fredag 19. april 2013

♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ part 3

No pictures in this post, since I am ditzy and forgot to take any this day!

On the third day, my eyes flew up just as early as the day before, and we got ready for breakfast. 
As we sat there, nipping to our cardamom tea, we discussed what to do this day.
My sister suggested that we could go to Grassmarket, since it is the best district for vintage, cute and little nifty shops! ^^ So, after quickly getting ready, we headed outside in good spirits. 
Grassmarket is a place I have been to before, the first time I visited my sister, some years ago, so I kinda knew what was up ahead. Still I was really excited to re-discover everything! 

We got outside very early this day, because my sister wanted to hit the university library before it closed, later in the afternoon. So, since it was only around 10 am, most shops were just about to open. We passed quite a deal of sweet trift shops that we just had to walk by because of that ;v; buhu...

Suddenly we found a really cute trift shop that looked very classy and nice. They had both vintage and redesigned things! Their collection was focused about 60´s to 90´s style clothing. They had loads of redesigned 60´s clothes that looked really cute ;v; and the cutest little bird brooches and classical rings that would look lovely with mori or even classical lolita! I was so amused by the shops room–layout, because when you thought you had seen it all, suddenly there was another room! In this room, I found my nicest purchase of my whole trip ;v; After browsing every single row of cloth, I started studying the last one, when I suddenly found something amazing! It was a totally lolita-able blouse! It was pink, had a lovely pink "turtleneck" with lace all along it, lovely in-tucked arms with lace, and loads and loads of lace upon lace all over the upper area under the neckline. I had to try it on though, because it was a vintage blouse and not acctually meant for lolita originally (even though it totally looks like a passable lolita blouse O.o), but I loved it so much I just had to get it! *v* The lace is a liiiiittle bit sketchy, but I don´t really mind. The blouse in itself is really great. I love it <333 
(will post pictures when I do my "purchases" entry)

After leaving the shop in utter joy (the shop ladies were so sweet to me also, they saw me in the blouse when I showed my sister, and they were all like "it looked so cute! I thought you´d get that :) )
we walked on and soon we found ourselves arrived in Grassmarket. There we visited most of the shops! I especially loved the candy shop ;v; A traditional, tiny store wheer they had tons of huge, rainbow coloured lollipops, and jar upon jar of sweets! Everything from gummy worms, to fizzy cola-jellies. And they even had neopolitan fudge OAo. My sister got 100 g of multicoloured "christmas blend" and  100 g of sugary"apple–rhubarbmix", and I bought 50 g of some lovely lavender coloured sweets called  "Violet creams", 50 g of some crazily green ones called  "soor plums" (they weren´t really sour though, but super duper good anyway!) , and 100 g of "salty" licorice (no one does salty licorice like they do in Scandinavia =V=). I was almost a bit sad to leave! I could have bought the entire store I think XD Everything looked so good haha, I love sweets >v>

Out on the street again, we approached the fairytale-ish vintage store "Armstrongs" *v* Ok, now, you need to know one thing about that shop, and that is that it is like walking into a bohemian dream! Seriously, the ceiling is lined with strings, going from one corner to the other, with stacks clothing from all eras in time, it seems. Old hats in all kinds of shaped and colours, and if you walk onwards, you find genuine vintage dresses from the late 1800s, corsets, lace wests, blouses, pintucks, nips, nacks and everything lacy and lovely. In one room there is a whole row of weddingdresses stretched on a string accross the room, from really lovely tacky 80´s ones with huuuge puffed sleeves, to more refined ones with glittery skirts. A goldlined mirror with russian fur hats that resembled something straight out of Anastasias world stuck around it, and simply... everything nice and lovely you could imagine! I found a place in there where they had tons of neglices working PERFECTLY for cult party kei *v* I tried on loads of them, but for some reason, none of them were quite right, so I ended up not getting any ;v;"" 
Really, I would reccomend anyone to visit "Armstrongs", if not to buy anything, than going in the shop itself is enough reason to! It is a magical experience... like getting ripped out of present day time and back to bohemian, Moulin Rouge-era Paris! 

After spending what seemed like ages in that shop, we walked on, explored some artist shops with cute little handmade necklaces, buttons and such, and a couple of book shops. We decided it was time for lunch around 1 pm. So we went to a little cosy pub called "Doctors", because I really wanted to try out fish & chips traditional style :3  I haven´t had it since I was in England as a six year old, so it was like a rush of nostalgia! :)

We then went on to look at some more shops,  to make time go by. My sister told me that there was a tiny version of "Armstrongs" just around the corner by the pub, so we went there and I got a nice, basic pearl bracelet to go with lolita ^^. We visited went back to "Pie in the sky" (where I met the girl that recognized Sagas work ;v;) and there I bought a musical note necklace and a cross necklace that I´d seen the last time I went there. A couple of more shops, and then we headed home. We went past the university to see if the library was open, but it turned out we were to late, so we missed it. Luckily, it wasn´t very late in general though , so we went to buy some groceries, and headed to back to my sisters flat. There she got the time to study for a bit, and I read in my newly purchased manga book (forgot to write about it before, just updated my first entry from the first day when I bought it). 

My sister had decided to make homemade curry this night! We invited one of her roomates (the one that hadn´t gone home for the holidays yet) and her boyfriend. He brought naanbread *Q* (one of my absolute favourite treats) and we had a jolly feast! It was really delicious indeed! >v<

I took a shower, and then once again it was time to get all warm and cosy in bed. I got to read a bit more, even though the lovely dinner and shower had made me pretty tired, and soon I was in slumberland, dreaming about what tomorrows adventures would bring.

Because you see... 
The next day I met my good friend Peachie! ^0^ <333

Please look forward until the next entry! ^^

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  1. Iiih, that blouse sounds perfect! *_*

    We have a lot of salty liquorice here too. So good...

    That Armstrongs shop sounds perfect! <3

    1. The blouse was really like a dream x3
      whaaah! you like salty licorice? :D yaay! ^^ Not many I know that arn´t norwegian or scandinavian does! >v< hihi