søndag 17. mars 2013

Family birthday party + new makeup

First of all, I want to thank you all
 for the supporting messages you have given me over the last few days, during this difficult time.
I wannna let you all know that even though my mom is not out of the hospital yet, everyone is very positive about it. The sugery went very well, the doctors have said they think it will all be allright, even though they haven´t had the test results back yet. My father also thinks so, so we are remaining calm for now. 

I have visited my mom twice since it happend, once on Friday and once yesterday, and I am happy to say she looked a lot better allready yesterday! She had even been out of bed to walk a bit :) 

So once again, thank you all! <3

Initially, we had planned to have a family birthday party celebration this weekend. We decided to still go through with that plan, even though my mom couldn´t attend it. I felt a bit sad that she couldn´t be there, but it is better that she remains calm and gets better <3

I was really happy that, in between all this missery the past couple of days,
some nice things happend also! Friday, I got the most lovely surprise in the mail! :) 

I ordered a spiky-flower headband from my friend Saga (Irodohieru)
And I was so excited to see it arrived this quickly! I was so honoured that she bothered making one for me, even though she was actually sold out ;^; (she has a webshop where she sells them).

I had a difficult time deciding if I should get a pinkXblack one,
 but I decided whiteXblack was more versatile :)

I love the headband very much! So I decided right away that I wanted
 to make my birthday outfit with it as my inspiration ^^

Rough Roses
Sweater: made by my sister
Skirt: H&M kids section
Tights: H&M, modified
Shoes: Taobao
Headband: Iros Garden
Accessories: Glitter, Kreepsville666

The image of this headband is soft, gentle roses with a rough edgy leather base and
spiky thorns sticking out, so that is what I wanted to make my outfit portrait! I choose my soft and fluffy sweater from my sister, and I took a pair of simple H&M tights that I ripped to look more punk.
I wore my rose bracelet, and my skeleton-hands necklace also!

It is so cold over here that I had to wear a pair of pants when I was over to visit my mom, 
but I changed back again when we came home.

I wanted to try out a totally new kind of makeup after seeing THIS really cute
tutorial on tumblr *v* I just fell in love with it! I will definitely use it more!
I am really unsure about it, because I  didn´t have the right kind of false eyelashes.
I am also quite unsure how I look with only false lashes on the top and not the bottom lashline.
I didn´t even have mascara on the bottom line.
what do you think?

This picture shows the makeup really well, even if the angle is a bit unflattering >.>"
How do you think I did with this makeup?

I was so lucky as to have loads of people be able to step in and bake for my birthday party, so we had loads of cakes and treats! ;A; I myself baked brownies, we had marzipan cake, cheese cake, apple pie, ice cream and many other lovely things ;_; Truly, it wouldn´t be possible
 without the help from my lovely family <3

I had such a lovely time, and I got so many nice things! I was so surprised by all the lovely gifts *A*

I got :
1. Money! And loads of it! They are represented by the envelopes ^^

2. Knitted socks <3 Always a winner :3
3. Makeup! I got two kits with looooads of eyeshadow, rouge, powder, lipgloss
and all kinds of amazing things ;A;
4. A moomin teacup with the image of Thingumy and bob, this made me so happy, because
I collect the moomin cups ;v;
5. Pukka "love" flower tea and rose water set! 

6. The folded, knitted object is acctually a seperate hoodie/collar thing that my aunt made after getting a russian recipe translated O.o Its really cool, so many at the party wanted to get the recipe xD

The huge cupcake is a card! ^^ I love it sooo much ;v; It made me think about
Vanellope von Schweetz, and that made me so happy because I love "Wreck it, Ralph" ;v;

It was a lovely night, really :) We laughed a lot, discussed all kinds of things, and drank loads of tea.
Around ten pm, everyone had left, and I felt super tired... I was so lucky as to get help from my godmother and some of my aunts to clean up before that, so when they had all gone,
it felt like bliss to change into my pyjamas, wash my face and just watch some tv.
I don´t know if it´s possible, but more than anything I felt like I was really hungover or something when I woke up this morning XD haha... and we didn´t even drink any kind of alcahol! Also, I wouldn´t really know about the hungover thing, since I don´t drink, but I can imagine it :P
 I did the last little clean ups when I woke up, and now the house
is as nice and clean as it was before we started! :)

Did you go to a party or
did you do something else fun this weekend?

Next week, I am having a few friends over for a friends birthday celebration :)
I haven´t had anything else than family birthday parties for many years now,
so acctually celebrating with class friends is kinda nice ^^ 

Bye bye for now!

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  1. happy to hear you had a nice time! ^-^ me and my best friends went sledding yesterday like little kids haha it was really fun :)

    1. Thanks! Oh, that sounds like fun! :) I hope you guys enjoyed yourself!

  2. I'm happy for you! I'm sure your mother will get better and better ~ And I'm also glad you've had a birthday party! Your gifts are very cute. I love the outfit you wore and the new makeup.

    1. thanks ^^I appreciate your kind words <3

  3. I'm glad that you had a lovely time and that your mum is feeling better now :) The headband is so cute too, it suits you a lot

    1. thank you! ^^and thanks for the support about my mom :)
      I really like my new headband, I hope I will be able to wear it with a lot of outfits! :D

  4. You have gotten sweet gifts, and I lvoe the headband! It looks very cute on you and suits well with your outfit. Great make-up as well, you always look so pretty ♥

    And I'm very happy to hear that your mother is feeling better now, and that the surgery went well. I hope she will be able to go home soon!

    1. Thank you! :)
      I hope everything turn out allright very soon <3

  5. Happy birthday sweetie <3

    your blog so cute

    i love you make up

    1. Thank you! :)
      I am very glad you like it <3

  6. Could you please write out the taobao-link to the shoes? I really really want a pair!

    1. Search for an*tai*na taobao on google :)

  7. Glad to hear your mom's alright ^^

  8. you look stunning and I love the picture that shoes the make-up best (it's not unflattering at all, just gorgeous :D)It's lovely to see that you had a great birthday party in the middle of this :)

    1. thank you ^^ I am happy I was able to have a nice time despite everything going on also. One must try to treasure the little moments when the big ones get disrupted...