fredag 26. april 2013

♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Part 6

It was finally sunday, and I was gonna meet Peachie again! *V* Me and my sister ate breakfast together, before she set out for the library for some studying. This time, Ruth and I had decided that she would pick me up from my sisters flat in a taxi, since she lived so close by,
 but it was still a bit to far for her to walk!

I started getting ready as soon as my sister left, so I had plenty of time! It was only around 10-10:30 am at the time, and I had pretty much decided on my outfit already because I had already worn one of the two dresses I brought ^^" I decided on bringing my light blue Milky–chan applique jsk, 
because the weather forecast had said it was gonna be a bit cold, and that is the 
warmest dress I have, since it´s made of velvet <3 :) So I wore that!
 (Had planned to bring memorial cake, but I didn´t brave it ; u;""".)
Because it is a more elegant and simple dress, I wanted to make my outfit more "elegantly sweet". 
I decided on putting my hair up in buns ^^ My makeup was pretty much the same, since I loved the way I did it the first time, and I wanted to practice more on the way I did it ^0^ <3

 You can just tell I am wearing my new lipgloss–necklace under my collar! >u< Funny story,
as soon as I took of my coat at her flat, Peachie rushed towards me and grabbed it, and she loved it! ^^
I wore it just to show it to her, but I really didn´t expect that to happen xD haha


I used a bow from my Angelic Pretty coat on my head ^^ I don´t have any
blue hair bows :-/ I really like how it looks though! ^^ what do you think?

I was completely done and ready to go by 12:30 am, and since I had plenty of time (we were gonna meet up at 2 am) I decided to pack up my suitcase properly, and finish watching the movie I started some days before, on my sisters and her roomates tv ^^
We had originally planned to meet up at around 2, but Peachie had to put it of a bit longer, so we didn´t meet up until 2:30 pm (or was it 3 pm) ;v; It was offcourse no problem at all, but I just felt more and more excited about meeting her again ;A; <3 I had got her some new presents because she is the biggest sweetheart ever, so I was kinda nervous about that also ;v; thihi...

After tripple checking everything I was gonna bring, it was time to head out ^^
I was so surprised to see the taxi already standing outside my door! It was still ten minutes until she was surposed to arrive, but she was there already ;3; 

I jumped into the taxi and quickly handed her my new gift <3 I think the taxi driver was quite amused because he just kept looking at us, and Peachie talked with him and told him about everything all the way home to her place ^^ thihi.... 

When we arrived there, we weren´t really sure what we were surposed to do, because it was easter sunday and not many things would be open ; u; After a little discussing, we figured we could go to a big ToysRus store that (after some searching and calling around) we found out was open! ^^
YAAAY! :D Peachie had told me about the store the first day we met up, and I had really wanted to see it, since she described it as being quite huge oAo....
We jumped into the taxi once again, and drove for quite a while to get there. It was totally worth it though! My jaw just dropped to my knees when I saw the size of the shop... 
It was like a big supermarked, but it was only for toys! *A*

We found posters of princesses (I regret not getting ; u;), plushies, pokémon, legos (doctor who legos, would you believe it?), a Nintendo section where we tried out the new WII–U console (it was so much fun! Peachie was a lot better than me though >0< I just made Mario fall down all the time =_="" ehehe...) They had tons and tons of board games,( including Hello Kitty monopoly), a section only for barbie, and they had tons of glittery and cute pink stuff! Seriously, it was like... three whole sections or maybe four with only girlie and pink and adorably cute things ;v; There they had  my little ponies, Disney Princess things, Hello Kitty, barbie, Polly Pocket, littlest Pet Shop and... I don´t even know the name of everything! >w< haha... it was crazy! We had to take a couple of pictures >v>

I got to borrow my sisters camera to take with me ^^ I had to restrain myself 
not to just grab everything in sight XD

 Peachie took of her coat, because it was rather warm in there ^^
 She looks so adorable here <3 The perfect lolita, seriously... everyone that meets Peachie just feel 
like smiling, because she has this air of a true Disney princess within her ;u; so pure and innocent and absolutely lovely <3
 I adore you Peachie ^3^ <333

And now, just look at this O_O:
 (seriously I just wanted to bring the whole section home with me =v=)

It was so magical, having them play cutesy music in the background also, just made the whole experience seem more out of this world than it already was ;v;<333
The time went by so quickly! I think we spendt over two and a half hours there, but there was plenty to look at so we didn´t get bored one second :) As we walked on Peachie snatched a Disney Princess poster with her, and decided on a cute pony from the My little pony collection to buy. I am not halfly as impulsive, so I had to walk around and just drool over everything before I could settle for something ^^""" I have such a hard time deciding! xD 
(I swear though, you NEVER find this kind of place in Norway O.o with such a huge selection of things!

We walked on and I found a section where they sold cute costumes and little accessories to add to it, and I found the cutest little wand I´d ever seen! ;V; It looked exactly like something from an anime or something, like some that a magical girl would have! I fell in love! I had to think about it for while, since the package was kinda bulky and a bit broken, but in the end I just had to get it >v< We figured out the wand was perfectly fine though, so I am very happy I got it!<3

They were announcing that she shop was about to close soon, so we just had to rush to the exit! We picked up some tiny My little pony collection things (a little mirror that you could collect to get all the different kinds) and went to pay. Afterwards, Peachie called a taxi and we waited for what felt like forever outside in the cold wind, until we could sit down in the warm car ; u;. We ventured back to Peachies place, took a little trip around the corner and bought some sweets (creamy eggs, amongst other things, since I had never had the english version of easter eggs before)and afterwards we just went home to her apartment. 
Peachie had to rest for a while, so we passed the time by chatting a bit. Somehow the conversation turned towards the pretty cure anime series, and I decided to show her the first episode of the first season, since she hadn´t seen it before! ^^ We had delicious a quiche for dinner together (I am sorry for taking your food Peachie ;A;). I got to try "potato smilies" >v< so adorable and super yummy! ^0^ I wish we had them in my country ;3; Even though I felt bad for eating their happy and cute faces :(
 Afterwards, we watched some more movies on her computer ^^ Somehow we ended up spending most of the evening just watching one cute  short–movie after the other, while snacking on delicious candies and sweets, and super good strawberry milk ;u; <3 I got to see the first episode of the new My little pony series (friendship is magic) as I have never seen it before! I was a bit sceptical, because I am not a big fan of the artstyle in it, but I thought the story was really nice, so who knows, it might grow on me! >v< I really adored Flutteryshy anyway, she was so cute ;u;
 Peachie opened her new package with gifts she got from me and we shared some of the sweets.

Around 10 pm, we decided it was time to take some pictures again! ^v^ We wanted to make a magical girl theme, and we took out my (newly bought) and her wand x3 <3
(all pictures are credited Princess Peachie ^^ thanks for letting me use them!)
I love Peachies outfit so much! ^^ <3

My outfit:

Magical Milky–chan

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Secret Shop
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Secret Shop
Headbow: Angelic Pretty
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, gifts, vintage, 
Glitter, HolleyTeaTime,CuteCanKill and Accessories

"Come into our magical pink adventure with us! ^^"

It was another fantastic and magical day, even though Peachie was quite beat, and I felt really bad for tiring her out even more ;u;  </3 We stayed together even longer this time, because none of us wanted the evening to end ;3; <3 buhu

I texted my sister to come and get me around 23:30 PM, so that we had some time left. We just chatted,hugged and looked at eachother again and again, to memorize eachother as much as possible... I felt like crying a bit, because we couldn´t see eachother more ;A; </3
And then it was time to leave. I hugged her once again as she walked me to the door.
Friendship truly is magic.

Special message for Peachie

My experience with Peachie is such a magical and precious part of my memories now.
I never thought I could feel so happy and inspired and just entirely in my right element as I did when I visited her. I felt pumped with cuteness–energy and I just wanted to be the best person I could ever be! Watching Peachie just be her perfect, adorable and super cute self made me want to be the best lolita I could ever be *v* Thank you Peachie! Our meeting did a huuuge impact on my view on life and myself and how I want to live it. You are such a positive and wonderful person, I hope I will be able to be half as fantastic as you are one day. Even a third of that would make me more happy that you could believe. It was such a strong experience for me. I could go on about this forever and ever and ever. I truly treasure it to the bottom of my heart. There really are no words to describe my feelings, so please know that this is perhaps the most sincere sign of appreciation I have ever shown anyone in my entire life until now.


My sister came and picked me up at the same spot as before, and we chatted about our seperate adventures of the day once again. My sister had been visiting a friend also, to have cake and celebrate easter sunday ^^ I am glad she seemed to have had a lovely day also!
Well back in the flat, I just sighed, with pure and utter delight over the wonderful day I had just had. It was very sad to think about that I would not be able to do anything as nice as this for a long time ;_;

Since I had already packed up my suitcase well, I could just go to bed and sleep again :)
I would travel home the next day, but not until quite late in the evening, so I still had most of the day to do whatever I wanted ^^

But more about that in my next entry! <3
I hope you liked reading this, and please stay tuned!

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  1. ahhhh you two are so adorable, and your friendship with each other is so cute ;u;

    1. thank you <3 Peachie is very special to me ;u;

  2. What a lovely day you both had and how cute and pretty you both are :D

    1. thannk you a lot! ^0^ <3 It was lovely yes! :D

  3. aw, you sound like you've had a wonderful time!!! Your outfit is so adorable, I love the soft colour of your JSK!
    I'm glad that you liked My Little Pony too hehe It's one of my favie shows ^^

    1. thank yooou >w< hihi It was so great <3
      I am not sure about MLP yet, but it might be growing on me >v>

  4. That GIF might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. *•*
    Lovely blog, by the way! Can't believe I haven't discovered it until now, haha