fredag 22. mars 2013

☆ Pinku Project grand graduation package ☆

I first of all want to thank you all for the supporting messages I have been getting lately!
It means very much to me, I take all your love to heart and I try to think positivly together with my family. We are all crossing our fingers. Right now, we just need to be there for each other. I am constantly finding myself crying though.... everything feels so heavy, like a rock on my shoulders,
pulling me down into missery

In between all these sad happenings, I have been trying to focus on the nice, little things.
finding it mostly impossible....
Yesterday, besides being another sad day like all of them, I was so happy to finally recive my big "Pinku Project graduation" package that I ordered some months ago! ^^

It was a bright point in an ever so dull everyday life.
 It is important to treasure those moments, especially now!

Just look at these amazing things that I got!
There is the special poster that I won! ;v; I am so proud of owning such a special collectible!
I got keychains featuring every one of the girls, as well as phonestraps,
 and all their seperate pictures with signatures! ^^
And besides that, I got so many freebies ;A;
Tons of cute stickers, loads of extra pictures, visitcards 
and even a cute mahou shoujo button, totally for free ;A;

I was so excited, it was all so amazing!
I took seperate pictures of everything, so you can see them clearly <3

The signatured pictures ;v; So adoraburuuuu <3

freebie pictures and visitcards ;v; 

Here are the keychains and phonestraps! <3 I couldn´t decide which ones to get,
so I just got them all >v>

And here is the poster I won ;A; I love it so much, I have allready put it up on my bedroom wall >w<

And even more freebies ;A;!!! I got loads of cute stickers, and free stuff from Pinkly Ever After<3
Look at the cute button, I just love it!

And now, to further honour my idols,
here is their full graduation concert!
Please watch it and see how amazing these girls are <333

Don´t they just melt your hearts
 like an icrecream in a microwave? ;V;
(I just wish they had a DVD with it!)

I have been waiting for this package for such a long time,
having it come right now was almost like a bonus! I really needed this little boost of positivity right now. I will try my best, and stay strong with my family. I want to be as strong like a magicl girl, and protect them as best as I can. Pinku Project has always been there to make me happy, and they allways make me feel like I can reach my dreams. So I will use the positive energy they have boosted me with now, and be with my loved ones. We all need each other.

And thank you all once again <3 I love you guys<3
You make me feel empowered!

What has made you feel sad or happy lately?

Now is also the first day of the holiday!
Next week, I am going to Scotland!<3
Until next time,

10 kommentarer:

  1. Poor you :/ We keep our fingers crossed with you!...
    Such a lovely package ^.^
    I hope you will have a good time in Scotland ;) Although it's nowadays a pretty hard time for you ... :/

    1. Thank you <3 I am sad my trip to Scotland will be under such sad circumstances ;_;
      I will try to make the best of it, regardless... we are all so scared though....

  2. So much cute stuff ^_^ I hope that can have a good time in Scotland

    1. Thank you! ^^ I love everything so much <3 And I hope my trip to Scotland will be good, even given the circumstances...

  3. I'm crossing fingers for your mom! You see everything will go well! <3
    And this package is just so perfect ;w; As I told you before, I've been really sad lately, but something that made me extremely happy was the fact that my new Lolita dress arrived this week! (that reminds me I still have a blogpost to do about it) It was a huge boost of positivity for me! Today was a sad day though, I found out the band that saved my life and that I love split. I've been crying all afternoon ; ;

    1. Thank you for the support! ^^ I am happy you have something that has made you happy this week, and I am sad your beloved band split up ;_; it´s always sad when things like that happen... Atleast you have all the music and happy times they have gone through up until now! Treasure that in your heart :)

  4. That's so awesome!! And it comes with so much stuff~