fredag 23. august 2013

My Swedish fairytale: Day 5 - 6 – Stockholm

First of all, HURRAY for my 100th blog post!
Imagine that I have acctually posted 100 posts on this blog @_@ WOW!

On Sunday, we woke up pretty early, as we had to pack down our suitcases and the rest of the café before we were going home! I didn´t really bother with anything this day, just wore my comfy clothes, since we were going to travel for quite some hours to get back home to Emilias home
= V= hehe

It was really nice spending that last couple of hours with everyone! ^^
We had banana-splits for breakfast, because they had loads of leftovers in the café that
they needed to use XD ahaha 
It was fun! ^^

After eating, we attended the japanese–fashion show! It was hosted by Jen (MintXMint),
the same that hosted the lolita meeting! ^^
So the models were pretty much most of the earlier meetup-attendees!
I sadly didn´t get very many good pictures, but I´ll show you this! <3
Cutie Elsa (Sweetsugarlolita) looked sooo super adorable on the far left there >////>

After the fashion show, both Elsa, and Melva (in the most amazing Btssb dress EVER), joined us to look at the ending show for the convention! There they summed up what had happend, showed some amazing AMV´s and had some great dancers preforming ^^
Amongst other things, our AKB0048 friends danced again yaay ^^
We felt so pumped cheering them on!

 We talked a bit more, but I felt really sad that we had to leave eachother, possibly never too meet again! :( We then tried to plan where we could meet again before I went home!
We figured I could atleast meet Melva (sadly not Elsa ;_;) next saturday (in a week from then) on a Victorian Picnic that was being held in Stockholm >v< YAAAY! I was super duper excited!

The show ended, and Närcon was pretty much over. I took a last little walk around some of the shops, just to get a last overview, but very soon it was time to get ready to go! I dragged my big and heavy suitcase along with me as we checked out, and we were lucky enough to get a ride with Emma´s (Loversrock) mom to the trainstation! 

The train we got on had been overbooked, so we were really happy that we had preordered seats a long while beforehand! I felt a bit bad for the people who had to stand, but really,
the train was totally cramped! @_@ 

So yeah, another couple of hours later we found ourself in Stockholm! We then just had to get on another close-range district train to get to a nearby location a bit outside of Stockholm.
When we finally had managed to drag the suitcase up the whole way to the house and after that, up to the second floor guest room, we were both kind of beat >.< 
I am pretty sure we just made some kind of dinner and rested, the rest of the evening! 

The next day, you see, we had plans about going into Stockholm for some shopping! :D
We were meeting up with a couple of friends of Emilia, that came all the way from Austria! They were going home on tuesday morning, so we had to make sure to spend
some time with them that day.

We traveled by train again, ate breakfast at the central station together with our new friends, waited for Amanda (Lolitaland) to arrive, since she was joining us, and then we headed out! ^0^
We visited pretty much every clothing shop, and several of them plenty of times also, since there are multiple shops of the same brand all over the place...

After a while we started getting a bit hungry again, so we tried out something
that I´ve never done before! 
We tried Frozen Yoghurt!

The line to the frozen yoghurt bar was really long, and I understand QUITE well why! >v< haha
I loved the concept about building your own cup-full though! It was fun, even though I felt like there was far too many options for me to choose from @_@

And here is my masterpiece:
I pretty much just mashed everything on there xD
I think I could live by this stuff XD haha... I am far too much of a sweet tooth...>. >

*nom nom nom nom nom* 

Yeah... after finally finishing our FroYos´, we walked around a while again, visited more shops and also some really cool retro-vintage shops where I got my very first Cult-party kei robe!
(it is light blue and very dreamy >v< I will show it later on!)
We had planned on going to a lot of other shops, but we figured we didn´t have the time for it, so we instead we decided to rush to the new Ladurée shop that had opened in Stockholm! 
It was one of my goals for the day, so I was really anxious to go ;v; 

We had litterary only half an hour to reach the shop before closing time, and after rushing through the underground, running around like crazy little ants after the map on Emilias phone, we sprinted into the shop about 10 min before closing time, all of us pretty heavily breathed XD haha, what a laugh!
And omg, what a pretty shop ;v; it was amazing! I loved every inch of it,
and kinda felt like just staying there > v> ehehe

The ceiling had a beautiful, slightly clouded sky painted on it, and everything was gold-edged
with pretty and elegant light green details. 
Both me and Emilia bought one of the biiig boxes. It costed a small fortune, but we both figured it would be well worth it, as the macarons there are extremly good. Also, we could use the boxes for jewelry displaying afterwards! ^^ Multifunctionality ;-) 

After everyone had settled on what they wanted, payed the rather dashing employee that worked there (I felt like blushing really) we were kinda beat from running around all day, so we decided on just finding somewhere to eat again. We decided on going to Pizza Hut! It was acctually both mine and Amandas second time going to a Pizza Hut resturant,
and I believe it was our Austrian friends FIRST time! 

They ordered a big pizza together, and so did I, Emilia and Amanda ^^
I am just saying one thing .... cheezy crust... OH.MY.FREAKING.GOD.... We almost died from the deliciousness XD haha


Lastly, since it was rather late after all of this, we figured they had to get back to their hotel to pack for the trip home. So we just payed our bills and decided to get a group picture together before all of us split up and headed in our seperate directions...

We were lucky enough to get a nice man to take it for us!^^

Me, Emilia, Amanda and our two new friends! <3
Borrowed picture posted by our Austrian friend Snii (Dreamdropsnii)! ^^ (on the far right)
Sorry for my absolutely derpy expression XD ahaha (Original post on tumblr!)

It had been another fantastic day, and I felt so happy having spendt it with so many wonderful people once again! I swear, I met so many lovely people on my trip @v@ 

I also felt so happy having got to stay at Emilias place with her ;V; super cosy!
(and more about that later = v=)
When we came home, we browsed lolita things on taobao, Mbok and Yahoo japan auctions, whilst eating macarons and drinking tea hehe XD Living the lolita lifestyle indeed...

I was excited about our next adventures to come, so even when the day had ended, the only sadness I felt was that it had passed so quickly! I wish it lasted forever, since I have seldomly felt such happyness as I did on this trip ;v;

Until next time!

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  1. Sounds like a truly awesome trip! And everyone looks so cute. :D

  2. Looks like so much fun! Everyone has such lovely outfits > u <
    Also that frozen yoghurt looks amazing right now!

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

    1. It was so great! :D And frozen yoghurt is definitely one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted ;v;

    Lovely post, as always. ^^

    1. I knooooow ;V; FROYO IS THE BEST <333
      thank you darling, I am glad you enjoy reading it :3