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☆Adventures in Paris: part 3☆

First of as a warning, this post will be picture overloaded (‘-’*)
We had decided to do all of the shopping on Friday, so that we could spend Saturday and Sunday doing more cultural stuff! (´∀`) 

My sister wanted to go get some small presents for her roommates back in Edinburgh. Right after breakfast on Saturday morning, we took the underground to St. Michel, and visited a tiny shop with an indian theme :) And right beside it, we found a shop that sold postcards! :D We bought some to send to our parents, (and I found a really pretty one that I kept for myself x3 ) 
But really, my sister wasn´t interested in going to Paris for the shopping, but more for the experience and to see famous places! So since we both wanted to see the wonderful paintings and statues at the Louvre museum, we naturally decided to go there as soon as we finished getting the presents and postcards   (⌒▽⌒)☆

I was such a big experience! I have seen the glass pyramid dozens of times in movies and on pictures, but to see it for real.... it was breathtaking! 

We got see all the most famous paintings and statues, like Nike, Venus de Milo, the coronation of empress Josephine (hey hey hey  (´∇ノ`*)ノ), the picture of the french revolution and... at last, Mona Lisa ! O AO I were so moved that I even cried a little ; v; <3

I were really surprised at how small it acctually were! I am pretty sure it only measured around 50 to 60 cm in total height! *o* 

When we came into the room where she was displayed, it was totally packed with people, somehow though, we managed to squeese infront of the crowd to the wood "fence" that surounded the panting. It made room for an empty space of about 2 m. in front of the painting, and there was a thick glass plate in front of the painting itself, so it was very well secured! ^^

I think we spendt around 2 hours, just wandering around and looking at everything inside of the museum. It was such an enormous building! To acctually see all the most famous paintings and statues of the world, it was such a big experience that it is only recently that I have been able to comprehend what it is that I acctually saw that day o_o 

Before I left for Paris, I had written down a list of stores and places I wanted to visit, and because we just found a random place to have lunch at the first day, I wanted to visit the "Princess Crêpe" café for lunch this day! I had heard about it from another blog that I follow ( candyheart♡) and when I checked it out, it was proven to be a japanese crêpe shop were they make super kawaii crêpes! >w< iiiih (*≧▽≦)! 

(Also, when we visited the Baby, the star shines bright shop, we noticed that they had an add for the crêpe shop by the counter, because they had some kind of co-operation! :D )

We took the underground to St. Paul, and walked around until we found Rue des Escouffes, were we quite easily spotted the super cute café <3 >w< 
It was seriously one of the cutest shops I have ever seen! We were greated by two super sweet japanese girls, that smiled at us while we looked around. There was so much to see in there! Everything was pink and super kawaii <333 I loved it so much! 

 Fun fact: I have a cakebox that looks exactly like the two at the bottom  (☆^O^☆)


They had the cutest art in there! * o* I felt super inspierd to draw really adorable things ! :D They had painted two "windows" inside of the café , and my sister said "imagine if it acctually looked like that outside!" me: " yeah ... *dreamy*" her: "totally wacko, right?" me: "umh... yeah, totally!" XD haha

 Also, I were so excited to see this! I have seen loads of pictures of these "fake" crêpes from Japan, but this was the first time I saw it myself *A* It looked so cuuute! I really loved it, and just had to take a picture \( `.∀´)/

My sister ordered a crêpe with honey ( I think it there was honey or caramel with cream, but I can´t really remember :P) And I ordered one with rasberry, cream and cheesecake! (I were so amazed by the fact that they acctually had cheesecake in crêpes, so I just had to get it XD iiih)

And here it is! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

 We asked if we could eat inside of the café, because they had only one little table with two chairs >w<. And when we were finished eating, I approached them and tried cearfully saying "honto ni kawaii desu!".... and they looked so amazed that I knew some japanese! o(≧∇≦o) I were so nervous that I could not say very much more, but I did say "sorry, I am very bad at japanese!" and they were all like "no,no that is really good!" (they knew some english). 
Then they asked me if I read KERA magazine, and I said yes, and they asked me if I knew Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, which I also offcourse said yes to! (I had my kreepsville 666 eyeball clips in my hair, which I think was the reason why they asked ;) ) and I told them that I had even preordered her cd! 
Before we left I even got a visit card from them, I said arrigato and sayonara xD hehe 
.....I felt totally embarrased! (#/。\#) they were really patient and sweet with me though.

 It is one of the first times I have ever talked to someone in japanese! 

After that, we basically just went up in Montmarte and looked around for the rest of the day!

 This was a shop that only sold angel things! I felt like it would be pure perfection for someone into mori girl and cult party kei :D (the little box in the middle is a mini version of the shop! "La boutique des anges" x3)

 We found loads of cute little vintage shops, and shops with homemade things, and even shops with remade vintage things :D It was so cool! We had a lot of fun. My sister got a "new" vintage wallet, and I got a really cute button from the tiniest shop ever (with 5 people inside, it was stuffed o vo) 
We also took a quick trip to the artbook shop again, because my sister wanted to get an artbook with drawings from the comic "Hellboy" to her boyfriend (who is a big fan ;3 ). 


We also went to see  Sacre coure, where I had my first taste of crêpes with nutella, on the stairs right above the carousel :D 
It was really goood ^^ We posted the postcard to our parents, and looked around for many more hours, we even saw Moulin Rouge! (from the outside offcourse XD) 

We were awfully tierd and went back to the hotel to rest for an hour or two, before we headed out to get some dinner. We decided to go to a resturant in Montmarte that was dedicated to one of my sisters favourite painters (can´t remember his name at the moment =A=) 
and had a delicious three-course dinner!

 With onion soup (just look at that onion soup * 0*), an omelette with a great salad, and pistache icecream for dessert! <3

Basically, when we were finished eating, we were so stuffed that we just wanted to collapse into bed again. 

It had been another great day, and we had sooo much fun ^0^

Until next time, sweeties <3


(PS: Now, there is only the trip to Versailles left to write about! ^^)

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  1. igjen.. flotte bilder :D butikken var bare sukkersøt, og pannekake greia fikk meg virkelig sulten :( :P

    1. aww, takk! ^^ Ja, den var så søøøøt >w< Skulle ønske rommet mitt så sånn ut altså XD haha