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My Swedish fairytale: Day 3 - Seifuku girls

The second day of Närcon was a lot better than the first one!
Everyone got to work inside the maid café, and I would go as far as to say it went quite well! ^^
We had a Seifuku (japanese sailor school uniform) theme, so everyone looked like cute school girls or boys! Some wore simple regular seifukus, but some of the "older" characters had a bit different uniforms to because they were senpais ^^ hehe 

Anyway, when I opened my eyes that morning, I was quite nervous about how the day would be!
I have my own seifuku that I brought along, and I felt happy as I combined my cute strawberry printed OTK-socks, strawberry pouch and strawberry earrings with my outfit ^^
This day  also, I offcourse wore my twin-tail wig,
but it wasn´t nearly as hot as it had been the other day, thank god! >.< 

We opened the maid café around 10-11-ish if I remember correctly, and people were allready queuing outside by the time we got started 0////0 I was rather startled >v< hehe
I felt my heart tremble as the first quests arrived, and my talented co-workers greeted them and lead them to their tables with such graze and sleek moves... I felt like it was something I could never do! >.< Luckily, I got help from Amanda to look after my first customers, and we did the whole routine together a couple of times until... I was suddenly on my own >.< whaaaah! 
It went so well with Amanda! But when I was on my own... oh my gosh, I felt so nervous, my voice shook, and I almost could´nt even look at the customers, and I felt like crying the whole time ;v;""" 
 I messed up so bad  >.< omg! After my first customers that I had on my own left, I just ran to the kitchen and had to sit down by the fan and stir myself
 to not cry and make a nuisance of myself ;_;... 

Luckily, after that, Amanda helped me some more,
and suddenly it was like it just clicked, and I got the hang of it ;V; weee! ^^
I felt so happy when I could walk with certain steps ahead of my customers, seat them by a table and deliver their menus, take their orders and their correct amount of money/change, and even do my personal spell properly also! ^0^ I loved the spell part ;v; it was so much fun! My spell goes "Oi-chi-ku-nare fuwa fuwa kawaii chuuuuuuu" >0< <3 (or something like that) And it was so much fun when the customers went "aww!" or "omg thats cute" or just "kawaii!" ^U^ hihi 


By mid-day I felt like I had really gotten the hang of it! ^^

I will say really, working at a maid-café is so giving! It is a lot of work, and being such a popular café there was always enough to do, but somehow, everyone worked together and we pulled through just fine! ^^ It was like a big, happy and a bit crazy family xD hehe 


Emilia and me! ^^ (borrowing/stealing some pictures from Emilia =v= muhahaha)
We are so fabulous = v=



It was divided like this: some maids worked out in the café; tending to customers, taking orders, casting spells etc, while some maids (Emilia amongst them) worked in the kitchen making the food people ordered! When an order was taken, you simply went to the kitchen and told your order out loud, and imidiately, someone would tend to it! Sometimes they even co-operated about the orders, and almost always, the "kitchen-maids" would help carry the food out to the customers,
if it was to much for one maid to carry on their own ;V;! 
It was like a perfect, ticking clockwork * v* I felt so proud being a part of it! ^^

In the maid café, it was also rather fun as they did not only have the cute spells they casted on the food, but all the maids had (as previously mentioned) their own character! So while we walked around, we used our character names and tried to act as our characters around eachother! ^^ The customers could request having photos taken with the maid or butlers they wanted, and they could also play games like Hello Kitty memory, jenga or pick-up sticks! ^^ There was even an offer to sing karaoke or dance! ^^ Also, all the maids had several different songs they knew dances to, so sometimes they would put on a song that the maids would preform in front of the customers >v< <3 I didn´t personally learn any of the dances, but it was a lot of fun watching my talented co-workers swing around with all their intricate moves ~


At one point, I was just getting up from a pair of customers that I had just taken the orders from, heading over to the kitchen, when Neko-butler Simon (bakasoseji) bumped into me, telling me he had just come from a table with some customers that had REQUESTED ME O_O
Like.... omg! Someone had acctually requested to meet me??? It was too amazing to be true, in my mind... I imediately blushed like crazy and giggled >v< ehehe... I was so embarrased, I almost could not walk over to the customers with a straight face! ; v; 
After taking their orders also, and casting spells on both of my customers foods, I had to sit down in the kitchen again, just to stir my blushing face really... I was really happy >v< <3 

Still a while later than that, I wanna mention that I saw a bundle of amazingly cute lolitas come into the room! ^^ Amanda was their lucky host, but I couldn´t help but sneek my way over to their table to say hi! It was Agnes (Pandasoppa), Elsa (Sweetsugarlolita), Melva(Yannmmm) and Vivi (Viviekat)! ^^ I knew all of their faces from the internet , but it felt so surreal to acctually see them in real life ;v; I was particulariy star struck over seeing Melva, as she is such a stunningly beautiful lolita, that I admire very much <333 And Elsa was simply the cutest ever,
after I told her who I was she was so nice to me I just felt like hugging her
0 ^0 omg so cute >^< <3333 
I was so lucky as to get pictures with everyone, and everyone had to pass around their phones to get pictures, and we just laughed a lot, and talked for quite a while ^^ 

Here are some of the pictures I got! 
As we are in the picture: Agnes, Melva, Elsa, me and Vivi! ^^ (sorry about the poor quality!)

Me and cutiepie Elsa! <3

Amazing Melva and I! <3

Later on, when it was time for them to leave, I asked them if it was possible for me to see them
again on the convention, and then Melva told me that
there was going  to be a lolita meeting the very next day, on Närcon! ^^ Yaaay! 
I have never ever been to a lolita meetup before, so I felt super duper excited about it! ^^
Offcourse I knew that I was surposed to be working the next day, but I asked Sakura about it, and since she permitted me to go, I happily obliged to the invitation ;v; 
I was simply a shining star the rest of the evening ^^ hehe


I was in a good mood, goofing around with the rest of the maids all until closing time.
Then everyone went each to their places. I, Emilia, Amanda, Simon and Sakura and Hannah went to a friend of theirs house to take a shower, and when we had finished that we went and ordered two big pizzas to split for all the maids in the café ;v;! 

When we had done that, there was some kind of big cosplay contest/arrangement on the stage that everyone went to watch, before there was a rave with dj´s and everything until far out in the night ^^" Personally, my first time at a rave! I am really not the kind of person for parties, so it was a very new experience for me XD Emilia said it was veeery "light-core" so appareantly it wasn´t half as wild as what rave parties usually are... but it was certainly enough for me ^^" hehe

We luckily didn´t go to bed too late though... I think we were all tucked safely into bed by, atleast, 2 am ^^ It had been another looong day, but I was so happy, just thinking about the events of the coming day that I didn´t even mind another day having passed ;V; 

Stay updated for my lolita-meet report!
Coming up!

See yah soon!

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  1. I've been a fan of Agnes for years now! ^-^ I loved the rave party, it was a lot of fun! I'm exited to see the lolita meet up photos :)

    1. yay! ^^ Agnes is a wonderful lolita really :) hehe

  2. you looked absolutely lovely, sweetheart <3 I'm glad you had a good time :D

  3. You guys are so cute. (´ ▽`).。o♡

  4. You look so beautiful *--* where have you bought your cute school uniform ?

  5. Sounds like the second day was awesome as well *O* And you look so, so cute omg ;w;

    1. thank you ;v; that is so kind of you! ^^ yay

  6. You seemed to have such a great time ! I wish I could have seen you being the maid, you seem all fluffy, shy and cuuute *^* My own magical sentence — when I was maid — was the very classical "Oishiku Nare moe moe kyuun~(*´▽`*)♡"

    And I love your selcas with Emilia, you're both so cute and funny (*^^*)

    1. thank you ;V; it was a lot of fun! ^^ oooh, so nice that you were once a maid also! :D yay!

  7. I tagged you <3 http://mcduffblog.blogspot.nl/2013/08/i-was-awarded-liebster-award.html

    1. thank you for the tag, but I am sad to say that I have over 300 followers now ^^" but I appreciate it very much! thanks!