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♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ Part 7

Todays entry will be kinda short, and it won´t be as exciting, since 
I don´t really have any pictures to show you guys....

When I opened my eyes on the last day I couldn´t do anything but sigh heavily...
Today was the day for my depature. Luckily, my plane wouldn´t leave until around 9 pm, so I still had many hours to spend doing whatever I wanted. We had crumpets again this morning, as a little celebration of our time together this week, and then we headed out again. This day I had decided to get a hold of things that I´d seen throughout the week that I felt like getting. We went to Tesco and I bought a box of (sadly the only flavour they had) poptarts and some crumpets. We had gone to a really big supermarked before that to see if they had other flavours, but oddly enough they didn´t even  have poptarts at all O.o... so I just had to settle for the ones I´d seen at Tesco :P

Not many things were open yet, as it was quite early, still... but we went into a small triftshop on our way back from Tesco. My sister said she would have to study again this day, so I should try to make my own way around if I wanted to go somewhere and do something in town. 
We split up at the entrance to her street, and I walked alone down towards "centrum". I was really nervous, since I hadn´t even got the tiny little map that my sister drew for me... 

Somehow I managed to get all the way down to Grassmarket. I looked in some bookshops, and spendt quite a while just windowshopping. After that I tried to find the comic store that I liked so much. Even though I had no idea where it would be, I tried my best and by pure luck I ran into it xD 
I bought another mangabook to read while traveling. I noticed then that my phone was starting to run out of power, and as my sister had told me to be home before 5 pm, I didn´t brave just staying where I was. I started walking towards the direction I thought (luckily I was right also) was the correct one.

I had already packed all my things, so I just sat down and started reading my book, while charging my phone. My sister was still studying. A bit before 4:30 pm, we decided that we should eat dinner before I left, so we headed out to get some fish & chips, since it was what I wanted at the moment, as a last memory :) We had to look for quite a while, and but by the time the clock was around 5 pm we had settled in a small pub. There we ate and her boyfriend came around to say goodbye to me. 
We headed home around 5:45 pm. 

We had to catch the bus around 7 pm, because my sister had plans for the evening, and I appreciated having a bit of time to check in and settle in the airport properly. Everything went fine luckily, I hugged my sister and boarded the bus. A while later I found myself at the airport once again. I had around an hour to spare after getting in, so I just browsed the shops and noted down interesting booktitles. Then it was time to fly! I was kinda pissed at this part, because the silly lady that "beeped" my ticket, didn´t give it back to me, so I had NO idea where to sit! the poor stewardess had to place me somwhere after everyone had taken their places >.< It was really stupid, because I had to sit in the front, forcing me to give up my bag (no reading for me ;3;) and the window place I KNEW I had got.
I decided to sleep instead though, so it acctually went quite fast. I arrived back at Gardemoen (Oslo Airport) around 23:45 pm, got my luggage and headed over to the hotel to stay the night before going home. I was totally beat by the time I´d gotten into my room. I am so happy my parents had booked hotel beforehand, and payed as well, so I just had to hand them my number, and I got my key really quickly. The bed I had got was reaaally big also, and the pillow was so fluffy and nice ;v; I feel so posh when I stay at hotels I tell you >3< haha

I will just quickly tell you about the rest of the journey, even though it was the next day, because it is such a small part that I think its ok to just finish it off, so that this series ends here :) 

The next morning I woke up at around 7 am. I had breakfast at the hotel before I headed to reach my plane that was going to leave around 9 am. I must have been really disoriented, because I almost forgot to check in my luggage xD I just charged right towards security control... omg I was so embarrased when a security guard told me to check it in =/////= I just felt like dying.... 
Thats me traveling alone though, very determined on my pace, always 
keeping my hands in my pockets to check phone, passport and money XD haha
Finally, after everything was ok and I had got inside, I headed over to the my gate and just waited for the depature of my plane. I read a bit again. The next plane ride took ages it seemed (somehow that plane ride usually does...). When I arrived at my "home airport" It was snowing heavily and every single hope I´d had about the snow starting to melt, withered away like nothing... 
I got my suitcase and found a spot in the bus. Once again it was time for a two hour long trip >.> 
My godfather was really kind, and picked me up at the busstation, and drove me the last 30 min. trip home. Seriously, he told me it had been snowing like crazy all week, and at the moment the snow was around 40-50 cm deep! O.o It never get that deep around where I live, because its by the coast, 
so I was totally shocked! 

This year we´ve had more snow than for many, many, many years! At most it has been around 1 m. deep >.< Finally arriving home, I close to collapsed in the living room. Now I don´t know if you guys remember the documentary project I have been talking about? I did decide to join it, as you might know, and earlier I had gotten some texts about them visiting me today to see what I´d bought and such, and greet me home etc. I was fine with it, even though I was really tired from traveling, and being an introvert being around so many strangers all alone had totally drained me, so I was dead tired... I unpacked my bags, took pictures of everything and had dinner with my parents. 

It had been a wonderful trip, and it will be a memory for life <3 ^^
I hope you guys liked reading about my trip to Scotland! I know I really enjoyed writing about it! <3
Tomorrow, I will make an entry about all the things I bought :D 

Did you enjoy my series, and do you think I should write more series about trips I make?

 look forward to my purchases entry! ^0^

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your time over here and would definitely love to read about more trips.

    Glad you had a good time.

    1. aww, I am so happy you did! :D Thank you for the encouragement ^^

  2. I loved all these posts about your trip. They are so much fun and it's interesting seeing what other people think about places and what they get up too :)
    Thanks so much for sharing with us

    1. aww, thank you for reading them :D I am so glad you enjoyed it <3