lørdag 22. september 2012

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Helluuuuu everyone! >0< 

Now, I have been alone for two weeks, and I feel pretty ready to finally get my parents home tomorrow! :) I know for a fact that I am getting a little something - something also, so I am pretty excited >v< hihihi

Today, I vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the hens house, gave them new food, watered all the flowers in the house and went out with the trash! :D So now the house is clean and fresh for their return <3 I am also planning on making a special dinner tomorrow, so that they have something good to eat when they come home! ^^ 
Otherwise today, I have no plans at all, just relaxing and regain some energy for next week. I had a mathmatics test yesterday, and we also had P.E, so I felt quite exhausted after that!

I decided to finally dress up again in some of the new taobao stuff ^^  I have only worn clothes for comfort this week, because it has been really cold outside, so mostly... the weekends are the only times I wear fun clothes >A<...
My hair is just a messy side - bun and I didn´t use makeup because I am lazy on Saturdays xD

I need a spiked headband now...

☆Laces of Candy☆

Shirt: Taobao
Skirt: Taobao
Tights: Amazon
Shoes: Taobao
Suspenders: bodyline
Accesories: Broken Doll, Taobao, H&M

details :3

Veeery simple outfit, but I have been planning it for ages now, so I finally thought I should go through with it ^^ I even bought the suspenders only for this outfit because I thought there was something missing XD haha 

Now, I have to tell you something really, really fun, fun FUUUUN :D!!!
Yesterday, I found one of my absolute favourite dream dresses EVER on an auction site ;A;
It felt far to good to be true, and I felt super duper excited and nervous about it, because I could acctually afford it and everything 0o0! After some thinking, I decided to get it >w< Even though it is sold without the headband, It acctually comes with socks and a bag. Since I don´t have anything to wear with it, I also decided to get a cute cutsew directly from Angelic Pretty also! 
AND not only that, but I am also currently bidding on a cute blouse that I really hope I will win >v< I am really nervous about it! I never do auctions normally, because it makes me super duper nervous, and unable to concentrate on other things :P 
It feels so lovely to finally get lolita things again *v*

Do you dare to bid on auctions?

Thanks for reading, lovelies <3

12 kommentarer:

  1. I absolutely LOVE your Taobao purchases! I'm thinking of making an order with my birthday money, such unique things on there ;u;
    I know how you feel about auctions - so nerve wrecking! I usually just buy items even if they're a bit more than bidding to save stressing haha

    ❤ Sapphire


    1. Thank you :D I really like my purchases also! ^^ It is always fun with new stuff *v*
      I usually NEVER do auctions XD I just had to this time, since the item did not have a "buy it now" price =3=

  2. I love your cordinate *_*
    Especially the skirt with the suspenders - so pretty ♥
    I'm to scared to buy on japanese auction sites, because i always think i won't get it and will be overbid and everything xD
    But I hope you will win both auctions ^_^

    1. thank you! :D I thought the suspenders was a nice touch ^^ I am glad you like it also!
      The auction is soon over, whaah, so nervous >.<

  3. You look adorable darling! <3


    1. thank you sweetie! :D you are really kind <3
      It is a secret >w<

  4. Hey ^^
    I find your Outfit really cool ~
    and I know a store, they sold spike headband to order and specially wishes
    the spike headband's cost between 10€-20€ ^____~
    but the store is in German: https://www.facebook.com/coffincandyshoes

    1. thank you ! :D and thank you for the link! I will have a look ^^

  5. I love this kind of skirt, and with the "Beetlejuice" leggin it's a really cool outfit *o*

    1. thank you ^^ that is a really fun compliment! :D

  6. Love your outfit, and the skirt is amazing :D want it! You look stunning as always <3

    1. thank you! ^^ I really like the skirt also, sad that it´s only getting colder outside, since it is so thin, it is not very warm to wear XD