fredag 15. februar 2013

.:★Mahou sweetie + actual lucky gift!★:.

Hi ho hello!

I am so so soo happy today! This week was my last week of the school practice work project, and today was surposed to be my last day at work, but my employer was so kind to me yesterday, and told me I could take the last day off :D HURRAY! ^^ So today I have just spendt the day at home <3

My parents have gone to visit my sister in Scotland for her birthday 
(her birthday was last week, but my parents couldn´t go until this weekend!) 
So they are going to be away until Tuesday, which means I get the house totally to myself until then. I am really happy about that, since we went to the store and bought only the food I wanted and I could choose freely *V* 

So, today I have been really busy cleaning the house! I don´t know why, but sometimes I get this craze to clean everything, and then I just have to do it xD hehe
So now the kitchen is clean and nice, and I have vacuumed the whole house :3 I guess it is because I like being alone, so I like when it´s as good as it can be, and thus clean? 

And so many other nice things have happend this week also! 
Really, I think I have the sweetest followers on tumblr EVER! Some weeks ago, I ranted about how I wish I had more poptarts, because I´d ate the last ones I had, and only a couple of days after that, I got a message from the sweetest girl ever that she wanted to give me some if I could only give her my adress to ship to ;A; I was like... SERIOUSLY?? You´d do that??? whaaah ;A; How come people are so nice to me D::: <3333  I was super duper excited!
And some days ago, the package arrived! And do you FREAKING know what??? She had put so many lovely extras in with it ;A; I wanted to cry!

She even put cute little notes on everything ;v; 
The biggest one says "Hi! I hope you are well and that these brighten your day ^7^!" 
AWWWWW ;A; Thank you dearest Lucy, you really did brighten my day! 
If you want to check out this lovely, sweet girls tumblr please look here:

I took a picture where I had removed all the little notes also ;V; 
so you can see all the goodness better! >v<

Thank you again and again Lucy! ^v^ I can´t wait to try out these! :D I am such a sweet tooth x3

That is not the only recent new thing to arrive :3 
Last week, I got my long-awaited "Candy Party" tights in mint from 

I had preordered them so long ago that I´d almost completly forgotten about it when I suddenly saw people starting to post pictures with the tights on tumblr! 
I was so excited when mine finally arrived, I had to try them on at once :3

I didn´t really have anything planned out for wearing them though, because they don´t really go with my wardrobe XD haha ( I am terrible, because I just buy things I think look great without thinking about if it goes with anything I own ^^"""") 

Also, since it was a saturday, I wanted to wear something cosy and "indoors-y" =v=

Cosy Candy kick!

Sweater: Milklim
Shorts: DreamV (part of a set)
 Tights: Sweetiecakes
Slippers: H&M
Socks: H&M
Accessories: HolleyTeaTime, Chocomint, Lindex

Also, a couple of weeks ago, after having an oral presentation in front of my class (in english) I was so stressed out about the result that I just had to browse some shops online to calm down. 
I figured I was bored with only looking at things, and wanted to acctually buy some new stuff, so I just jumped to it and got myself a pink "seifuku" from Bodyline :D 
I have wanted one for aaages, but acctually, I am the kind of girl to "go around in circles" around something I want for the longest time before I decide if I should get it or not =v=""" I can never decide! Impulse buying is such an adrenaline kick though, wow :D

It came in the mail yesterday, but I only got to take proper pictures today ^^
 I love it so muuuuch ^0^! Just look how cute it is :D 
I don´t get how I´ve not had one before! it looks so cute x3 

I was really nervous about the sizing, since I didn´t want it to appear to small,
 but still not being too baggy! I put together a simple and cute coord with it,
 that I wore today around the house ^^ 
Kawaii Ko-gal
Tights: SweetieCakes
Shoes: SecretShop
Accesories: gift, HolleyTeaTime, chocomint

Can you be really cool looking, and still kawaii? I wanted to look sweet but yet cool and spunky, so I put my hair in a tall, raggedy ponytail with a cute bow that matches my tights ^0< It looks kinda "Mahou-kei"-ish! Cute and spicy <3

 Now, my plans for the rest of the weekend is just having a great time :3 I hope I´ll get
to watch some movies and just enjoy myself =v= life can be so great sometimes <3

Do you own a seifuku ? 

Until next time sweeties <333 

15 kommentarer:

  1. Ohh that Seifuku is so cute *_*
    I got one last week too but just in simple navy
    Love the color range from Bodyline but I'm to scared that it will be to short (since I'm 172cm tall D:)
    I'm jealous of those Poptarts, even tho you can buy them here too they're so expensive (8€ for 6 Q_Q)

    1. Thank you ^^ I bet the navy one is super cute! I wanna get one that looks more "realisitc" like that also :D
      You might have to up a size if you wanted to buy from bodyline, since you are a bit tall!

  2. seifukus are sooooo adorable, I want one! also want classic japanese school uniforms, hehe I LOVE those! I wanna cosplay ritsu from anime k-on with her uniform *v*

    1. oooh that sounds awsome! :D Thank you for the compliment ^^
      I wanna get a traditional one also :3 it´s so cute <3

  3. I have two, one navy blue and one purple/grey one. Never worn them in a coord.. Yet!

    1. ooh, they sounds really pretty! ^^ I bet you could make some really cute coords with them :3

  4. oh my goodness, the seifuku is just the cutest! I LOVE the tights too, they are just adorable.
    Yeeeeey for lovely people on Tumblr hehe

    1. thank yooou ^0^ I am super happy with it :D
      tumblr people are the best kind of people xD

  5. aww I love the first outfit so much!!!Adorable pastel colours and tights,I have the same seifuku in lilac.It is perfect ^_______^

    1. thanks ^^ It was just something quick I was trying out, but I kinda liked it :3
      ooh, cool that you also have it ^^

  6. May I ask you what size the seifuku is? ♡ I'm planning on buying one but I'm so worry about the size. ;-;