lørdag 2. mars 2013

Pink kick!+ exciting project + music

Dearest readers!

First of all, OMG so many things have happend!!! @_@ 
The first thing I wanna mention is that I have recently been contacted
 about being able to participate in something very exicting!

Some days ago, I got contacted by a couple of really nice guys that has a country-wide project going on with teenagers. Initially, it was to cover how different teenagers handeled the time after the 22nd of July incident, but they recently started widening their horizon for other things as well! 
Now they have traveled through the entire country, they have been both in the east, west, north and south, and they told me that this was the last place they´d visit for now. The project is to display teenagers with special interest, and portraying their life to others through a documentary and a book they will publish! A girl in a class above me contacted me about these guys and told me they had talked to her (they knew her from before, I assume) about me! o.o They wanted to do a case about me, because they found my blog and they thought my fashion style and life was so interesting they wanted to have me in the project! @A@ OMG! 

So, as I said, I was contacted a few days ago to meet them and go in a meeting with them( The girl that contacted me about them joined me, since I am so shy >w< ). We talked  about 1 1/2 hour or something, and they questioned me about everything. They were really nice and kind, letting me know all sorts of things they were doing, and even gave me a pamplet and  showed me a movie they had made so I could see how they do their work. What they wanna do, is to talk to me about my life, and follow me for about 5 weeks (I think that was it) to get to know me and to be able to write the story. They also wanna do a documentary thats gonna be about 6-7 min long about my life. They said they would probably be together with me at school sometimes, and at home for dinner or just hanging out doing everyday things. I was to decide for  myself how long their visits would be and how often. They also said I needed to talk to my parents and that they would really like to have a meeting with them to clear things up properly in that sort of manner also :) They were very professional and nice, 
and I am sure they are legit in their job! I were to get back to them in a couple of days (meaning today or tomorrow or monday) to settle more arrangements 
and to settle if I am going to go through with it or not.

AND NOW JUST O____O OMG I can´t belive this is acctually happening to ME! 
This is just crazy! Do you guys REALIZE that this means my life will be PUBLISHED IN A BOOK and made into a documentary @_@ Its so crazy I don´t even... seriously I can´t belive it... I am so nervous and excited and I don´t even know what to feel! If this happens... I just... I am speachless... a part of me reeeeally wants to do it, because it seems so exciting, but I know it will be tiring, they told me that was what most of the teenagers they had worked with had said before, that it was quite tiresome but that they got used to it, and I can very well understand that! I mean like, 5 weeks! It´s not like they will stay with me 24/7, but still! They will need to meet up with me quite often. 
In the interview they asked about all sorts of things, like what I like to do on my freetime (I said I play videogames and draw =v= hehe), and they were especially interested if there was anything going on soon that they can join in on. I told them I will colour my hair lavender soon, and they just LOVED that XD haha... they really wanted to join me on that anyway :p hehe...
On the other side, I kinda don´t wanna do it, because I am afraid how I will react to them being there so often... I am really introverted and people drain me of energy enough as it is in my everyday life... also there is my eating disorder >.> that could very well be a problem as well... I am just afraid my mental health won´t be able to do it >.< eeehhh....

so now I REALLY need to know what you guys think about this! 
This is probably something that only comes along once in a lifetime, and there is only a small number of teenagers involved, like... not everyone has the oportunity to do this! But I am seriously afraid of my mental health and my eating disorder... my whole life is very rigid and strict on time schedule...


In other news (feels like an anchorman B-3)
I have been in a pink faze again ^^ Ever since I got my seifuku I just love doing cute outfit with loads of pink! So I thought I´d show you guys some recent outfits :)

Last weekend was a reeeally lazy weekend, I only went to a café with my parents and went to watch the tiny protest going on in our little local town against the oil drilling in our area (my district is these days in a big political crisis over this matter), and after that I just played some games and watched a movie 
(if I remember correctly)

This outfit was super lazy, but I like it, so here it is ^^ Pink fuzzy socks and skinny jeans from H&M,  pink sweater from minkyshop, hairband from Lindex :3 Curled my hair also! Terrible lighting due to the rainy weather that day ^^" sorry! 

The next outfit I wore today! I have been in a good/excited/nervous mood all day due to this project thing and the fact that it´s a weekend (because I love weekends  *v*) So once again I wanted to wear something super cute ^0^ I decided on my Seifuku once more, but this time, matched with pink!

Sugary School girl

Seifuku: Bodyline
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes:Secret Shop
Wig: GothicLolitaWigs
Accessories: Chocomint, gift and Miyamo


It has been ages and ages and ages since I wore this wig (or any wig!) so I decided to give it a go!
I really want a lot more wigs! I only own two, this one and my dark brown curly prisila wig... I want a proper lolita twintail wig ;v; and a lot of others! Maybe I should start buying that *takes notes*

I realise the hairties doesn´t go with the outfit, but I wanted something cute in my hair as well,
and I wear my beloved "Kurebayashi" hairties far to seldom =v= I wanna get
some of those ball hair ties with little gumball-looking marbles on them *v*
they are so cute and I love how Cotton Chu looks in them!

The last outfit is also a very simple one, I wanted to try out the sweater my sister
 knitted for me for christmas!  ^^ She is so talented <3
 I got my roots taken! now my hair looks nice again *v*

Spiked Cotton Candy

Sweater: my sister <3
Shorts: BikBok
Tights: H&M
Socks: H&M kids section
Shoes: taobao
Accessories: taobao and lindex

I like how this is such a soft outfit with a kitten badge and a sweater in alpaca yarn
 but it has an edge with the black details, like the headband and platforms ^^

It´s a bit to cold to wear it now, but I will definitely wear this when it become warmer!
(also I don´t have makeup in any of these pictures because they are taken on days I´ve been at home only)

Thats the outfit for now, but I also wanted to show you guys some AWSOME music I just found!

I have been a bit bored with my music lately, so I have been a lot on youtube finding new things to listen to, and suddenly I stumbled upon a really cute and cool girl band called

Silent Siren !

They have super duper cute pop, punk electro music that I just adore! Their music kinda reminds me of the band the girls in K-ON! has :)

Please listen to these great songs! They have become favourites of mine,
and I can´t stop listening to them *v*

【PV】ランジェリー / Silent Siren(サイレント サイレン)
Not only is the music adorable, they have the cutest singer in the world
and her haircut is so precious I wanna cry ;v;

 Silent Siren「Sweet Pop!」

 Silent Siren 2nd Single「stella☆」

I feel like I am going to become such a big fangirl of these adorable  girls *v* They are allready one of my favourites! The band is acctually fairly new, they only started in 2010 ^0^
I will surely keep my eyes open for them onwards, I can´t wait for more of their music! :D
I wanna buy all of their CD´s! >w< iiiih *idols idols*

Since I allready asked my question above I just want to thank you guys for following me! I have got 175 readers now, and it feels just insane! @v@ THANK YOU!! >0< You encourage me to go on blogging! I hope you enjoy reading it onwards!

See you later alligator! <3


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  1. aw, this is such AMAZING NEWS!!! you should seriously go for it if it's what you want to do. It sounds like a once in a lifetimes opportunity ^^ I know it's a difficult decision to make with your ED issues but to be honest it sounds like you would inspire other teens who might be struggling too to get help and start to recover!

    1. It is not going to be about my ED though, they don´t know about my mental health problems >.< I know it is so amazing *_* I really wanna do it and still not and its all caotic in my head >v<

  2. wow this is sooo cool!!! it sounds really fun, you should totally do it!!! :D I really look forward to seeing the result! you & your outfits are always so cute *v* & thanks for telling us about that girlband, they're really good! :D

    1. I am so nervous aboit it though >v< I don´t know still...
      I KNOW RIGHT?! :D They are awsome! I love them :D

  3. I think you should go for it! You'd regret it if you didn't try it~
    You can always tell them later that you're ill if you start to feel like you can't cope.

    1. I was thinking about that, but I´m don´t want to bother them unneccesary with spending a lot of time on me when they can´t use what they make ors...
      so I am really nervous about it >.<

  4. you should definitely! You only lice once girl : D

    1. IIIIH, I kinda want to, kinda not, not sure yet >v< hihi

  5. DO IT! It's your choice in the end, but if they seemed legit and professional I'd say go for it. It's not many who get this kind of opportunity, so if you want to do it, why not? Rooting for you! :--D

    And you are adorable, I love every single outfit ;w;

    1. I know! I kinda want to, and still not so I am really unsure ;v; iiiih....
      aww, you are so nice to me ;v; <3

  6. aahhhh I think you should at least try, it's a good feeling to have someone be interested in your life ;; you're very lucky~~~
    and uuhh I love the sweater your sister knitted you <33 it really suits you~ c:

    1. I know, it is really interesting and exciting, but I am still very nervous about it!
      Oooh, I am glad you like the sweater also! I was really shocked that she acctually made me a sweater! It´s kinda see-through though, since its a really light kind of yarn, so I have to wear a top underneath it... but it kinda makes me feel like juria x3

  7. New reader of the blog, eheh. ~ For the report on your life, it's really a good opportunity! I think you should do this, because it's the kind of thing which is rare in a life. I love your outfits, they are always super cute.

    1. Hi! :D Welcome ^^ I hope you keep enjoying reading it <3
      I think it sounds super exciting and interesting, but I am so nervous about it I don´t know what to do D: I am so socially awkward and all >A< ehehe """
      you are very nice, thank you ;v;

  8. If you're still debating on whether or not to do the documentary, this of this! Which would you regret more: doing it or not doing it?

    1. I am still thinking about it... the reason I am hesistant is my mental health... sometimes you can´t do the things you want :-/ But I have not decided yet!

  9. you should do the documentary!! you are so cute and sweet, you would add so much sparkle and happiness to it <3 plus, then more people will get to see your cuteness :D

    1. I am thinking about it still ^^ really wanna do it, but I am so unsure >v< huhu

  10. omg i love that sugary school girl clothes! <3

    riotous lolita blog

  11. Hi, can I ask what size seifuku you bought and how tall you are? I'm 5'8" so I'm worried that the shirt and sleeves could be too short! Thank you!