are! (everyone has an individual character) However, as I said, while we were outside, we simply served the food image
(It was quite tiresome though, as the temperature was really high
and we had quite an amount of clothes on @_@

Look at how nice our little booth looked! 
Emilia, Amanda, Simon, Sara and I worked here! :)


And since we are at it, here are some pictures of me in my maid uniform
that I took as we worked out there! ^^ (I didn´t have the time to take a lot of them sadly >.<)

Maid Ichigo and our Neko butler, Simon!


Magical Momo and Moe Ichigo ^0^ hehe
My maid profile:

Maid type: Moe moe type
Name: Ichigo
Age: 19
Length: 161cm
Blood Type: ???
Interests: Making the world more and more super cute!
Kawaii lifestyle!!!
Like:  Strawberries,candy, cakes, macarons,
all kinds of sweet foods and treats/snacks, tea, sanrio,
pastel colours, sparkly and cute things!
Dislike: Ghosts, scary things, the dark, creepy perverts
Zodiac: Dog
Hair: Milky tea brown
Accessories: Strawberry pouch, strawberry OTKS,
and strawberry earrings


Now, the sad part is that the outside booth wasn´t very successful, to be honest>_>
We didn´t get many customers, the freezer didn´t want to freeze the icecream, and at one point it started to rain, and the wind became so strong that the whole tent almost fell down >.<
So, long story short, we decided to just pack everything together for the day, even one hour before the actual closing time! And we settled that everyone would rather work inside on the next day instead :)


That was basically the first working day! I was rather beat, and we decided to finally get something for dinner, as we had been working up until 19:00 pm! And I am not all that proud of saying that we went to McDonalds image uhuhuuu... normally I´m not the kind of person to go there, but we had quite limited options, and since I got a salad it was ok ^^".... I acctually don´t like burgers (gasp! C-------X)

Afterwards, was the official opening seremony! So we quickly got changed into more comfy clothes and headed out to the big stage to see Sakura and some of our other friends preform in cosplay as AKB0048 on stage ^^ We were picked out to be their pepp-team, so we got to go in first and thus got great places just by the scene! They were so talented and great, it felt like a real idol-concert *v*


Aitakatta! ^v^

 We had glow-sticks and everything, and it felt so surreal and fantastic I couldn´t help but smile and laugh until my cheeks kinda hurted XD haha >/////>


When everything was over, we luckily got to go the bed (a lot earlier this night than the previous one), and it felt rather lucious to just snuggle up under my blankets again ; u; yay! 

The next day was going to be our  seifuku themed day! And we were working inside the café!
So the risk of dying in the heat (30 degrees celsius, with petticoats and wigs x_x) was
considerably lower this time ; v; hehe

Stay tuned for the next update! 
Matta neee ^^

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  1. lovely to read & see your närcon posts! ^-^ I'm a bit bummed that I didn't see you (or any of them other people you were with) anywhere any of the days .__. even if it seems we were so close at times! ah well, it was pretty chaotic at the convention, wasn't it??? ^-^

    1. it was chaos from one end to the other I tell you @_@ ahh, yes, it would have been nice to say hello! ^^ thanks!

  2. I loved that you maids drawed SNK on the board! It made me laugh so much! >w<;;
    And you were such a cute maid! Sadly, I didn't know about the maid cafe outside so I never got to go there. ; ^ ; But you maids, idols and butlers worked so hard and were all so nice, cute and polite! So visiting the maid cafe was really an experience! I bet everyone that visited the both maid cafes thought the same thing! o(*^▽^*)o And I'm looking forward to the next post~!

    1. aww, thank you ; v; Yeah, that was the problem really... not many knew about the outside café! So it didn´t go to well >.<"
      Thank you for the support <3

  3. You make such a cute maid! *O* And I love your maid outfit as well, so pretty *O*
    I really wanted to make a maid café here in Portugal but no luck so far ; ; It must be really fun to be a maid in one ;w; I can't wait for your next post!

    1. thank you ;v; it was such a magical experience! ^^ I loved it :3
      I hope you get the chance to do it sometime!