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- Cute Can Kill review & recent haul -

 Some time ago, I ordered a necklace from a friend of mine that has a really cute "homemade brand" that is called CuteCanKill! (or CCK, as it is also called >w<)

So, last wednesday I got a package note in the mail that said I could go pick it up at the mail-office, but because I have been delayed for various reasons over the past days, I didn´t get it until today! >A>
 And I really wanted to do a review on it, because I thought it might be fun! :D 

I also recently got a lot of packages in the mail, with various things inside, so I wanted to update you all on my super kawaii new things >w< hihihi

In this review I will be talking about these points:


I ordered this necklace on the 4th of May, and the very next day I got a really sweet message with a confirmation on my order. I also got to choose for myself what kind of shipping I wanted! (because I wanted to get it quickly, I took the registered one >w>). I were so excited, because I have wanted to order something from CCK for the longest time, but because it is a really popular brand, it is very often sold out! ; V; But finally, I were able to snatch up a cute necklace! Elisa were so sweet that she even sendt me a second note with information that she would put a little present in there for me, which I think was incredibly sweet of her >3>  
So really, the order was pretty much done in just a couple of days, and the communication was very quick, polite and super sweet ^^


As I said before, I choose to get the registered airmail, which got me a code to track my package for security (which I really do prefer!) and it costed me about 7,50€ to the original price of the necklace, which was 12€, making it a total 20,50 € (with the paypal fee), and I don´t think that is bad at all!  
Also, I the order was shipped on the 7th of May, and since it acctually got here last wednesday (which was the 16th) it only took 10 days! I don´t think that is to long at all, when you think about that its coming from Italy, but still, I did get my other package that I ordered  the 8th from Japan, on the 15th, so it could be a little bit faster. I am not going to blame it on the sender though, since the postal service in Norway is extremly bad -.- 

The package came in a secured, thick envelope with bubblewrap inside, which really made me happy! I acctually struggled a little to get it open at first XD 
Inside I found the cutest little transparent bag with loads of little hearts, leafs and flowers printed on it, and it was secured with a piece of Marie tape!  (●♡∀♡) so KAWAII<3
It was really great! Nothing wrong with this one, acctually extra points for the cutness which made me feel happy and fuzzy inside >w<


I just have to say at first, that I were super excited about how the necklace was gonna be like when it came here, and I am not dissapointed at all! The necklace is sooo nice! The resin is sturdy, thick and looks flawless. The pony, the stars and the word baby is securely placed inside of the necklace, and it does not poke out of the resin at all. It is also in perfect condition, with no scrathes at all. 
I love that it´s so super sparkly, and the gradient colour in the background really makes it pop, that suits perfectly with fairy kei >w< The only thing I can say about it that I wished were different, is that I wished the chain was a bit bigger (like the chains themselfs, the length is great!) But that is just a fuzzy little detail that really does not matter xD
Oh my gooood >0< I were so excited when I saw it! I really love the sparkly moon, and the little pony >w< It also says hello, in plump, pink letters which looks so sweet <3 

All in all, I really reccomend buying from Cute Can kill , it is super lovely getting these kinds of handmade, one of a kind things ^^ It feels really special and nice, and I just love it! I will definitely buy more from this brand ! :D

Now, some time ago, I decided to order some accesories from the ever so cute brand, Chocomint!  
They are a japanese Rakuten based shop( which also has international shipping on the Rakuten international page ) that sells the most adorable accesories, candles, boxes and even note books! ^^

I have only ordered from them once before, so it was really nice to get some new things again. 
I have been drooling over those fuwa fuwa shooting star two way clips for a really long time, so I had to get both colourways >w<. Also, because I really lack bracelets, I got two really cute ones that matches most things that I own! The super cute candy ring was also something that I really needed, because I only have like... 3 cute rings ^^""""  And then there is the huge, puffy melon green bow that I really liked, and the really adorable teddybear bow! ^^ both which are two way clips also! :D

The employees at Chocomint is really good at writing english, and they are always very polite and kind when you mail them ^^ The first time I ordered, they marked my package as a lower price and sendt is a gift even without me asking about it!
 (This time I did, and they happily agreed to that this time also >w<) 
So really, if you want super cute things, that are really cheap, take a look at 

At last, I want to show you my super duper cute book that I got! >w< iiiih
I am so happy to announce that I have finally got the


I bought it second hand, but the quality is like a brand new book, with no flaws at all ^^
This book, like the Kyary book is also really easy to understand without knowing japanese, and it has even more tutorials of how to do your hair and makeup! <3
Here are some of my favourite pictures!

 I love these outfits SO MUCH!! O.O

 She is so classy and pretty * v* I love her style <3 

Now, off to homework and drawing a super cute pastelly rainbowcoloured cavity enducing picture!^^

Have you bougth anything exciting lately? :D


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  1. own cute stuffs you boutgh it! <3
    Love CCK I have 5 things from her lol >< but I think is a little bit expensive,BUT the quality is truly great!
    I wanted to buy misako´s book too T-T so cute!
    I have the fluffy star clip =D you´re going to use A LOT!
    Cute blog =D i´m following you ^_^ visit my blog too,you´re going to like! ♡

    1. cool! ^^ I really want to get more things from CCK :) I love that brand <3
      You should really get the book ! It is sooo pretty <3
      I will check your blog out also ^^

  2. I want everything! I really have to save some money to order some cute stuff from Chocomint, have been craving for it a LONG time now :D I really want that book too! looks so lovely :S

    1. hehe >w< aww
      yeah! totally buy from chocomint, everything is soooo great :D I love it <3

  3. So kawaii post,I will buy something from cute can kill too. :3