torsdag 11. april 2013

+ long time no see +


Phew! It has been almost three weeks since last time >.< I am sooooo sorry for not updating for ages! I have been super duper busy with life recently, so I simply haven´t had time for it! 
But the good thing is, that having loads to do recently, gives me even more to tell you guys about :----D

So many things has been going on lately, I can´t even imagine how I am surposed to get it all down! I  have been to Scotland, I have met Ruth (PrincessPeachie) and I have been busy with school and my documentary project! Now, things are finally seeming to calm down a bit, so I might be able to tell you guys about it finally.

...Not to be a bummer or anything, but I won´t start just yet xD""" 
I need to sort out some stuff I want to post first of all, because there are such a huge amount of pictures on my phone and information in my head that I am having a hard time
 choosing where to start ;u; It is a seldom situation for me,
since I usually feel like I never have anything interesting to tell you guys about ^^"

Anyway, so that this entry doesn´t wind up being far too boring,
 I thought I could show you guys a recent outfit!
Just some small stuff, but I kinda like it! Have been really inspired by harajuku lately,
so I tried some very casual things ^^

( this outfit doesn´t even have a name)

Cardigan: Lindex
Dress: Taobao
Skirt: H&M kids section 
Tights: H&M
Hat: paris
Accesories: Taobao, Claire´s

 I really like this cardigan a lot! It is super fuzzy and soft and I enjoy wearing it a lot when it is cold outside, like it is these days >.< Seriously, we might be getting closer to "mid–april" but here in northern Norway, we are having about 1 m. of snow now! and it just keeps snowing >A< I am really sick of it, because I can´t wear any interesting clothes for school, it is too cold... I am really looking forward for the weather to get warmer, hopefully it will be soon! >.< BRRR!!!


I will update with a bigger entry this weekend, since I will have more time for it by then... I still have quite a deal of homework to tend to before that. I thought I might jot down for you what you might expect soon ^0^! A little list to keep you informed. 

*first arriving in Scotland
*day one etc.(?)
*detailed description of what I´ve done
*pictures *V*

I will update my trip as a series, with " day 1, day 2" etc. because it is far to much to write about it all in one entry. So it might be a while before I come to the day when I visited Peachie, but look forward to it please! I am doing two entries on it >0< <3333

Lastly, I wanna thank you all for following me! I am amazed about the fact that I have 212 followers right now, and they even came along as I´ve been absent! *////* 
I hope I will meet your expectations! Thank you all for the support! 
Sorry for this super short entry once again, but I really have to tend to my homework,
 I promise I will write a lot very soon :D I can´t wait for it myself x3 hehe

Until next time

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  1. I'm happy that you're back :D looking forward to your upcoming posts!

    1. yaaay ^0^! I am also looking forward to it acctually x3!

  2. Your outfit is so cute, i love the dress~ Can't wait to see the next entries :D

    1. aww ^^ I am so happy you like it! <3 thank you! ^0^
      hihihi >v< I am exctied also!

  3. you're so cute as always ^^ I'm looking forward to your next posts~

    1. aww ^^thank you <3 I am so happy you are looking forward to it! :D

  4. Happy you're back, I really missed your Blog ^_^
    The Cardigan is really cute, I'm in love with Oversized Cardigans they just look good with everything *_*

    1. whaaaah? really? *///v///* *hug* thank yooou ^0^
      oh yeah, arn´t they! :D so comfy <333

  5. Yayy ~ You're back :) :)
    And pretty like always <33
    I'm looking very forward to your new posts *o* ~
    Can't wait !! ;) ~

    1. thank yoooou ^^ that is so sweet of you :3
      I am happy you are excited about it :D!