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Kurebayashi - get the look! Part 2

Here is part two of my first ever tutorial: kurebayashi - get the look! ^^

I would love to write about her unique art style, since I love it so much, but since this is a style tutorial, I won´t bore you people that isn´t as crazy about art as I am xD haha

This tutorial will include:

Part 2
  • Clothing
  • Experimenting


Kurebayashis clothing style can´t be defined under one category. Her style is a mixture of all the things that interest her! If one at all is going to categorize it, I would say it is a mixture of pop kei, with decora and amoeji kei! :) She definitely has a taste for kawaii!
Ripped up shirts, flower badges, bunny ears, bows galore and rainbow coloured socks is just so much fun, don´t you think? The key really, is loads of colours, but evenly spread all over!

(pictures from tumblr tag, source unknown)

She buys her clothes from a whole variety of different stores, from super cheap ones, to more expensive ones. Typically, you spot her in clothes from
  • Super Lovers
  • ACDC Rag
  • Bodyline
  • Angelic Pretty
  • MalkoMalka
  • Galaxxxy
  • Monomania 
and many, many others!
Not to mention that she makes and alters tons of the clothes she owns as well! ^^ Everytime I look through her blog, she fills me with inspiration, and it just feels like I glow :D
I wanna do EVERYTHING! ^^
I hope I will be able to spread some of that inspiration to you guys, through these tips :)

Quite recently, she modeled some clothes from the brand "Super Lovers", with adorable pink details!
It is a very simple outfit, but it is super versatile for all kinds of occations!
Lovely for a boring, grey  school day that needs some sunshine in it. 
I managed to pick together some pieces of what she wore, but also some different ones, so you can easily try the style yourself! ^^

Super lovers rocking sweater   *  puffy star skirt   *   heart over the knee socks   *   metallic shine platform

This is only basic pieces to the outfit, so there is a lot of things that can be added! ^^ What about a pair of suspenders, just to hang down the sides of the skirt? A studded hairband would fit perfectly! Also, for a more pop look, why not add a huge heartshaped bag? Personally, I would wear tons of buttons and badges :D

For another cute look, that is a bit cheaper, I picked together some pieces from the brand "ACDC Rag", that is really cute look-a-likes to an old outfit Kurebayashi wore in a magazine! ^^
This look is more boy-ish, and fits perfectly for a fun day, running some errands. It is easy, and still quite ... eye catching ;-)

A thousand eyes sweater hoodie  *   Skull t-shirt   *   Starry pink harem pants

I would wear this outfit with rainbowcoloured sneakers,( like the ones Kaila has in her banner! ^^)
and big hairbuns! A smileyface button would look great as well!

The greatest thing about "ACDC Rag" is that they have all kinds of cute clothes, for the cheapest prices you can imagine. Especially their tshirts is worth looking into,
as you can find ones for as little as 10 $!


Now, over to more home-made stuff, to get your inspirational fluids flowing :D
(eww,that sounds gross XD hahaha)

(picture is taken from her personal blog)

Achieve the style!
  1. Cut out a huge felt heart, star, circle, triangle or even a square! Sew on a bow, some rhinestones and buttons for details, or design your own character, and you have yourself your very own kurebayashi styled tshirt! 
  2. buy, or make a douzin silky bows and attach arround the edge of the neckline to a top. Use bows in all the shades of the rainbow for the most fun ^^
  3. Make pom poms out of yarn and attach them to anything! Kurebayashi has tons of pom poms in her outfits, if you just look for them :) (here is a 5 min. tutorial on how to make them!)
  4. Cut off the head of two small teddybears that has seen better days, and sew them on to your platform sneakers. You always see her jumping around in her panda platforms :D
  5. Draw a cute character and get it printed on a button to wear for a totally unique look! (here is a place to get personalized buttons!) 

The most important thing you do, when you wanna try out someone elses look, is try to adjust it to your own likes! ^^ Even though you like their style, NEVER try to completly copy them!
Take aspect and details that you like into mind, be experimental and create your own versions of things you see! ^^

Because I have been so inspired by Kurebayashi lately, I have studied her outfits and intricate little details a lot, and wanted to try and make my own look :D

That is why, I can now present my Josephine x Kurebayashi  outfit ^^

♥Kureba - Josie ♥

Top: Cubus
Cake hoodie: ACDC rag
Skinny jeans: H&M
Shoes: An*tai*na
Hairties: Miyamo
Accesories: Taobao, Milklim, homemade

I made it very simple, for a regular school day. I added my own taste, with skinny jeans and platform shoes (even though she also wears platform sneakers very often ;-) ) and I used a cake pattern top, that fits her taste in patterns! ^^ I wanted to use my new Miyamo hairties, but also my Trex necklace, to make the green details in the pattern pop!

I still need to get my first pair of false lashes, but I still like the makeup I did quite a lot ^^

tried doing the famous Juria pose ^^ Kinda like it! It shows of my lovely new Panda hairtie so well *v*

I hope you guys enjoyed my Kurebayashi tutorial, and that you found it usefull and inspiring! ^^
It was a fun project for me to work with, and I learned a lot of new things about what kind of outfits I like wearing!

I really wanna try more styles in the future, and I hope I can make more tutorials to inspire creativity in my readers as well! It is a lot of fun to try out different styles, especially if you are used to one kind of style and begin to feel a bit bored with it....

Thank you very much for reading, 
and as always I appreciate all kinds of feedback! :D

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  1. The Tutorial was really great, looking forward for the next one :)
    The last Picture where you did the Juria pose was my favourite, you look so cute! *_*
    And where did you get that Button from you got on your Jacket? It's super sweet ♥

    1. Thank you very, very much! :D I am so very happy I was able to inspire you! ^-^
      Aww, really? I was a bit nervous about posting that last picture acctually >v<

      The button is from Milklim! ^^ I got it together with a sweater I ordered there once. They tend to add free buttons when you order things from them ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, your hair is so perfect! How do you get your buns so perfect? ;A;

    1. Thank you very much! ^^ It is very simple and quick, I use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wxNFKZlp28 this tutorial!

  3. I really like the starry eyebrows look, and i wish my hair was long enough (naturally) to do buns like this ;u;

    ♥ Sapphire

    1. I love that look also! ^^ I don´t dare doing it myself though > v< hihi
      My hair is not that long, it is only down to my bust x3

  4. I love ur outfit,so inspirating and kawaii :3

  5. THIS is a wonderful tutorial! It was a really great read! ( *´oωo`) I actually haven't really bothered looking into ACDC rag's stuff properly, so thank you for making me interested in that brand.

    And, as usual, you look SO CUTE sweetheart! Abh my heart is melting ♥♡

    1. Thank you! :D I worked very hard, for many hours making it >w<
      ACDC rag is super cheap and awsome *v* I only own like, one thing from them yet, but I plan to buy more in the future >w<

      Aww, you are so kind to me <333

  6. Hello! I've decicded to follow your blog since it is very cute(*´ω`*)
    This is a great tutorial and I love your outfit☆I especially like your twin buns! I've been wanting to do this hairstyle for a very long time but I have no idea how to make them look as neat as yours, mine's always end up being a messヽ(´Д`)ノCould you do a tutorial for them some time?

    1. Thank you! ^^ I am very happy you like it so much :D
      There is a link to the tutorial on how to do my hairbuns in the first part of this tutorial! :D Under the "hair" section ;-)

  7. this iis wonderful! you are such a great blogger! o.O and the pics of you are so cute :D:D:D You are running my favorite blog now <3 <3

    1. whaaah ; v; thank you sweetie! ^^ That means so very, very much to me! <333 I feel so happy now ^0^