torsdag 3. mai 2012

☆ Kyary and crafting! ^-^ ☆

Today I have loads of fun news for you ^^
I have recently been in a really crafty mood, and made loads of things!

First of all, I should apologize for not updating sooner, but school has basically been stealing all of my time lately -.- And the time I did not spend on school, was mostly spendt resting...

Anyway, I have been really inspierd by mori girl and cult party kei lately! And my awsome friend Mochi´s style >w< If you have never visited her blog, you should totally take a look, she is really fashionable and super awsome <3

Basically, because of her, I really wanted to make a skirt! She does a lot of trifting, and a lot of it is from the 80´s and 90´s, so with that and with the mori girl/ cult party kei inspiration, I got to work! ^^ It took me three days, and a lot of helping hints from my mom (because I am terrible at sewing >.<) but I finally finished, and this is the result! 

I used a stretchable ribbon for the waist, to make it as simple as possible, because I didn´t use any kind of pattern xP

The skirt is around mid-thigh when worn at the waist, and I can´t wait to find good mori girl and cult party kei outfits to wear it with ^^
I really like the pattern as well! It is very busy, but in my opinion that makes it really vintage looking, and quite ugly, which is really awsome :) 

As well as sewing, I have been drawing! I have been really inspierd by rococco (since I were at Versailles when I went to Paris some weeks ago) and 80´s shoujo drawings, (especially the ones made by Macoto Takahasi, which is one of my artist idols) so therefore I wanted to draw some pretty things for myself (>w<) 

I am acctually very happy with this piece! I just love drawing tons of details, it is super fun! <3 My personal favourite part is her hair and face :) Usually, I don´t draw as pretty as this, but for once, I were able to! ^^ This makes me want to do my best and draw even more and more! I want to become really talented  one day... 

Please let me know what you think of this piece! ^^

Lastly, I wanna add that I got my new book about Kyary today! :D Recently Kyary Pamyu Pamyu released a new book, about her life, more about friends and family, and a loads of details about likes /dislikes, and also, loads of really wonderful fashion tips! <333  I am a really big fan of Kyary, so I am SUPER EXCITED >W<
I just love this book, and I recomend it for anyone :) I am not good at japanese at all, and I can´t read it (yet), but one understands very much even without reading it at all!

So, I would like to show you all some of my favourite pages:

Oh, I love you Kyary xD

Super cuuute >w< so adorable <3<3<3

Did you ever see anyone as amazing as Kyary? >w<

Get your own copy of the book at CDJapan!

See you soon 


7 kommentarer:

  1. Absolutely love the drawing!<3

    1. thank you ^^ I spendt a lot of time working on it, so I am happy it turned out well! :D

  2. You're so talented I love the drawing! I'm quite inspired by cult party kei at the moment too ^.^ I'm going to try an make my first outfit soon!

    1. thank you ^^ I am glad you like it! <3 Oooh, that sounds exciting! :D I am really into cult party kei now also, I think it has to do with spring and stuff XD hehe

  3. That skirt is just adorable :) The drawing is amazing, you are super talented!!!

  4. the skirt is so cute, and I didn't think you were that talented with drawing! it's so beautiful! <3 Ha ha Kyary is so funny, love her too :D