onsdag 20. februar 2013

*Parent-free adventure*

Good morning to all!

As you might remember, I have been quite alone this weekend/start of the week,
 but now I am happy to announce that my parents have returned! ^^

When they went away, I was just overjoyed over getting to spend some alone time by myself with my cat, but let me tell you, even that isn´t quite as fun after a while >.< Basically, they left really early on Thursday, and came home quite late yesterday (after 9 pm) so it was almost like 6 days! The first three days were fun an jolly, but when Sunday came along, I was starting to get reaaally bored :P And I was really annoyed with taking care of the hens >.< Yeah, I am quite the "girly-girl" about things like that, can´t help but finding it a bit icky :P It´s just that they are pretty large, and you have to go inside their cage to place out their food... and it smells :---------S

Anyway, even though it was quite boring, loads of fun things have happend also ^^
I got to play my Nintendo DS for the first time in ages, acctually progressing in SoulSilver (Pokémon) which I have been stuck on for months =v= heheheee.... 
(I have this bad habit of just leaving a game forevurrr if I fail a couple of times playing it... )

So yesterday, I vacuumed the first floor of our house again, cleaned up a bit in the kitchen and just relaxed until my parents came along :3 I am REALLY proud of this one thing I did though! It might sound like a small thing, but I feel so accomplished none the less x) I managed to sustain the fire in the fireplace that my parents lit the day they left! Yeah thats right! I managed to sustain a fire for five (almost six) whole days :D I think that is pretty impressive x3 hehe...

Well, now I just wanna take a moment to tell you guys how amazing my parents are... 
seriously, they are the best parents ever! Look what they got me from their trip ;____;
Adventure Time comic books (and even the genderbend version also ; A;!!!) 
and KitKat chunkies TTATT

I just screamed with joy and hugged them so so sooo much ;v; <333

I also took a couple of pictures from both comic books to show you just how cute this stuff is ;v;
First one is from the genderbend one, and the second one is from the regular one x3 <333 Love it!
I think I have just become a hopeless fan of these ones as well ;A; Luckily they are to be found on amazon though =v= hihihi.... 

Not only did I get these lovely things yesterday, but my long awaited artbook
 from Namie-kun came along! *0*

It is her second Touhou fan-artbook! ^^ I was "preorderer" nr. 35 (as you might be able to spot on the little sign there ;3 ) And she put in a tiny little extra comic ;___; <3
She made me a tiny little doodle of Marisa, like I asked for ;A; Namie-Senpai ILUVU OK!!! 


Here are some of my favourite pages:

boooooows *0* 
I don´t take credit for any of these drawings! they are all made by Namie-kun

If you are interested in getting your own copy of this amazing artbook take a look 

I reeeeeeally reccomend it if you like cute, nice art, that makes you feel all giddy and happy inside :3
Namie never stops amazing me and giving me inspiration!
 She is one of my absolute favourite artists on DA ^0^

Other than that, I also have a quick little outfit I wanted to show you guys!
I wanted to try out how I could use my new seifuku in other outfits than only as a set,
 and this is the result this far:
☆Sweet lolita school girl☆

Skirt: Bodyline
Shirt: Bodyline
Shoes: SecretShop
Socks: H&M kids section
Accessories: Bodyline, H&M kids section, 
CuteCanKill and gift


I know the hairstyle is kinda boring, but I just wanted to try out something really simple,
 for an everyday cute look ^^ 

Thats it for now! I am so excited about all my new things *v* This will be a good day! ^^
There is still so much left of the vication! I could do anything <3

Do you read comicbooks other than manga?

Thank you for reading, please stay tuned for more kawaii ;P

10 kommentarer:

  1. where did your parents go? ^^ lovely gifts they gave you :D + namies art is awesome! :o

    1. They went to Scotland to visit my big sister ^^ They are so nice to me ;v; makes me so happy <3

  2. super cute outfit ^^
    LOVE Kitkat chunkies too so yummy hehe

    1. Thank you ^v^ It´s quite simple, but still :3
      Yeah they are so tasty! I can´t wait to try them out ^0^

  3. Aww i love being home alone but it gets kinda boring with no one there, i always make sure my boyfriend is there with me :3

    I love your art books, such gorgeous art work! & cute outfit as always ^^


    1. yeah I know! It is fun at first, but it always get kinda boring in the end >.>
      Thanks! :3 I love my artbook, and my comics ^^

  4. aww adventure time,I also have the same skirt <3