tirsdag 25. september 2012

。Liebster award ... again!。

I am very surprised and happy to announce that I was picked for
 the liebester blog award once again! ^^ The first time was around, I was really surprised, but THIS time... wow... I am speachless! I feel very honoured^^

Thank you, dear Pinkie for tagging me :)

The Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves

2. Answer the question the tagger has set for you, plus create 11 questions for the people you´ve tagged to answer

3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post

4.Go to their page and tell them

5. No tag backs!

1: Which of your features are you most proud of? (ex: hair, eyes etc)

I like that my legs are long ^^ And I like that my nose is completely straight, like... normally everyone has something that is a little bit crocked about their nose, but mine is really straight... its kinda weird acctually xD

2: What style would you love to wear but never thought you could pull off?

I am not really sure... maybe mori girl... I really want to try it out, but I am unsure if I would be able to get enough layers and stuff...I really don´t know, because I think I could pull it off to some exdend... I AM going to wear it sometime! ^^

Also, I think boat-necklines are really pretty, but I can´t wear those because my shoulders are quite wide allready....

It might sound like I am super full of myself, but right now, I can´t think of any... 
oh! maybe cosplay! Yeah, I don´t think I could pull of cosplaying... I would just look tacky and weird in that >_> I would really love to try it out some day, because I think it looks really awsome when its done well,  but I am afraid it will suck if I try...

3: Why did you start blogging and what motivates you to continue posting?

I think I started blogging because I thought it seemed like a lot of fun! ^^ For many years now, I have been reading blogs like Lolita Charm (now Pairfait Doll), Zerudaswonderland, and Fyeahlolita (amongst many others). I always felt so inspired by all their wonderful lifestyle articles, cute little everyday tips, and new twists of doing things, and they always managed to fill me with creativity! >v< 

 I first thought that no one would be interested in little me, but then I found tumblr, got more and more into fashion, and somehow got more and more followers, and after a while...
  many people acctually told me that they would enjoy reading about my life/style more, so then I decided to start writing a real blog on my own! :) 
I want to use this blog to spread inspiration and tips, and make people want to do creative things also! ^^ I really hope that my blog will be able to reach someone, and make them get up and do something totally new, or try out a new style or find a new webshop they really like :D
I wish to express myself through fashion, style tips, and fun things that I like! ^^

I am motivated to continue because of all of this, and because of wonderful readers <3

4: If you could have any super powers, what would you want?

Maybe being able to make money appear from thin air! *v* then I could buy anything I wanted without having to save up for it for many months >v< hohoho!

5: What makeup product can you not live without?

My Skin 79 BB - cream! ^^ It is really great :D After I started wearing it, I love how my makeup looks on my skin! ^^

6: Your biggest fear?

loosing myself...  meaning in many different ways...

7: Best way to kill time when you´re by yourself, waiting for someone/something?

watch a movie, surf on the internet, tumblr >w<, look up new exciting webpages, reading a book, gaming, doodling ? ^^

8: Where do want to be in life in 10 years?

living and working in Japan! ^^ Doing something creative and fun :D

9: One item, in your opinion, that could completely ruin a perfectly good outfit?
(ex: belts, scarfs etc)

Scarfs can acctually cover up outfits very much, and sometimes they don´t look that good.... 

I guess wearing vastly different fabrics can be very wrong aswell... 

Oh, acctually, makeup and hairstyle! Even if you wear amazing brand clothes, if your hair/makeup isn´t done properly, your outfit might end up looking really bad.

The right pair of shoes/feet wear is important also! Old sneakers is just wrong with a pretty outfit!

10: Whats your favourite makeup remover?

I usually use Simple - kind to skin cleansing facial wipes ^^ I think those work very well,
 and they are easy on your skin! :)

11: Do you have any secret talents? If not, any you wish you had?

Secret? I have some weird ones, but they are not really secret XD haha...
I can spot where I have seen an actor/what movie they have starred in before, when I see an actor in a movie or a show,  almost instantly! ^^"

Thank you very much again! ^^ It was fun writing the answer to this :) about the rest of the rules, I won´t tag others, mostly because I have allready tagged most blogs that I know of that has less than 200 followers, and I feel like I am bothering people >.< I hope you understand!

I also wanted to add that I was so happy when I got a message that this lovely girl 
wrote about me in her blog! oAo

(click through ^^)

Really, this means SO much to me, you have no idea... this is like a dream come true! I am able to inspire people, and it makes me so happy ;_; *sobs* 
Thank you very much! I don´t know what to say really! I just feel really happy and... 
like I don´t deserve this at all >.<

You are all wonderful readers, you make me feel like I am shining! ^-^ I feel really warm at heart, and a bit flustered, like I really don´t know what to do with myself >.<

Thank you for reading, really!

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  1. I'm glad you had fun doing this~ ^__^
    That's actually a really cool talent! Haha.

    1. thanks! xD hehe, I just think it is really weird xD

  2. Love reading your answers, and a great post :D

    1. thank you :D It is so fun to answer these kinds of things :D