onsdag 6. februar 2013

+ so many awards o.o +

Guess what! I got the Liebster blog award, again and again and again! o.o 
Wow, I am so honoured you guys >w< I am so happy you like my blog so much! ^0^
I will try my best and answer all of your questions, but I will only write 11 facts 
about myself, because I don´t want to flood this post O.o
 And I will only answer "doubbled" questions once! ^^
(also, I won´t tag people, because I have done it before, 
and I don´t have any more to tag ;A; sorry!>.<)

The rules for accepting the award are:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself

2.Answer the 11 questions that the nominating blogger asked you

3.Ask 11 questions to the bloggers that you nominate

4.Nominate 11 new bloggers (they must have less than 200 followers) and link their blogs in your post

5.Make sure you tell the bloggers that they've won!

Here is 11 random facts about me! ^v^

1. I have a pet peeve against people chewing with their mouths open
I think its really annoying and ugh >.<

2.I have a weird obsession with jellyfish
And I really don´t know why, they are just so pretty *v* 

3.My favourite manga ever is Kitchen Princess
Go read it if you haven´t! >0< It made me laugh, it made me cry <3

4.I am so antisocial I get uncofortable if people sit in the seats around me on the bus
There was people in almost all the seats around me today, and I felt like dying...

5.White chocolate is my favourite!
I love milk chocolate very, very much though ^0^

  6.I love wearing candy smelling perfume when I wear lolita
It just completes the look!

7.I have to have the light on when I sleep, and I like sleeping being warm,
 so I don´t open a window x3 haha

8. Hamtaro is my favourite anime
It is one of the first anime series I ever saw, so it has followed me since childhood <3
9.I have always pictured myself living in a castle when I grow up
... still do
10.I am obsessed with roomwear
I only own one pair of it though, from dreamv! ^0^
11.I don´t watch horror movies, I am a scardy cat >.<"""

The Questions:

1.What is your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is light pink, but I love all pastel colours! ^0^

2.Do you have a favourite food? If so, what is it?
I like scones, naan bread, sushi, chocolate,
 cheesecake, melted cheese, tea, pasta salad etc.

3.What styles of fashion do you like?
sooo many ;o_o I like lolita, amoeji-kei, hime-kaji, hime-gyaru, fairy-kei, mori girl,
cult party-kei, "Juria-style", pastelgoth, sweet gyaru, mahou-kei and more recently acctually Shironuri ^^ I bet there is more if I think about it xD

4.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Japan! Tokyo!

5.Where's your favie place to shop?
Online! ^0^ so many clothes to choose from O.o you can find everything! x3

6.Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named Arthur (named after king Arthur because 
of his regal way of behaving xp) 
and we have 5 or 6 hens.

7.What would be your dream job?
I would like to be stinking rich and not work, does that count? :3

8.What do you like about blogging?
I can express myself freely, and share inspiration and cute things with everyone ^^
I love reading about inspirational things, so I want to inspire others to live their dreams.
My drive to blogging is to live a kawaii-lifestyle! >w<

9.Are you scared of anything?
soooo many thing... the dark, seagulls, dogs, social situations, being a failure (all the time), getting yelled at, getting big, getting wrinkles, horror movies etc...

10.What's your favourite kind of music? Favourite Band or Artist?
I like j-pop, j-rock, k-pop, indie-asian music,
 electronica, classical music, anti-folk, 8-bit music, and OSTs...
I like music with weird lyrics and stuff... 
and sometimes I just like parts of songs, because of the melody!

Favourite artist? hmm... I love Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume, Marino, Röyksopp,
MGMT, Capsule, KARA, UI... I could go on forever o.o

11.Where to get your inspiration from?
It varies very much, from art, j-fashion street snaps, magazines, japanese blogs,
others blogs, tumblr, and sometimes just from music! ^^ I look up to many many maaaany wonderful
people that dresses in lovely clothes ;A; I think those inspire me the most!

1.What's your favorite internet site???
Probably tumblr ^^
2.Do you have a favorite song??? If so, what is it???
I think it´s several songs ^^
It used to be "Tasty love" - Kara
3.What makes you happy/sad???
I get really happy when I listen to good music, and feel good about myself. And when I draw something I am very happy with, or wear something I like a lot! :D
I get sad when I think about how hopeless everything seems....
4.What is your favorite place to relax???
At home
5.If you could change into any animal, what would it be and why???
 A jellyfish =V= because they are awsome ok
 Questions 6 answered before

7.Which country do you like better: Japan, England, Italy, Spain or Russia??? And why???
 I don´t know really... Japan I guess? Because almost all of my interests have to do with it
Question 8 answered before
9.What is your main hobby???
drawing and fashion
10.What is your favorite onlineshop??? And why???
oh god I can´t choose ;A;
11.What is your fashion style???
kiiiiinda feel like I´ve allready answered this one XD I wanna wear all the styles I like x3
I feel like I am mostly into lolita though, it is like my main style or something, even though I try mostly everything!
 From PastelHorror

1.Favorite Disney character?
Really? You think you can ask ME about that? ... I love disney ;v;

2.What where you doing 2 hours ago?
Watching tv with my mom :3

3.Last item of clothing you brought?
bought, or got? I got a pair of wine-red skinny jeans recently! :3
Though I didn´t buy them myself, but I did pick them out =v="""

4.What's the colour of your bedroom walls?
My bedroomwalls are pink! They have disney wall paper on them, with princess castles,
heart shaped jewels, swirls and roses with glitter <3

5.Favorite clothing brand?
Angelic Pretty 

6.Do you believe in the paranormal?

7.What are you wearing right now?
My fuzzy pink roomwear top with bunny ears, my Miyamo panda bracelet, 
and pinkcosy pants :3 

8.Do you carry a handbag when out, if so what's normally in it?
I almost always bring a book and drawing things, money, mobile, lip balm....
It depends where I am going!

9.Favorite perfume?
I am almost out of it now, so I don´t wear it anymore D:
It is a non-brand vanilla scent, but everyone says 
I smell like marshmellows when I wear it =V=

  Question 10 answered before

11.Do you collect anything?
 I try to start collections all the time, but I kinda fail =_= I wanna
collect so many thing though *^* Artbooks, korilakkuma things, Little twin star things,
arpacassos, and loads of other things >,<
I used to collect erasers when I were little, still have my collection today ;v;
I also collected a whole nighttable-drawer full of those tiny things you got with dolls when you bought them at the store, and really tiny toys... still have that also :3
  YATTA! I did it!
Free cookies to anyone that acctually read this far! ;v; hehee
It feels so crazy that so many gave me the award! ^^
I am a five times award winner, oh yes =v= <3
Until next time!

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  1. OMG! I also feel auwful when people stand or sit close to me. It's as if they're all draining my engery. Plus I have a super sensitive smell so I feel sick when I'm around alot of people I don't know in public transport. xD Sounds so weird:P

    1. I feel the same way! I am always afraid the person sitting near by at the bus will smell or something :S

  2. Oh no ;;" I nominated you too. Maybe you can answer my questions next month or so ;3

    You're nominated for the "Liebster Award" \(^0^)/ ~ Read my blog entry and follow the instruction ;3 http://wonderful-wonder-ducky.blogspot.de/2013/02/liebster-award-from-lady-juice-and-more.html

    1. omg XD hahaha
      Yeah, I will wait a while with this one, sorry ^^"

  3. oh cutie!! i nominated you for one too!
    have a look, and maybe you don't want to answer so many questions though!~ XD

    1. Thank you ^^ I will wait a while, like the one above x3 hehe