fredag 25. mai 2012

ღ Pamyu Pamyu revolution and Milky-chan ღ

♡ Hello cutiepies ♡

Today I felt like writing  a little entry, since I have to lie down because of my hurting back = A= 
Also, I really wanted to write one, because I got my "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution" limited edition CD with photobook (and DVD) today! ♡♡♡ (*°∀°)=3 yaaaaay!

I guess it has been a long time since I updated you on my outfits, so I will show you one of those as well! And I wanted to say that I am not going to keep updating only like this! I am fully aware of that it must be incredibly boring for you all to read about my purchases and outfits, but this blog is still new, and I need to get better at blogging :P So I will try to change that soon  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ (look forward to it!)

 I wanted to wear something a bit more classical than usually, and also wear the one dress I own, and  use the least! My Milky-chan applique dress >w<
I would like to call this outfit :

Classical Milky-chan

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Shirt: Baby, the star shines bright
Wig: Prisila
Shoes: Björn Borg
Shoeclips: trift store in Edinburgh
Tights: H&M
Accesories: Chocomint, Glitter

The last time I wore this wig, I had it tied up, so now you can see how it looks when I let it hang down! ^^ I really like it, it looks very hime-ish :D

 Look at my pretty shoeclips \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Please let me know what you think! ^^

now over to Kyary Pamyu Pamyus new CD! :D I have been so incredibly excited about getting her new CD! When I heard about it a couple of months ago, I immediately decided to preorder it as soon as it was possible.  As you might know, this is her first full CD, and it has almost all of her songs on it ^^ Before this, she has only released singles, and a couple of book, but now she has got both a photobook and a CD at once out >w< whaah :D
 It is really amazing, and I will show you now!

It has such an adorable front page :3 I want a shark on my head now!


 She totally reminds me of Violet Bouregard from Charlie and the chocolate factory! ^^
I love kyary soooo much <3<3<3


 This is my favourite outfit! >w< She is so inspirational <3



And these two are my absolute favourite pictures in the whole book x3 I just love how down to earth it looks, but still super weird and cute! I guess it is also because I am obsessed with earthtones and milky pink skintones as of recently :)
  amazing Kyary is amazing <3

I can´t wait to listen to the CD, and watch  the DVD  >w< 
(Have not done it yet, as I only got the CD a couple of hours ago, and been busy :P ) 

It makes me so happy that there is wonderful people like Kyary out there.

t-t-t-t-t-thats all folks!


12 kommentarer:

  1. Your outfit is very cute! I also have that bow bracelet (^O^)
    I like Kyary's fashion&music, too (。・ω・。)

    1. thank you! ^^ oh, that is so cool! :D I really love that bracelet <3
      Kyary is awsome :3

  2. That dress is so beautiful! (◕‿◕✿)

    1. thank you sweetie ^^ It was my first online purchased dress! :D

  3. Sweety, I will NEVER get tired of reading about your purchases or looking at all your pretty clothes! And I'm so in love with your petticoatsssss! They all look so soft and glamorous ;A;

    1. awww ;A; that is super sweet of you! I am just afraid that this blog will turn out to just have the same things getting blogged about all the time =A=
      Yes, my petticoat is so amazing! :D I really love it <33

  4. your outfit is so cute, and the Kyary stuff is awesome! I wish I had the money to order stuff like that too :P

    1. Thank you! ^^ It really wasn´t that expencive! Only around 168 NOK :) (a bit more with shipping, but not much ;) )

  5. woow you look so wonderful and elegant,this dress suits you well,I love that cute photo with ur petti ^^

    1. thank you! ^^ that is very sweet of you :D