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♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ part 1

Yaaaay! :D finally time for an update about my fantastic trip to Scotland this easter vacation! ^^
 The first day was quite stressfull, and I looked very tired since I just wore comfy clothes, so I didn´t take many pictures, sorry >.<
Ok, here we go! 

So, the first day I had to wake up at 1:45 am in the middle of the night to make sure I could get some food, and to have time to double check everything before it was time to go. I had to be perfectly packed and ready by 3 am, since the bus to the airport went from the station at about 3:20. I had packed everything the day before, but I am always paranoid when traveling, so I need some time to make sure and double check a couple of thousand times XD I am also the kind of person that feels like I pack far to little all the time, or I can´t choose what to bring and what not to bring. So my bag was quite full even from the beginning, before buying all of the things I got!
Anyway, so me and my dad had to drive a bit before 3 am to get there, since it takes about 30 min from our house to the bus station ^^" And then there was a two hour bus trip alone to get to the airport *_* As you might guess, I live quite far out in the countryside XD haha.... =v=""" 
 or, well... atleast far from the airport :P

When I arrived, there was luggage check–in, security control and then a bit of waiting to get on the plane finally. But around 7 it was finally time to head over to Gardemoen, which is the biggest airport in Norway, located outside of Oslo. I had to go there first, to get on another plane to Edinburgh :) I was quite nervouse, since I feel like a little child all lost and alone when I travel, constantly finding myself groping my pockets to check if everything is still there x3 haha, I should probably wear one of those "I travel alone" tags! 

So yeah, when I finally arrived down there, after 1 and a half hour, I made sure to get to the transfer place, and not the luggage claim. That was my biggest worry really, to take the wrong way! >.< I managed just fine, and soon I found myself in the international area of the airport, where all the planes that goes to other countries are located. Here, I had to wait for almost two more hours TT_TT by the time I came there, I was quite hungry also, so I had to get a bit of lunch (not having eaten anything in around 6 hours or so O.o). I treated myself to a bit of Kitkat afterwards, seeing as I was so lucky as to find it in the taxfree store! ^^ Really, the only place you find kitkats in Norway!

I felt really happy when I finally arrived at the my gate to the Edinburgh plane, cause it seemed like I had timed it perfectly right! They had just started boarding when I arrived and 
exactly when I stepped up they opened up for checking in at another place on the counter,
 so I was one of the very first to get on the plane! I was lucky and got a window seat, 
which sadly didn´t turn out to be as lucky as I thought, since the sun was blasting directly at it, 
and I had to keep it shut all the time to not melt away with the heat. 
So basically that trip was just about sleeping xD haha
It is quite funny acctually, arriving at half an hour later in Scotland, when the trip acctually takes 1 and a half hour! But that is because of the time difference... we are one hour before them in time, so when going to Scotland you have to take away one hour, and when going back you have to add one hour, making it a 2 and a half hour planeflight.

I felt my heart go doki doki all over the place when the plane finally made its touch–down, and we had arrived. Soon I was going to see my sister again! ^^ She lives in Edinburgh because she studies history over there. She was my sole reason to go there in the first place :) I hadn´t seen her in ages (since christmas!) so it was so lovely spotting her bright, smiling face as she ran towards me by the entry gate :) We made sure to get out some money, so that I could buy a return ticket on the bus, as it was proven to save me a lot of money, instead of buying seperate ones ^^ and then we were off! We went all the way into town, and stepped off at around the place where the Hilton hotel is located, since we had to walk from there. It was around 30 min or a bit more, but really, it was so lovely just to be with my sister again, and there were so many things to look at that time just flew away, and suddenly we had arrived at her flat. She is sharing it with two other girls that also studies, but they were out when we arrived, so I didn´t get to meet them right away. (one of them, that is also Norwegian, had traveled home for the easter holidays, and the other one also did after some days.)

It was such a cute flat! Oh my gosh x3 very small and with the weirdest room arrangement you could ever imagine. Long, narrow rooms, with very tall roofs, and weird turns and corners that seemingly had not purpose other than making the room get a really weird shape. She had fairylights in the hallway, a lot of retro postcards hanging over her kitchen table and the sweetest bedroom you could imagine :3 My sister is quite cool, she loves knitting, reading and is into retro things.

( A little corner of her room! ^^ So you can see what kind of type she is :) I think it looks really lovely.
Her desk is located right in front of a huge window, so she has loads of lovely light coming in
for when she´s working or painting her watercolour pictures ^^)

 She takes a lot of pictures with an old Pentax camera from the 70´s (she used it a lot on our trip to Paris together ^^ It can be seen in my last post about my Paris trip HERE), and she loves drinking tea ^^ She has flower fairy and moomin postcards on her wall, and a couple of really cool larger paitings with whale types on them.
She also has a blog, if you wanna see more of her lifestyle, even though it is mainly a picture blog! I don´t wanna post more pictures of her flat, since I don´t think she would like that. But please look into her blog! She posts about all her cute knitting projects, reccomend songs and all that kind of stuff :) Her blog has a very special, calm and natural mood around it <3

After placing my luggage in her room ( I was sleeping with her, since she had a big and super comfy doublesized bed) We decided to just go out into town at once. It was around 3 or 4 pm by then, and we soon found out that we should go to a little café. I was dying to try out scones, since it´s my favourite treat in the whole wide world ;v; clotted cream + rasberry jam <3<3<3<3 asdfghjsgjkxdfghjkfdfghj
It was like taking a bite of heaven, I could´t help but sigh heavily and I had a feeling my eyes probably got very blank, sparkly and big as I just stared into thin air, endulging in every bit of the taste... 

That was a moment I truly hold precious... it has been three our four years since I had it the last time, so it was like... like heaven simply <3 

(I got two scones on seperate plates, with clotted cream and jam, and a lovely cup of hot cocoa since the snow was drizzling down outside the window. We were at a café called "The larder" where they have loads of eco-friendly things, and they focus on "being green". Very cosy :3 reccomended!)

This is my sister :) She is so sweet and lovely <3 And she has the cutest smiling eyes I know of ^^

After that we just wandered about, looked into trift stores and little shops until it was closing time around 6 - 7 pm. We visited a marvelous comicbook stores, where I got the first book in the Ouran High School Host Club series *v*. Then we headed home, buying some groceries at Tesco. First time ever being at one. I have this weird thing that I enjoy looking at supermarkeds when I am abroad, because I find it so fascinating to look at what they sell that differs from home!
 Yeah, I know... I´m a freak x3"

 We got stuff for breakfast, including crumpets, 
which I´ve also never tried but have wanted to for quite some time *v*. 
After paying we went home to rest a little bit. I had uttered a wish to try out dumplings for dinner, since I´ve never had that. We called up my sisters boyfriend, since he loves dumplings, and he decided to join us ^^ We had to travel quite a bit to get to the place they knew about that had it, so we were quite cold and famished by the time we arrived. It was pitch–black out, besides the lights from the houses and lampposts, when we stepped into the tiny resturant. 
I found out that dumplings definitely looks better than they taste. I liked the fried ones the most though, found the steamed ones to be... very.... dough-y... they had to much "wrapping" kinda :P hehe

And then it was time for bed ^^ It had been a loooong day, and I was super duper tired, and after placing up my teddybear, finding my book and jumping into my pyjamas, my sister folded three thick and lovely blankets on top of us, making us all toasty and comfortable. One of the blankets, she got from a "homemade" shop, it is really lovely. It is quilted, and has loads of elephants on it. The colours and patterns are very African, as I believe the shop where she got it is related to sending the money they make to Africa or something like that.
 I tried to read a bit, but my eyes just kept falling down, so I quickly gave up and were soon sound asleep. It had been a really lovely first day, and I couldn´t wait for tomorrow! 

I hope you enjoyed this entry! ^^

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  1. Super cute posts sweetie! Sounds like you've had a lovely time with your sister so far ^_^ Scones are so yummy hehe

    1. thank you! I know it is a bit text heavy, but I wanted to get the details in with it, and really just forgot about pictures most of the time ^^"

  2. looks like you had a wonderful trip to scotland :D weird how you don't easily find kitkats in norway, we got them everywhere in sweden! ^^ I also love supermarkets!!! it's just weirdly fascinating haha ^^

    1. Yeah I really did! ^^ We don´t have kitkats because we have something called "Kvikk Lunsj" (heard of it?) it looks exactly like kitkats, shape-wise, but it tastes a bit differently....
      ah, really? xD yay, someone else finds it interesting, haha XD

  3. I'm glad you've seen your sister after a long time. The day you spent with her looks really good! I look forward your next entry about Scotland!