torsdag 18. april 2013

!!!One year anniversary!!!

Yes, you read correctly! Today is the 

1 year anniversary of my blog!


Now, I had planned to do a bigger entry, with a bit about my year as a blogger, my favourite posts that I´ve made and a sort of summary as to how I´ve grown as a blogger, but because of heaps and more heaps of school work, I had to just do a small entry today >.< 

I almost forgot about it, infact! o////o Imagine that!

Even though I might not be able to write a long entry, I wanna say that this blog means a lot to me. It is like my little portal to show the world what I think about, my inspirations and ideas, my style and interests, and hopefully be able to inspire someone else in the process ^^ 
I have managed to beat my goal of reaching 200 followers in one year! I am soooo happy for that :D 
My current number of followers are 220, acctually! And I am so amazed and greatful for that ;v; 

So, thank you guys very much for always sticking with me, and supporting me through and through <3 If it wasn´t for you, I don´t know where this blog had been going... 
Thank you all very much! Lets hope the year ahead of us will be just as lovely! ^0^

Stay genki and stay Kawaii! 
Follow your dreams <3

12 kommentarer:

  1. wow! congratulations!! and, this blog means a lot to me as well :D you are so sweet creative and very pretty! I hope your blog continues for a long time ^^ <3

    1. oh wow, really? ;A; I never expected to get such a wonderfully sweet message <333 I don´t even know what to say... 0///0 thank you very much<3 >A<

  2. congratz ^o^ ~ !!
    Keep up your good work ~~

    1. Thank yooou! ^0^ I hope I will be able to! :D

  3. Happy blogaversary dear! =D
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary :)
    I really enjoy reading your posts!

  5. Congratulations! I love your blog, keep it up ~ <3

  6. Congrazzles! Keep blogging, cuz' you're doing great! BTW, love your style, and your banner. <3

  7. Congrats! <3 I look forward to more posts from you.