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☆Adventures in Paris: part 4☆

So, I know I said it would be a three part series, but ... 
yeah, it turned out that I needed some more space xD

Well! This is the last part of the Adventures in Paris posts! And, also the one that contains my favourite parts about our trip. The day we spent in Versailles!

We left our hotel at around 10 am,  we had allready decided what route to take on the underground, and we knew where to find our train, so we pretty much just hasted from station to station, until we finally came to the 30 min. long train ride (above the ground) to Versailles. I were really surprised to find that there is acctually a village by Versailles! >.< I always imagined it to be in the countryside, away from other houses :P hehe... But offcourse, I have mostly seen pictures from the garden, and up to the castle, instead of from the street and up to the castle

The weather was rather shifty, and there was a strong wind blowing most of the time, but I was determinded to be able to say that I had visited Versailles in lolita, so I wore my new Fancy Box skirt with the matching headbow.... 
(this was something I rather regretted, as I were an icicle most of the day( TДT)  )

But really, the whole experience totally made up for the wind! (besides, there was sun at times, it just didn´t warm us :P ) 

While we were standing in line to get in,  we got a very good look at the beautiful golden gate ^^ As you can see, it is covered in gold leaf! Imagine working as the polisher of that! O.o

We bought tickets to see everything, including Petite Trianon (which is Marie Antoinettes famous summer house), the gardens and Grand Trianon (which were a slightly bigger summer house for all of them). 

At first, though, we took a wrong turn and ended up going directly to the garden! We did not know that we couldn´t enter the castle from that side, so we ended up walking all the way around it and back again before we realised XD haha

We had decided to not look more closely at the garden just yet, before we had seen the castle, though x3


I were so excited, that my heart went doki doki the whole time while we looked around inside! >.< 
You know that kind of awe you feel when you go into a church? Like, you feel like you have to be really respectful and have the utmost of manners? That kind of feeling fell upon me as I stepped inside....
It was really magnificent! *O* Everything was so huge and grand and totally over the top, All the paintings were huge, and the frames even bigger at times. The furniture looked so beautiful, with douzins of carvings of flowers and swirls all over them. We walked from room to room, and everything was so grand that it kind of melted together in the end, into one big mash of pure glory.
Really, it was all .... to big for words to describe


This was the crown of the bed of Marie Antoinette and Louie o.o


  I did remember to film a lot while we were inside, but everything was so overwhelming to me that most of the film is just twirling here and there, which only makes you kind of dizzy to watch XD haha... 

Basically, after the "grand tour", we were so blown away that we just decided to stroll in the garden for a while... 

(the charming fault in this picture is because my sister uses an analog camera :D)
Now... The cool thing about the garden, was that they had hid away loads of speakers here and there that played classical music that fitted with the rococco era, so that when you walked around, you really felt like you were starring in a movie or something! with background music... 

Soon, we also realized that it was time for some food, Checked out the map that we had gotten as we purchased the tickets, and looked around to see if there might be a café near by. 

After strolling down a cosy alley with beautiful statues all along the sides, we came to a huge pond at the end of it. There was an amazingly cool statue in the middle, with something that looked like a sea god, that came up from the sea in a wagon pulled by horses and enormous monster fish o.o
Right beside the pond, was a really cute little café. We figured that we wanted to sit inside, because we were both quite frozen and we really just wanted to be warm more than anything else XD haha

It was quite full, but the waiters were very efficient, and we soon got a tiny little table for ourselfs...

Now, the only thing that really works when you are that cold, is cocoa :) So I got some cocoa, and one of the most delicious club sandwiches I have ever eaten. 

Afterwards, life felt a lot easier to bear, and we decided to look around for Petit Trianon, which supposedly was placed somewhere near our current location.

yeah XD Basically, there was an ally that led up to it, and my sister insisted on taking a picture of me in it! And... since I can´t be serious for a second, I blew up my cheeks and did the awkward pose! x3

I must say, that this must have been my favourite part of the tour... Petite Trianon was so cute! ^^ It was a lot smaller than Versailles it self, and there was a lot less people, which made it easier to walk around and see. Everything was really simple, as opposed to the grand "over-the-top-ness" of the main castle. 

We got a good look around the whole place (and I saw a japanese girl dressed in a super cute outfit that looked like it was from Emily Temple Cute! >w<), before we headed out into the beautiful garden behind the house.

This was the prettiest garden in my opinion... it had a man-made river that led up to something that looked like a roman gazebo. 

There was also loads of threes that were in full bloom, and one particular cherry three cought our attention... 

Really, we slowed down and just strolled along the small paths that was all around the place... We started talking about how lovely it would be to wear rococco clothes, and just sip at a cup of tea, or have a picnic... 

 After a while, we came to Grand Trianon also! ^0^
This was the summer house of Louie, but I believe it was also popular just for holding parties as well... 

There was a really long room inside, that we were told used to be for dancing, and all the pictures were painted by the same person! ^^

After looking around in there for a while, we decided that we ough to get back to the hotel soon...
So we began the surprisingly long walk up to the castle again, to get a last look at it all.

Basically... it was all so wonderful and magical that I wished it would never end! 
So, when we started heading home at around 6 pm, I couldn´t do anything but sigh... 

When we got home, we were both so tierd that we just decided to find the closest resurant there was... so we ended up with indian food that night! It was really good, but a bit on the hot side, so I drank a fair share of water ^^" 

Well back in the hotel room, we started packing our bags, and made sure we had everything in place for our trip home the next day (it was all traveling from morning until night, so there really is nothing more to it x3) before we said good night, for the last time in Paris.

It  was a wonderful experience to see Paris with my sister, and I enjoyed every single bit of it! ^^
We both agreed that we would love to do it again sometime, and I really hope we do <3

Thank you very much for reading all of this!^^
I know it was a lot, and especially many pictures, but I could simply not choose >//////>

Have you visited anywhere grand lately?


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  1. ah im so jealous!! it looks so wonderful, i want to go in the future! beautiful pictures :)

    1. It was really magnificent! *A* You should really go! :D
      Oh, thanks about the pictures! ^^ My sister took most of them with her analog camera! She is very talented >w>

  2. THE PICTURES ARE ALL SO GORGEOUS SWEETIE! That picture of you next to the cherryblossom tree with your eyes closed is to DIE for! <3

    1. awwwww ;A; that is soooo sweet of you! I were super nervous about posting it, because I think my chin is far to big =A=

  3. lovely pictures! I'm so happy you made these posts, 'cause now I really want to go to Paris and Versailles myself :D (only have to get rich first :P)! you are so cute by the way, love the outfit :D

    1. Thank you! :D I am glad you liked them ^^ You should really try to get there sometime, you won´t regret it <3

  4. I'm going to Paris in august and I'm so happy!!Can't wait to go there and see Marie Antoinette bed. :D.Also love fancy box print and ur outfit *___*

    1. OOOh ,that is soo cool! :D I hope you have a great time ^^
      Aww, thank you! My outfit was rather boring though >w>

  5. your photos make paris look SO beautiful! i can't wait to study in france later this year! it looks AMAZING. also, you and your funny poses are so cuute!! <3

    1. awww x3 thank you! ^^ Paris really IS wonderful :D You should really look forward to it !