onsdag 16. mai 2012

☆Adventures in Paris: part 2☆

I know it has been a long time, but finally! yaaay xD I am posting more about my adventures in Paris this April ^^

To start off, I can say that the first day (which was Thursday the 12th) was only spendt on traveling. 
First, three hours in a bus to get to the airport. One hour waiting for the plane, then getting to Oslo, having to wait for 5 hours at the airport there, before I headed over to the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris! 
I were to meet up with my sister at the airport down there, since she came from Edinburgh and I from Norway :P 
BUT! the thing we did not know, was there were several terminals! And because she came from the U.K and I from Scandinavia, we ended up at totally different terminals. We are both used to pretty small places, and because we had no idea where we were, we ended up looking for eatchother for 3 hours! 
We were practically panicking by the time we could finally hug eatchother. 

And after that, we were lost at the underground for a couple of hours, before we at last found our hotel (the name of the hotel was "Hotel Montmartre" so you can guess where it was at xD)
I must say, it must have been the smallest, most narrow hotel I have ever been in! It had a small lift that we used to get my suitcase upstairs (I brought a big bag to fill loads of stuff into <3) and it barly fitted me with the bag. And we had to carry the suitcase sideways in the hallway, because it was so small. It was extremly cosy  ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ.
We just fell into our beds and went to sleep right away! To tierd to even eat anything first! (~_~;)


When we wake up in the morning, we both felt a lot better and after getting a great breakfast at the hotel, we were ready to go look around town. We decided to just walk around wherever we wanted for a while, because the lolita shops was not going to open up yet. And by coincident, we managed to find a narrow, little street filled with comic, art and figurine stores! It was like heaven!(ノ>▽<。)ノ <3<3<3<3<3

This is me inside one of the manga stores. It was PACKED with manga! It was crazy! 

Inside another one of the manga book shops ; v; it was really amazing! The sad thing was that everything was in French, so I could not read anything.... I still looked around and took some pictures of particularily cute ones that I wanted to search for on the internet for when I came home ;) 

There were also an artbook store ; _; like.... you guys! TOTALLY AN ARTBOOK STORE ;A; there was only art related books, from Disney to Megaman and I just wanted to buy everything, if it had not been for the lolita stores >w>

 And not only artstores, but a lot of cute little pattiseries also!  We passed several cavity enducing shops that just made my chin drop! You never find these kind of things in Norway!  There were beautiful sugar glazed cakes, blueberry tarts,  meringue and all the colours of the rainbow in macarons  (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))



So, after looking around a bit more, we decided to have lunch at a tiny little café. We sat outside, as it was a sunny day, and enjoyed our crepés :) Mine had melted chocolate, banana and whipped cream! It was SOOOO GOOOD ; A; My sister had a dinner crepé with cheese, ham and mushroom ^^

 ( While we sat and had lunch, we snapped some pictures! this is my sister with the camera she took most of the pictures with, ^^)

Then! The clock was finally ticking towards noon, and we started thinking about getting to the lolita shops ^^ When we were in Paris, we only traveled by the underground, and even as identical everything looks down there, and what a huge maze it is, after a couple of trips up and down, back and forth, we practically knew the way withouth a second thought about it.
Soon, we were in Ledru Rollin, and I felt the anxiety growing as we peeked at our map and checked our adress notations to find our way around. 

... if you read my earlier entry about my purchases, I don´t have to tell you that we definatly found everything xD

I were so ridiculously happy that I had to censor my face XD Also, my only "coord" picture of the day! Not a very good one, sadly (I mean the coord, not the picture, since my sister is amazing at taking pictures o.o but I dressed for comfort, with no petticoat that day)but yeah... the feeling of holding a huge BTSSB bag in your arms is indescribeable ; v; 

Sadly, we forgot to take pictures at the Angelic Pretty store, but the second I spotted it, I just ran towards it x3 haha... 
I were really excited about being there, and first of all I just walked around and looked at everything that wasn´t Angelic Pretty :P I fell in love with the 6%DOKIDOKI accesories they had, and I almost died over the Kreepsville 666 things * A*. And all the fab Milk and Black Peace Now things ; v;  iiiih <333 
Finally as I approached the Angelic Pretty things, my heart raced, and I just wanted to grab everything in sight o_o 

Funny story: I went back to the AP shop 3 times, and shopped each time, just because I enjoyed it so much xD In the end the shop ladies just smiled at me >////v////> I got a stamp card, that I filled up O.o and a new one after that :3

Afterwards, we went into a little manga shop again, because they had such a cute window display (with totoro, K-ON and kiki´s cat :) ) where I found and fell in love with my cute Tsumugi Kotobuki figurine <3 

And then, finally, after having some orange tea and coconut icecream at a tiny teashop we decided to head home to the hotel with my our bags and rest, before we went up in Montmarte to look for a resturant. 
We ended up at a tiny little italian one, with beautiful paintings of italian landscapes and olive trees on the walls, and another tiny table, like the one at the outside café (`・ω・´)”

One pizza and some cassis sorbé later, bed was like a blessing sent from heaven. Our feet were sore from all the walking, and I felt wonderful and super happy about all the new things I had got :) 

The room was basically all pink, as you can tell  O(≧∇≦)O

I had a magical day, and could not wait for the next one to start

(sorry for the wall of text >.<)

Until next time, cuties   (´ω`★)


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  1. Just one word: Sugoii >o<''
    It's absolutely adorable :D
    Lg,Marie (Yuiko in Wonderland)

  2. I enjoyed reading at your trip entry so much cutie!♥
    I've been there, too, and that shop it's just amazing! ; u; Though to me it's a pity that the Ap corner is in another building and you can only go with the staff girl and you end up watching around in that extremely (but sooo cute ;;)small room and Idk I felt a bit embarassed ahah xD
    I want to read all your entries!♥

    1. awww ^-^ thank you! I am glad you like it <3 When I were there, they only had one rack of angelic pretty clothes, and that was in the same room as everything else :P
      I will try to do my best so you will enjoy reading it all >0<

  3. Your trip sounded absolutely wonderful ;o; It was wonderful reading your adventures in Paris >w<

    Delicious food, manga and art books, Lolita shops... ahh, it doesn't get much better than that! Heehe <3

    You are truly the cutest girl btw! So kind and sweet ;A; <333

  4. okei ka jo kommenter på norsk (er så dårlig på det egentlig sorry :P)... Jeg er så missunelig!! så mye flott! jeg har virkelig ikke ord, bare måper til bildene :P