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♥ My Scotland adventure ♥ part 4

Today was the day I was meeting with Peachie *v* I had been dreaming about this for so many months, ever since I first got to know that I was going to Scotland during easter holiday, and I contacted Ruth about meeting up. It felt so surreal that it was acctually going to happen! 

My sister had to work on some new homework that she had got, so it was very convinient for her that I was otherwise engaged this day! She got loads of time to study and that was really great :) 
After breakfast, she left for the library around 10 am.

And I got into the nervous state of finding out whatever I was going wear ;A;!!!
I had brought quite a few pieces of lolita clothing, but I was still quite unsure... I have a bunny apron from BtSSB that I know Ruth adores, so I decided quite quickly that I was gonna wear that. The rest wasn´t very easy. I tried on three or four combinations, and spendt a good 20–30 min. just trying on things. Eventually, I went with a really pink outfit with my newly purchased blouse, my jewelry jelly JSK in pink, pink shoes, my Gothic and Lolita wigs wig, and matching pink accessories! 
I had loads of time to do my outfit and makeup, since we weren´t going to meet up until around 
1:30 pm. I spendt ages and ages in the bathroom doing my makeup, I don´t think I´ve ever spendt that much time on doing it! I wanted everything to be utterly perfect for meeting one of my lolita friends and idols, so I was quite fuzzy with everything. But as I was that fuzzy, I reached a state of lolita that I never knew I could reach! I don´t think I´ve been more happy with my makeup ever before!

Even if I started getting ready a bit before 11 am, I only just made it! I had to leave my sisters flat around 12:30 am, to provide myself with an hour of walking time, just to get to the place where we were gonna meet up. It was outside the St. Giles chatedral in the Royal Mile, at 1:30 pm. I must have double checked my purse, my gift for Peachie and everything I was gonna bring atleast a thousand times before I finally braved going out the door because I was so nervous (and my sister had told me to make absolutely sure I got everything, since I wouldn´t be able to get back into the flat again, since she had the key! >.<) And then I was off! 
I felt embarrased and a bit uncomfortable as I walked down the street in deep concentration over the map my sister had drawn me. I got some really lovely feedback messages as I walked along, many people wondered if I was the easter bunny XD"" (didn´t have any ears, so I didn´t really see why, but still...). Silly as I am, I managed to get lost a couple of times before I finally found my way. 
By the time I reached my destination, It took about 20 sec before a taxi rode up beside me and Ruth was inside of it. (made it just in time!

I felt litterary star struck, I had to restrain myself not to cry ;v; It was like a dream come true, acctually seeing her, the girl I have admired for so long, looked up to and wanted to meet so much! 
We hugged at once, and two seconds later we were bombarded with questions about taking  pictures together with us. There was tons of tourists in the area offcourse, and somehow they absolutely had to have pictures of us. When we told some of them yes, about 20 more came along and started taking pictures like mad O.o It was really embarrasing, and I didn´t really know what to do with myself. Ruth just giggled and seemed a lot more calm about it, though.

When we finally broke loose, we quickly figured I had allready been to some of the places Ruth were gonna show me (oh no ;v;""") so we just found a taxi and headed home to her place. Oh my gosh, I can´t explain how starstruck I was at this point. I have seen so many pictures of Ruthies amazing flat, that I reaaaally have wanted to see for sooo long ;v; 

Upon entering it, I felt at once that the atmosphere was really girly and cute ;v; Her hallway had cute pictures on the walls, with my little pony and pictures of lolitas. She had bags hanging on the opposite wall, one in the shape of a strawberry and another one with decorated gingerbread motifs. The first room I came into was her "living room". The place she films all her youtube movies and takes all her outfit pictures! I had to restrain myself not to squeel loudly!!! OAO

And offcourse one of the first things I did when I came in, was to rush towards her famous wall, with all the pictures on it ;v; the wall she always takes her pictures in front of!
Look at all them pictures ;V; 


I just kept running from place to place looking at everything
and going "omg so cuuute" all over the place XD haha... I wanna live there so bad ;v;.
Ruth gave me some strawberry milk in the cutest Disney princess cup you could imagine. It was pink and sparkly and with all the princesses on it!  We sat down on her couch and decided to exchange our gifts to eachother! I was so surprised seeing that she got me gifts! ;A; I had got some norwegian easter candy for her, and I had made a drawing of her character Nurse Kitty-chan! ^^( I am so happy you like my silly art Ruthie <3 ;v; I am not nearly as good at drawing kawaii things as you are, but I will try! ^^). She had got me a figurine of Pinkie Pie from My little pony (I had never seen the show until I saw an episode together with Ruth!) and that made me so happy! ^^ It looked super duper cute <3 I also got some marshmellow candy called "flumps", a cute disney princess trade card w. lollipop and a cute silky hairbow! ^^ I was so overwhelmed, I almost started crying ;_;. She even gave me two sets of adorable earrings ;A;

After that I got to look at Ruthies Hamtaro plushie! That might sound like a little thing to you guys, but Hamtaro is like my favourite anime ever so holding it was so great x3 haha... I don´t know about you, but whenever I´ve looked at peachies things in her pictures, I´ve always wanted to touch some of it and look closer at it XD haha.... I looked closer at her adorable plushies and ponies, and offcourse her magnificent shelfs of toys *v*. 

The lighting was really well at the moment, so we decided to get some nice pictures of our outfits!

Then I showed Peachie the pose of my people XD WE ARE ROCKETS GOING TO THE MOON!

And this is my favourite picture of us! ^^ It is currently my desktop picture xD hehe

Peachie insisted on getting some pictures of me alone, since she liked my outfit so much ;v; I was really happy that she felt happy about my bunny apron! (I let her try it on! She looked so cute ;V;

I tried to go OTT today x3 

Beloved Hamtaro-chan ;v; LET ME HAVE YOUUUU <333 I just wanted to keep this cutiepie x3 Offcourse I didn´t do it, but still x3 hehe

(All pictures are courtesy of Princess Peachie ;v; thanks for letting me use them!)

After our little photosession, I got to see Peachies bedroom, and her closet *A* She has those cute puffy, pink silk hangers and I just fell in love! She told me we could go look for them right by where she lived! I also got to see her kitchen and bathroom ;v; both so kawaii and lovely! EVERYTHING was covered in cuteness! Even her toilet had a huge Hello Kitty sticker on it >v< And her Kitchen had loads of cute pictures on the walls and pink little nick-nacks all over the place *V*
 I feel so lucky and priviliged to have seen it in real life ;v;

 Then we decided to go outside! ^^ We visited a few trift shops, and so many nice things happend, it was so perfect omg *v* One of the shops started playing disney music for us >v< And as we walked down the street, people smiled and were so friendly! Peachie showed me a poundsavers shop, and we went on a "pink" hunt. Everything pink was just attracting us
 like moth xD haha... We found more of the silky hangers, 
and since they were so cheap I bought two packages, each containing four hangers. 
(I should have bought two more though, since it turned out I had far to few when I came home XD haha)

After that we went to get sushi! ^^ That was such a lovely experience! The people that worked there was genuine japanese people and they were so polite and nice to us! One of the girls that worked there asked for our picture at once ^^ After a while, another girl that worked there showed up... she was sooo tiny and extremly cute omg ;A; Both me and Ruthie wanted to hug her because she had the cutest and tiniest voice in the world! She went all "kawaii!!!" on us x3 And she asked if we had any web–adresses with pictures on them to look at. I gave her my blog adress! ^^ She gave me an alice themed pen to write it down with ;v; She said she´d chosen it for us especially! X3 <333 SO ADORBS! I drew loads of little hearts around the adress :3 

We had maki rolls and something fancy called "dragon rolls" with fried shrimp, fish eggs, avocado and loads of fancy things in it. The rolls were rather large, so you had to split it in two to get the whole thing x3 hehe... it was hard to eat them, but we succeeded *^*

 Peachie was so cuuute <3 >3< *kissu*

The sushi was Peachies treat (she payed ;A;) and then we then proceeded to an icecream parlour right near by! ^^ Peachie said they had the fanciest icecream sundaes ever there, so I was quite excited! ^^

I had a hard time choosing what flavour to get, since they had so many different kinds! I found one that contained many things I love, so I just had to get it! It was called "coconut dream" if I remember correctly. It had whipped cream, pistachio icecream (my favourite icecream flavour *V*), bits of bounty chocolate (my favourite chocolate) and coconut icecream and strawberry syrup! *A* Peachie choose one called "Honey, I´m home" x3 It had honey, chocolate icecream and vanilla or honey icecream (I think), whipped cream, bits of crunchy honey stuff and honey syrup! 

Mine was to the left and Peachies to the right <3

Peachie is the cutest person ever <3 

"Mind your dress Frilly!" 

In the middle of eating icecream, Peachie suddenly spotted a pink creature outside our window *v* It was one of her friends! She wore the exact same coat as Ruth, and had a super cute backpack with Rapunzel from Disneys Tangled! ^^ Ruth hurried and texted her, so she rushed back to meet us x3 It was so lovely meeting one of her lolita friends <3 She sadly couldn´t stay for a long while, since she had to catch her bus, but it was really lovely none the less :)

Peachie insisted on paying for the icecream also (seriously??? Are you made of pure kindness Peachie ;A;???) After that we went back to Peachies apartment ^^ We had been talking and talking and talking all afternoon about everything! It didn´t feel awkward at all, and we felt like we were so perfect together! We matched like to pees in a pod, and we felt so relaxed and natural together. SO many of our opinions and interest were the same, it felt like we almost were the same person *o* I got to borrow Peachies computer for a little while, since she needed to rest (and I had told her I hadn´t been on the internet for a week XD ) so I quickly checked the blogspot blogs I follow ;v; 
At the poundsaver shop we had bought some cookies and sweets, and as we rested we tried them out with some more strawberry milk! ^^ Suddenly Peachie wanted some more pictures of me! It was starting to get a bit late, so the lighting wasn´t as good as before, 
but I think they turned out good anyway^^

Eating cookies x3

Meeting Princess Peachie

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Bunny–apron: Baby the stars shine bright
Blouse: Vintage
Shoes: Secret Shop
Socks: Secret Shop
Tights: H&M
Wig:Gothic and lolita wigs
Accessories: Chocomint, HolleyTeaTime, taobao,
 Angelic Pretty, Milklim CuteCanKill,
Homemade, vintage and gifts.

Quriky smile *v* XD haha, we took this one just for the fun of it!

Afterwards we sat down in Peachies coutch and did something really fun and special >v<
It is a secret until it is published though! But I will tell you that it involves Peachie, me and youtube, so please expect great things ahead! >v< I will make an entry about it as soon as it is published! x3

The clock was approaching 11 pm, and we realized the day had just rushed by sooo quickly ;V; We had had sooo much fun, and laughed so much that we are probably gonna live forever <3 We both felt sad, because we realized we matched so well and we live so far apart ;v; Then Peachie said something that made me more happy than I thought I could be! ^0^
We could meet up two days later (on Sunday) if I were free! Offcourse I said yes at once! I mentioned that I needed to speak to my sister about it, but I knew that we didn´t have anything planned, since we had allready done all the things I had planned to do :) I was soo excited that we might be able to meet again! *v* yaaay <333 

I texted my sister and asked her to meet me near by Peachies, because we figured she acctually just lives about a 15 min walk away from my sisters flat! Lucky! ^0^

And then it was time to say goodbye ;v; But it wasn´t as sad as I´d fear it would be. Because we knew we could meet again in a couple of days! I was quite afraid that I had tired her out to much, but since she was the one to suggest it, I really wanted to do it ^^.
I thanked her once more for all the gifts and lovely treats! I hugged her and then I was off ;v; 
My sister showed up quite soon after I´d stepped outside, and as we wandered home through the streets, I told her about our adventures >v<

When we reached home, I was so exhausted! It had been a looong day and I had experienced sooo many lovely things ;v; I was kinda sad that it was over, but I will always treasure the memories of this day <3 It means so much to me, that we were able to meet and that it was proven that we are so suited for eachother! I never thought I´d meet someone exactly like me ;A;
I will miss you until the day I meet you again Peachie <3 I am so happy about meeting you, because I feel so much closer to you now! I got to know so many new and exciting things about you that I will always treasure  ^^ I am happy that we are at least penpals so that we can write cute letters to eachother from time to time ;v; and that we know eachother online so that we can chat a lot!

When I had gotten out of my outfit, removed the makeup and got into my pyjamas again, I just fell into bed. My pink little  teddy bear comforted me as I closed my eyes and got ready to sleep once more. I felt boosted with inspiration and happy thoughts, wanting to be the best person, and the best lolita I could ever be! I wish I could be as good of a princess as Peachie is, it is one of my goals v;
You have filled me with a kind of positivity that I never thought I were able to feel peachie, 
thank you!

And lastly:
(shamelessly stealing gifs from Peachie >v> yushhhh)

I hope you enjoyed this entry
 as much as I enjoyed writing it! ^^
See you soon again! <3

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    You and Peachie are two girls *I* look up to, fashion wise, so yessum. Lovely! ♥

    1. iiiih, really?? :D huzzah! :D Inspiring others is my goal! ^0^ I am so happy you enjoyed reading it! :D IT WAS SUCH A BLAST I LOVED IT *^*

  2. I can't take all the kawaii aaaargh! so jealous!! but, I'm so glad you had fun together :D

    1. iiiih ;v;we had the most amazing time together <333 One of my best memories ever :3

  3. Aww it looks like you had so much fun with Peachie ^0^

    1. I really did ;v; I wanna do it a thousand times more ^0^!

  4. You both are so perfect ;__; ♥

  5. wow that room is amazing and you both looked so cute!

    1. Thnak yooou ;v; that is so nice of you to say! ^^ YESSSS *V* It was an AMAZING room! x3 I wanna live there now =v=

  6. eeeeeps! such a cute post. you both look adorable and I'm glad that you got to meet her. Those ice cream sundaes look so AMAZING

    1. Thank youuuu ^3^ I am so happy about it also! :D
      The icecream was DELICIOUS *^*

  7. awww you're both soo cute! *A*

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  9. I enjoyed looking at your photos, so cute *o* I love both of your outfits!


    1. Thanks! ^^ hope you liked the the story also! ^^

  10. I love all your pictures. So cute.

    Glad to hear our rubbish weather didn't stop you having a great time.

    1. Thanks :D The weater was rather lovely when I was over there!
      But then again, I come from Norway, so I am quite used to the rougher wheater types XD

  11. You are so cuuuuuuuteeeeee :D
    I died of cuteness overload :D
    Back two years ago I was a Lolita fashion fan but I guess I wasn't as committed as you
    You are great, I love your hair, your determination and commitment to cute things, we need more people like you in the world :D


    1. whaaah ;v; this message made me blush and smile >v< ihihih
      thank you! ^0^ I wish to fill my life entirely with cuteness *^*

      you are so nice and kind! <3 *hug*

  12. I absolutely adore your make up! It's perfect!

    You girls look sooo cute together! <3 =D Both coords are amazingly cute! :3

    Unf those ice creams sound just too good! =O

    1. Thank you! ^^I was really happy with how the makeup turned out :D

      iiih, thank you also for liking the coords! :D <33
      If only you could have tried the icecreams ;v; they were so dreamy <333

  13. Hey! I'm new to your blog and I love it so far haha! The pictures here and the captions are so funny! You are incredibly cute! Would be cool if you could check out my blog too hehe :)

    1. Hi! ^^ welcome! :D I am glad you like it, hehe x3
      Sure, I´ll have a look!

  14. Your make-up and coordination are really perfect ! I love how big and cute your eyes are (>w<)
    And I really like apron with lolita (such a maid inside of me, hahaha), you rocked it !

    And I can feel your happiness meeting your idol ! it's such a beautiful mix between excitement, impatience and tears haha~

    1. awww, this message is so pretty ;v; thank you! <33
      Yay! Apron-lolita! <3

      It was so awsome meeting Peachie, I wanna do it again and again and again! ^0^

  15. Awww you and Peachie are so cute ~ The day looked great, I'm happy for you! I love Peachie's apartment, it's lovely!

    1. Thank you ;v; It was a fantastic day! I wish I could just stay at her place XD

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