torsdag 7. mars 2013

LINEplay + life´s though

Moshi mosh  <3
I recently discovered this really adorable game/APP called LINEplay. Offcourse it is from japan = v= 
You basically make yourself a tiny little chibi character that you make a little house for, and you can decorate the house however you like. There is all kinds of amazingly cute things buy, from bunny shaped beds to pastelly rainbow wallpaper * o* And the options in clothing are soooo kawaii >7< 

It seems to have become quite a fad amongst my friends, so I just had to jump 
on the bandwagon. Everyone on Tumblr that I know of seems to have it,
 and it looked so cute that I just couldn´t help myself. >v>

 Here is a little screen-cap of my character and some of my items that I´ve bought ^^
Sadly it requires real money, but atleast I got some bonus points to start of with. 

If you wanna add me as a friend, my name is 


We can chat, send hearts to eachother and visit eachothers cute houses *v* and wear adorable tiny little matching outfits thogether >w< Come join the fun! <3

Other than that, I am glad to announce that I have decided to give the documentary project a go.
It won´t be a project about fashion as it self, it will be about me as a person. My story. It will involve both the good and the bad, so I am quite nervous about the part that has to do with my mental health.

I will be brave though, and try to go through with it. I am allowed to decide for myself what shall be published and not published.

I am not doing to good right now health wise. I try to focus on positive things, but I am afraid of the condition of my heart. I have felt a certain numbness/pain in the left side of my body all week, and sometimes a pain in my chest. It kinda feels like my chest is stuffed with cotton, making it hard to breath :-/ I don´t know... this is something that brings me down anyway.... 

Here is something rare for you guys, a selfie!

My look last sunday :) Tried to do my makeup like a tutorial I found on a blog a while ago.
The quality isn´t to good because of the vintage filter/ blush =v= hehe

I kinda like it though! ^^ I need to get circle lenses again.... I miss wearing those... 

Do you play any addictive APP games?

Until next time <3

17 kommentarer:

  1. haha I have lineplay... its so cute ^^ but im really terrible at starting conversations with anyone so I havent really used it much ㅋㅋ

    1. It is super cute ^-^ I really love it :)

  2. you look so cute more selfles! I´m ´´Riepon´´on line play : )

    1. awww, thank you ^////^ I feel so selfconcious about my face >.>"""
      I will add you :D

    2. edit: there are about ten people called Riepon ^^""" I think you should maybe add me instead :3

  3. You look so pretty with side bangs! *_*
    I thought about downloading Line Play too, since I saw it on another Blog - it looks really cute ^_^
    Hope you get better soon :)

    1. thank you =///V///=
      You should totally download it! :D It is so cuuute ^0^

  4. the game looks sooo cute but the app doesn't work for my phone ;__;
    sad to hear that you aren't feeling good... get better soon cutie!

    1. ahwww D: that´s sad...
      I hope I get better also =.=

  5. I also want to play at that game aw! you're so cute <3

  6. I'm glad you're doing the documentary, hopefully it will be fun ^^
    and, make sure to look after yourself! <3

    1. I think it will! :D I will write more about it soon! ^^

  7. I have this game too :D it's so adorable, but I rarely play it cuz' it's not much to do, and hard to make money :(

  8. Adder deg! Jeg er kurokikki :)