lørdag 8. september 2012

Huge taobao order HAUL!

Yesterday was such an eventfull day! I was at school, finished a lot of projects that we´ve been working on for a long time, went to the cinema and watched the new Disney movie "Brave"
 (it was fantastic! I´d reccomend it to anyone ;-D).
I picked up my long awaited taobao package at the post office,  had dinner at my godmothers house, and all in all, I ended up not getting home until 8 PM! 
I had litterary been away from 8 to 8, PHEW! =A=

So when I came home, I couldn´t wait another moment to open my package ^0^ 
(and that is why I had to take a picture of it in terrible lighting >.<) 
I waited until this morning to take  pictures of all my new items though ;-)

I have only ordered from taobao once before, and then it was just one pair of shoes from An*tai*na and a pair of socks! So this time, I was very nervous and excited about getting a big order! Both because I was a bit afraid of getting custom fees (which I luckily didn´t get >w<) and that everything would fit and look good!

I used the shopping service

 The made sure I didn´t get any extra fees, kept me updated on everything that happend in the process of my order, and were over all very patient and nice with me ^^ I suggest you use them, if you don´t want good service bought cheaply!
 I got all of my items for around 120 $, and the shipping was only around 50 $ <3

I didn´t order lolita things, but rather things that is more "trendy" in Harajuku right now! ^^ The kind of things you often see in Zipper magazine and such. 

I wanted to get some basics, that is simple to pair with things! 

I adore the cat shirt so much! >v< And the candy shirt is SO easily cordinated!

I was a bit sad because the dress is a little bit short, but positivly surprised that the skirt can acctually be worn at the waist, and still be long enough to reach my ankles!

I have wanted to get a pair of the popular Tokyo Bopper platform shoes that you see everyone wear for a really long time, but since they don´t make them in my size, I had to get a replica pair instead!^^ And what better to do when you get a new pair of shoes, than getting an awsome pair of socks? ;-)

And offcourse I had to get some accessories! I have been looking at a ton of pretty things on taobao that I would LOVE to buy, since everything is so dangerously cheap and awsome XD haha
I settled on a few new buttons, a necklace, som badges and (sadly) one earring > v >

I really don´t know why they only sendt me one earring O.o I will have to buy another one then! 

I love this necklace, and the cat badge is my favourite! >w<

My hipster buttons XD mustache in triangle in space!

There is links under most of the pictures, to go directly to the item page if you wanna buy anything!

I am super happy with everything I got, and I can´t wait to start cordinating everything into my outfits *v* hihi! 

The cat badge and the "Miss you" badge fits perfectly with cute styles also! ^^ These two items are from a shop that also has been known to steal artwork from other artists and make buttons, and even though I was aware of that, I decided to buy these two items... this was because I liked them very much, and they are not replicas of anything! 
I just want to make sure you understand that I won´t support her theft! I just wanted to buy some of her original handmade goods :) I had to wait for a week extra for these two items, because they had to be made first,  but it was totally worth it, because they both look so precious and wonderful * V* I can´t wait to wear them >v< 

I do like the galaxy - prints that has been trending lately in Hipster fashion, so I really wanted to get a pair of cheesy buttons to go with that, the mustache was really just a bonus XD haha

AND when I bought the Trex necklace, I couldn´t help but think about my friend Tove because she loves dinosaurs ^^ I am sure she would adore this one! :)

The clothing I just decided on because I wanted something totally new that I didn´t have anything similar to! I almost have no tshirts, and certainly no one that could be worn on their own, and these ones are so cute >w< <333 The skirt has been a long dream of mine, as well as the dress ^^ 

I have been really influenced by
 Sayumi, Amo and Ayamo 
in my purchases this time! :D

It is always fun to try out new styles >w< 

Have you bought anything totally new that you have never owned anything similar to?

I have a feeling I will become a lot more experimental this autumn >v<

Thank you all for reading! ^^

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  1. The cat shirt is adorable! Lovely buys :3

    ♥ Sapphire

    1. thank you! :D I am very pleased with my purchases ^^

  2. All of your buys are super cute, I love everything! <33
    And I agree, it's weird that they only sent you one earring o.O

    1. thank you :D
      Yeah, who lists single earrings for sale?
      I requested one, because I thought that was like.... one pair! XD

  3. Ahh I almost bought that cat shirt last time I ordered from taobao! It's so awesome, I love the styles that are trending in harajuku atm~ I'm sure you'll look great in all of this cutie! ♥

    1. oh really? :D that is so cool! I bet you would have looked super cute in a the cat shirt also ^^
      yeah! The Harajuku trends are so amazing these days :D I wanna get tatoo tights also ;)

  4. About eh Booper replicas they are tru to size?Becouse I´m wondering to buy a pair but I don´t know wich size.
    I´m in love with all the thing,hope to see all clothes on you here in pics soon ;-D

    1. Yeah they are !^^ Atleast mine are ^^ they fit me fine :)
      Aww, thank you ^^

  5. wooow,epic cherry socks and accesories,especially the broches with cats ^___^

  6. aww...everthing is cute and you're cuter too!