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♥ Pinku Project labu labu ♥

If you have followed my blog for a while, you might know that I am a big fan of the Canada based Jpop idol group called

Today, I thought I´d share some info about them, since I just recently ordered their CD and some autographed pictures! :)

Pinku Project started on Youtube, when a girl called Robin Joobin started uploading dance videos on her account. She got many viewers, and after a while, she started dancing with her friends also! ^^ They wore super cute lolita outfits, and did the most adorable jpop dance covers! And suddenly, pinku project was born ^0^ 
(playing of the name "hello project" which is a famous japanese idol group ;-) )

The first generation of Pinku Project started about three years ago, Robin and her friend Leah has been in it ever since then, but the two others decided to focus on school after a while. 

After that, it became more apperant what kind of nicknames they made for eachother! Robin became Peach Pinku, and Leah became Baby Pinku ^^ They were accompanied by Candy and Cherry Pinku in the second generation of Pinku Project! I loved Baby and Candy sooo much <333

Peach is a blooming fashion designer on the side of being in Pinku Project, and she started making their outfits to make a more distinct look for them when they danced! :D Around this time, she also started an Etsy shop with her own brand called 

In the beginning, she sold only smaller items such as accesories, but in the more recent times, she has begun selling clothing also! Many of these can be seen worn by the Pinku Project girls in their videos, so for anyone being a fan out there, I really reccomend you to look at it! You can get really unique handmade items, and even though I don´t own anything from the brand myself, I can easily tell that Peach has become an amazing seamstress over the years :) I plan on getting things from them as soon as I get some money to spare ^^

First Pinku Project Mini concert!

Part 1

Part 2

This is the first proper concert they ever held! I love Peach and Babys dresses the most! I really wish Peach would make those dresses for sale >w< I love the design so much! The dresses worn by Cherry and Candy however, is available in the PinklyEverAfter etsy shop :D
  This concert is where it was announced that  Candy and Cherry was going to graduate. Baby and Peach was once again alone :(

So this time, quite some time went by with only Peach and Baby sticking together, making videos as the kawaii "Sugary Fairy" duo!

I had begun being a fan of Pinku Project properly after the second generation started, so I was quite devestated when they split up, you might imagine >.< I dreamed about attending one of their concerts one day * v*

BUT, datta-da-daaa! 
They gather together once again for a new generation! Generation three :D!

Cotton Pinku and Berry Pinku joined the fun, and they are the ones that is by definiton, 
todays Pinku Project^^

As you can see in this video, they were quite new together, and still hadn´t settled their catchphrases properly >v< I love their outfits so much! <333 (these are not made by Peach!)

THIS generation is the one that has made the most impact on me, and that has made me the crazy Pinku Project Otaku that I am today >0<  ♥ ♥ ♥
They uploaded video after video of super duper cute dance covers, and they also started to focus on each Pinkus character traits! Baby, which became my favourite, was the lovely type, Peach was the happy type, Berry was the healing type, and Cotton was the nyan type! :D
(Don´t get me wrong, all of the Pinkus makes my heart go doki doki, but Baby was my first favourite, so she will always make me feel extra fuzzy and happy >w< These days, I feel like I love all Pinku Project members very, very much!♥)

They held several concerts together, and they started a close collaboration with 
the American kawaii idol

She became a model for PinklyEverAfter clothing, and she also helped them in their biggest project ever done! Their original produced CD and DVD! *0* I remeber so well when they launched this idea, I almost freaked out!!! I just jumped around shouting with joy, and I felt so happy and proud on their behalf. They are so strong and wonderful to work so hard and follow their dreams, and I really, really feel like they are true idols when they are even able to make a proper CD! *0*
It is so amazing, they made a totally original dance and the cutest lyrics you could ever find <3
Offcourse I had to preorder the limited edition DVD/cd set right away x3 hihi 

It contains their amazing PV Magical Journey, sung by Baby Pinku and Yukapon, and also their song about their Pinku Project, called "Pinku Invasion" (just like the title of the CD itself! ^^)

Originally, this PV was only meant for their Pinku Otakus, ordering the DVD, but as it was announced that Pinku Project was ending, once and for all with a final graduation of all members, it was put online. ( I am very happy to own the DVD being able to watch it on my tv - screen! thihi >w<)

I am really sad about Pinku Project graduating... even before I was able to see them preform live! It has been a dream of mine for so long, so it acctually made me cry ;_; 
I understand it though, they are all growing up, and they need to focus on their studies, work hard and really follow their own message that they have spread out there through all their years as idols^^.
I have the utmost respect for them,  and I am so happy that they will continue to be online seperatly, spreading their interests and love for kawaii things and dancing. Peach will keep up her store, Cotton and Berry will dance, and I am not sure what Baby is up to, but she has claimed to come back also! 

(btw, Berry has become my Pen-pal :D!)

They will continue Pinku Project until the end of this year, but then it will be over... this means that they are still having a couple of events for fans to attend! ^0^ If you live in Toronto, 
please look them up! :D

 I decided to get more Pinku Project merch, while I still could, since they have been such huge inspirations to me, and brought me so much joy ;_;
When I made the order, I sendt a little message to them about how much they mean to me, that I was sad they were splitting up, and that was why I decided to make another order to get more of their things! ^^ Peach was the sweetest person ever and wrote me a super cute message where she said that she offcourse remebered me, and that they would name a seat after me on their final concert ; A; whaaah TT ^TT They are so amazing <3333
I only owned the DVD/cd limited edition set, but I really wanted to own the CD also, so I got one more x3 I also ordered one of every single picture they had for sale! :D
Look at the cute visit cards and the HUUGE PinklyEverAfter sticker! ;_;
(Probably putting that on my wall of kawaii = v =)

 They sendt me an extra CD for free ;A; And Peach Pinku wrote inside of it... 
" Dear Josephine♥ Love and peach, we love you! Please remeber us"

Please don´t worry, precious, precious Peach <3 I will NEVER EVER forget Pinku Project, and the huge impact it has had in my life... I have never been a bigger fan of any group before, and I will always remeber you guys! <3 You guys have made me hold on when I have felt like just giving up with my disease. When I have been so sick that I had to stay at the hospital, I always smiled when I watched your videos, and you made me feel strong, like I could do anything ^^ I wish I could meet you guys in person, because you are so important to me ♥
I hope that I can one day hug each and every one of you, and tell you how amazing you are!

  (even though this is a bigger text, I will probably write more about Pinku Project/PinklyEverAfter
later on also >v<)

So to sum up this wall of text, all I really want to say is Thank you... thank you ever so much for all the fuzzy feelings, the smiles, the giggles, the warmth and friendship you have shown me! The inspirational happyness you have brought me, and the fact that you are always there to make us smile and be happy. I really don´t know how to explain it better, there is SO much more I feel like I should have said, but I really don´t know how to make you understand just how important and deep this subject is to me ;_; *sobs* I just want you to be aware of that...


Thanks for reading

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  1. Lovely post! the pinky project are so cute! :D and it's so cool thay you got a signed CD from them :D

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    1. oh gosh! :D wow! Thank you ^^ This is the second time I win this award >w< I feel really flattered ^/////^

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    1. Awwww ;_; that is so incredibly cute of you to do! <333 It really made me feel so warm at heart <3
      I ... I don´t really know what to say even... thank you, very very much!!! >.< <333

  4. I love Pinku Project! I first met them at a convention before they had formed, they're so cute! I love hanging out with them :D