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♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Purchases

Todays entry won´t be about anything I did on my trip, 
other than simply explaining the things I purchased/their background and such :)

I hadn´t really planned on buying much for this trip, as there was nothing in particuilar I was going to look for, so you might even find my entry to be less than expected. I don´t know....
Anyway, I had been saving my money for the last 3-4 months, so I could afford to buy whatever I felt like, if I happend to stumble upon it ^^ I have kind of explained some of the things I got earlier in my texts, without posting pictures, but now I am happy that I am able to show you guys everything. The physical results of my adventure in Scotland! ^0^

There was no way I could possibly take a picture and have it contain everything I bought, 
making everyhting clearly visible, so I split everything up in little groups. 
I will explain along as we go! ^0^ Please enjoy!

First of all, here is all the "toys" I got
 First, my wand that I got while I and Peachie visited Toys–R–us (isn´t it pretty???^0^), next to it is a  little "collecting" mirror (Peachie traded with me so I got the Fluttershy one ;A; <333) Underneath of it, the super cute Pinkie Pie figurine Peachie got me the first time we met, and the Fluttershy figurine I bought on the airport on my way home
 >v> ehm... I just had to get it ok!!! xD ... Pinke Pie would´ve got lonely,
 and I don´t want to handle a crying pony, nope nope nope.... 
Then there are some cute collecting cards with princesses on them, that I also got from Peachie, and lastly a super duper cute Keroppi figurine I picked up at the comic book store ^0^ <3 (really Keroppi is such an underrated character... I want to have loads of Keroppi themed things ;A; <3) This figurine is now standing on my nighttable x3 <3 

Seriously, after visiting Peachie, I have been obsessed with toys O.o I find myself wandering into toy stores when we are out shopping, just to look around the cute, pink girly section XD haha...

anyway... moving on to more stuff...
Here are the super cute, pink silk clothing hangers I bought at poundsavers while being out with Peachie! ^^ I love these so much, they give my closet a super cute touch <3 It is a small thing, but it makes a whole world of a difference! (I just wish I´d bought more, since I found out I´d bought far to few >.<"). Next to them, are the two mangabooks I bought on the trip! :) I feel so nostalgic buying manga, as I always used to do it a lot earlier. I still collect mangabooks, but I buy them far to rearly anymore... The first time I visisted the comic book store, I got "Ouran High School Host Club" vol. 1 (don´t you just love that series? >v<) because I´ve seen the anime, and I´ve always thought about starting to collect the manga series... finally got to doing that! ^^ 
Secondly, I got "Honey and clover" vol.1 on my last day in Edinburgh, for having something to read while traveling. I have heard about this series before, but never read or seen any of it, so I thought I´d just give it a go. I am happy to have found out that it is really great (L.O.V.E the artstyle!) so I will probably continue buying it until I have the whole set :D

And, while traveling, I went into the taxfree shops in the airports, offcourse. I know for a fact, that the only place to get kitkats in Norway, is (as far as I know) on airports, so I just went a bit nuts XD haha
.... on the bright side though, I have got Kitkats for quite a while onwards ^^" hohohoho....
All the kitkats in this picture are purchased from the norwegian taxfree store, and the Wonka bar in the middle is from the super cute, tiny candy shop with the huge fake candy windowdisplay that I wrote about earlier in another entry ;v; <333

Even if I said I hadn´t planned on getting anything in particuilar, I kinda had, as I wanted
 to buy some foreign candy and sweets ;v; haha... I got kitkats (yes!
so we can just as well move on with more of that stuff XD
I got one box of "strawberry sensation" poptarts ;v; <3 Right next to it, is a packet of crumpets (they were only 80p O.o craaaaazy...) Moving on, there is the "skittles" white chocolate that I bought at the place where they had all the fancy looking chocolates >v< The other chocolate (that I had allready tasted ; 3;) is a raspberry white chocolate that I got at the "the chocolate tree" booth in farmers market. Lastly I was able to dig out a place where they sold Reese´s peanut butter cups! :D yaaay! I´ve wanted to try those ever since I started that "trade package" thing back in October ;v;<3 Peachie said they don´t normally sell them around where she lives, but I was lucky and found a place 
where they did :) If you think I bought a lot, think about the fact 
that I won´t easily get back to buy more anytime soon xD"""

Candy should both taste sweet, and look sweet 
to give the maximum sweetness effect, in my opinon >v< thihi...
I got some super sweet marshmellow flavoured candy (it was sweeter than regular marshmellow I am sure. The flavour was richer at least...) that´s called "Flumps", from Peachie ^^. I allready ate one at her place, but I´ve saved the rest of the ones I got <3. While we were at the poundsavers shop, I bought those delicious looking pink/white nougats! I gave one to Peachie, and ate one myself over at hers so there are only two left ;v; (they are a bit much though ^^") Peachie got a packet of some super delicious cookies called "Milky", and she gave me a few, since I liked them so much ;v; Whaah, they are so delicious <333 The two boxes on top/ in the middle, is from the anime shop me and my sister visited on the day we spent in Princess street. I love the packaging!

... and to make it a gradual transition from candy to stuff (XD)...
 ... at the anime shop I also got two interesting pocky flavours I´d never seen/heard of before. Banana and blueberry ^^ Ruth is the kindest person ever, and acctually gave me those two sets of earrings ;A; She had got them as gifts when she ordered things from Lila (CuteCanKill)
 but since she haven´t got pierced ears, I got them from her ;A; <333
The "mutiple cross" necklace, is from "Pie in the Sky", and the same is the musical note one ^^ The pink, lipgloss necklace is from "Accessories", and the pearly cross necklace is from "New look". After buying all of these necklaces, I realized something really funny! I have successfully bought an individual necklace for all kinds of different styles I am interested in! XD The "mutiple cross" necklace is for pastel goth/those kinds of darker looks, the musical note one is for "amoeji kei" or just random "Harajuku" looks, the pink lipgloss one is for cute lolita or fairy-kei styles, and the pearly cross one is for a more classical lolita, mori girl or cult–party kei look! Imagine that! And it was totally unconcious! XD hahaha

Now, I am finally gonna show you the best thing I got on my trip *v*
My "lucky–find" trift store bought vintage 70´s totally cute and loli–able pink blouse! ^0^
I loved this so much, I just had to buy it <3 You might be able to tell that the lace is a bit iffy, 
but I don´t really mind. How often do you find a blouse this suited for lolita when it´s not made for it?
I wore this blouse on my first meetup with Peachie (on ♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Part 4) so if you wanna know how it looks like worn, please take a peek there! ^v^ <333 
The fabric is really light, and kinda see–through, and it has a high neckline, so it fits very nicely with a more elegant kind of sweet lolita or hime lolita.

Lastly I wanted to show you guys something I didn´t buy, but that I got as a gift.
 It was indeed something new I brought home with me. 
 My sister bought me a beautiful artbook featuring the art of "The secret world of Arrietty" ;A; 
And she painted me a lovely birthday card also, with her watercolours ;v; <333 She has gotten really into painting lately, and she has become so good at it! ^^ Isn´t that a lovely giraffe? <3 :)
I love this so much (I am currently reading it) ,it is such a beautiful book <3  

Thank you, thank you, thank you sis <3 ;v; 

 Another lovely artbook to put in my collection <3

I realized I didn´t take a picture of the super cute silk–bow I got from Ruth (it´s dark pink) and a simple pearl bracelet I got from "Armstrongs", but as I took pictures of everything else, and since it was only those two things I missed, I didn´t bother to do it ^^" You will just have to believe me when I say they are both lovely <3 

Now, it seems like the final drop of info aboutmy adventure has fallen, so there is really nothing more to post about. I could surely go on and on forever about my feelings towards it, every single little detail of everything that happend and such (as far as I can remember) but I won´t bother you guys any more >V> thihi... It was fun writing about everything, and I am glad I did. Now I have everything "memorized"/"stored" somewhere to look back upon whenever I want. Once again, I hope you enjoyed this series, and please let me know what you think ^^ 
Onwards, you might expect loads of things. I have many more things that´s been going on after coming home, while writing this series, that I want to tell you all about. 
From documentary filming, cute tips, outfit posts, artposts and loads more! ^v^ 
So don´t worry about the blog going quiet just yet ;-3 hehe

Do you like buying foreign sweets and candies when you travel?

bye bye for now <3

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  1. So many wonderful things! I especially aodre the music key note and the heart necklace! *_*
    And your blouse is to die for!

    1. whaah ;v; thank you <3 I am so happy about my blouse ;A;

  2. so many lovely things :) I'm glad you had a great time. I love buying foreign candy and chocolates too hehe
    I love your new shirt, that's such a cute find and also the pastel star and heart earrings :)

    p.s. I'm from the UK so seeing the crumpets made me lol

    1. XD haha I loved the crumpets so much *v* <3 yaaay! It is so much fun to
      buy new sweets!

  3. ahhhh I always buy sweets when I travel, I just can't stop myself, haha.

    also I absolutely adore Honey and Clover!! it's my favourite manga/anime ever <3

    1. ooh yay :D I´m happy more people do it also x3 haha
      really? it is? :D thats awsome! I really like the series also, I can´t wait to get more of the manga books ^^