lørdag 9. februar 2013

☆Sweet lolita interview☆

A couple of days ago, I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed about my fashion style in one of our local newspapers! ^^ And today the interview was finally printed :) 

I was super duper nervous about what to wear, because I wanted to look my best to give the readers the best possible view upon lolita fashion as a first impression!
Therefore I asked around tumblr about what to wear, 
and one suggestion was that "you should wear your favourite outfit,
 that way you can feel best at ease ^^". 
So I decided to wear one of my absolute favourite dresses: 

Little bears café in mint! ^^

I was kinda worried about getting my picture taken, because the interview was only over e-mail, so I had to provide the picture myself! Luckily though, I got one of my teachers at school, who´s a skilled photographer, to snap some for me :3 yay! so lucky >v< 


So when I had made sure to answer all the questions correctly, and made a thorough overview, I pressed the "send" button, and my heart went dokidoki all over the place >.<"
This is the first time ever that I have done something like this with my fashion style!
I mean like, publically speaking of it like this in a newspaper and such. 

So today, when I and my dad took a trip into our local town, we bought the paper, and I 
felt so excited to see how it turned out! ^^

And here it is! 

It is completely in norwegian, so you probably won´t be able to read it, but if you can, 
please go ahead and let me know what you think! ^^
The interview takes up half a page, yay! And I really like how my image turned out!

The other half holds three more pictures of three other girls that also got interviewed, but I didn´t want to add them here because I don´t know if they would like to be posted on my blog ^^" hehe

We took more pictures than that also, so I wanted to show you some
 so you can see my outfit properly!

Sweet lolita interview

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Tights: H&M
Fake-fur collar: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Accesories: CuteCanKill, HolleyTeaTime, Chocomint,
homemade, gift and "trift"

I look horrible when I smile, sorry... no circle lenses also...and my nose turns so huge, I don´t even...
It was around -10 Celsius degrees outside, AND wind, so that is why my face is kind of red...
I swear, I my nails were so frozen and they hurt so bad it took two hours after the photoshoot to warm them up so I could bend them properly >.< But what don´t you do for fashion, ey? xD"""

A little close-up, to see some details better! ^^ 
I really LOVE putting my hair up in buns!
It is such an easy and cute way to make an outfit cuter! And with this print, 
it is almost like little bear ears >w<

So yeah! That was it ^^  I hope you guys enjoyed this little entry! :D From the day it was decided I at once felt soooo super excited to tell all of you about it^^
I feel so accomplished when I get to blog about stuff that happens in my life :3 

Have you ever been interviewed 
about your style?

I will hopefully go see "Wreck-it Ralph" tomorrow (finally!)
since it has gotten to my local cinema recently :3 
I am pretty excited! It looks so awsome on the trailers
I don´t really have any other plans this weekend, except noodles tonight =v=
looking forward to it ~

13 kommentarer:

  1. congratz on getting in the newspaper :D

    1. Thank you ^^ I felt really flattered that they wanted to write about me x3 hehe

  2. Aw how fun that you got in the newspaper! You're so cute!
    I actually got interviewed for the local newspapers too, about lolita and anime conventiones. (:

    1. aww, thank you ^^ I feel super selfconcious about some of the pictures because I feel like I look really ugly >.< eheheheee....
      Ooooh, that is cool! ^^ lucky!

  3. n'awwwww you look really cute ^_^ I love the way you styled your hair!

    1. Thank you! ^^ I love putting my hair up in buns >w<

  4. Congratulations! I'm so happy someone in jfashion got featured in a Norwegian newspaper :D You looked adorable!! And I think you did very well, I would've probably answered too long or something ahahaha.

    1. Åh, ps: bor du i Sortland? :OO

    2. They shortened down my answers though x3 hehe
      thank you! ^^ I feel really flattered about it! ^^ And kinda flustered >w< hihihi
      Jeg bor ikke på Sortland, men jeg bor bare en halv time unna, så jeg bor veldig nært det :)

  5. congratz! you look super cute in the picture!

    1. Thank you! ^0^ I was very pleased with it >w<

  6. awwwh this coord is sooo wonderful <3