fredag 28. september 2012

6 September Things!

Finally it is friday again! :) Yet another stressfull week has passed, and I am more than ready to tuck a thick carpet around me and switch on a cosy movie as the rain is pouring outside my window.

What do you do on fridays really? Usually I keep my fridays off, with nothing to do, so that I can just relax and enjoy myself! I therefore thought that I might make a little update ^^

If you are like me, then having something fun to do might be just the right thing! 
I decided to share five september things that are currently inspiering me/ things I currently want.
Everyone needs some creative input at times, so I hope you enjoy my little list ;---)

6 September things!

1. Spiked headbands: 
I really need some spiked headbands to make the last finish to my outfits! They are so versatile and lovely! I love that they can make any outfit more edgy ;-)

2. Fake eyelashes: 
this is something totally new that I have never tried before. I have ordered diamond lash - lashes, and I am excited to try out more doll-ish makeup!

3.Skeleton tights: 
absolute must now that halloween is approaching.
 I really want some skin coloured ones!

4.KERA October 2012 issue: 
 I have seen some scans from this, and I just LOVE everything about it! Must obtain for all the cool halloween themed things <3

5. Mint coloured accesories: 
my obsession with Kurebayashi is still strong, and she makes me want mint coloured things for some reason x) But! My newest dress that is arriving soon is also in mint, so I really wanna stack up on things to go with it :D

6. Bob wigs:
  I am in love with the simple adorable hairstyle that is the bob. So cute and simple, yet adds a really classical and chic look to any outfit! Toned down for autumn, definitely on my wishlist.

In other news, I bleached my hair once again! ^0^ I took my roots, and the whole hair, to get it as close to white as possible. 
I am maybe doing a mini-colouration to get some of the "yellow-shine" out of it soon. 

What do you think?^^

Now it is almost white! The shadow makes it look kinda dark on the left side here...

for reading!

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