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Rainbowholic shopping service review + pastelly goodies

One of my absolute favourite kawaii bloggers, the lovely Kaila of "Rainbowholic"
 (if you haven´t heard about it, you should totally check it out!)
has recently opened up a shopping service that allows people to order things from japan through her! ^^ She can take orders from both in - store and online! 

Another one of my absolute favourite bloggers (even though I can´t read japanese yet) is the well-known harajuku fashion idol Kurebayashi! <33 I look to her blog for inspiration and for fun pictures of her outfits, cute hairstyles, adorable face and fantastic art!
Did you know that she is not only a great fashionista, but also a creator of her own accesories that she has recently started selling?

One day after looking through her updates, I found that she was talking about some cute hairbands that she has been seen wearing a lot lately, that an artist called Miyamo has created.
Kurebayashi has spread the word and popularity of her items around so much that hey have almost become a trade mark for her! So when I found out were to purchase these items, I was really overjoyed! :D

(click to go there :D)
is a vintage and handmade boutique that is located a couple of side streets from Laforet Harajuku, and there you can find all sorts of things suited for mori girl, cult party kei, decora, fairy kei and all kinds of awsome japanese harajuku styles. Many artists sell their things there, and you can find tons of one of a kind vintage things! So if you are interested, I really suggest you give it a look! 

I have wanted to buy some smaller things worn by Kurebayashi, and since I didn´t want to order through one of the big shopping services, I decided to check out how Kaila worked hers! :) 
(Acctually, I have just waited for a reason to do so >v<)

Service 5/5
When I first made my order, I got an email straight away, confirming my order, and that she would get back to me as soon as possible. She also kept me updated with frequent emails throughout the whole process, with personal little touches like "Josephine - san" >w< hihi
She also confirmed everything with me when there was a little mistake in the order (because the colour I wanted was sold out), but I decided to say it was ok with me to take another one :)
She even sendt me an email to apoligize for the order being slow arriving at her house! So I would say it was top score on the service part ^^

Shipping and handling 5/5
Her listed prices are a bit expensive, but I really think it´s totally worth it! After all, 
she is a regular human being that needs money just like everyone else :) I am going to explain this bit a little bit further down ;-)When she emailed me, she made sure to send pictures of the items when they arrived, and when they were ready to get shipped also!
 That was a really great touch that made it feel a lot more personal and secure! 
I made the order on the 19th of August and (due to the shop I ordered from being slow) it was shipped on the 2nd of September.  It arrived yesterday after 11 days! ^^ I didn´t get any kind of extra fees, and also saw that she had put a cute little bit of rainbow coloured tape on the outside to mark that it was from her! <333

There was even more rainbow tape inside! AND pink bubblewrap *w*

Package 100000000/5
I was super duper excited about getting my package finally, but I wondered how it could possibly be as big as it appeared to be, since I had only ordered a few things.
You see, Kaila has this special service that is an extra to her shopping service! She has a policy that is to not only bring her customer their orders, but also bring them a bit of japan as well! ^^
I thought, that since she also has her own shop , this extra detail only applied to THAT, but as I was to discover, it acctually applied to her shopping service as well! And oh boy was I surprised! O.O

She sendt me the cutest little personal note, with two buttons! :D I am gonna wear these SO often!

These awsome hairbands/bracelets was my actual orders, and this was how they looked when I first opened the package :) 

But acctually, I got all of those freebies as well! oAo Japanese candy!!!

Cute chocolate cookies, something that seemed to be an icecream cone with pink chocolate instead of icecream (I ate it allready, it was delicious x3), and ... OMG... GREEN KITKAT! I have always dreamed about eating those! :D

Not only that... but the people from SOL-love & BeBeSol sendt me candy also!

... And to think I acctually only ordered three of these things, and ended up getting ALL OF THIS! (put the bags in the picture also, because they looked to cute >w<)

So to sum it up, Kaila gets ALL the points 8-D!!! 
Seriously, if you are considering ordering through her shopping service, don´t even wonder another second. Kaila offers great service and AMAZING extra gifts that makes you feel so special and fantastic! Her extra fees for doing the job might be a bit higher than big - company shopping services, but the personal touch she puts into her packages really makes up for it, and it makes the whole experience so much more special.

If you want to check out her offers and policy on her shopping service

Today, I wore my new things in a kawaii Kurebayashi inspired outfit! ^^
This picture will also be a little preview to my upcoming "Kurebayashi - get the look" post that is coming very soon ;-)

(I got a wonderful girl in my class to take some pictures for me >v<)

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, and that you pay Kailas blog a visit ^^ You will not regret it if you love kawaii things, like I do ^0^ <3<3<3

A little side note to this, is that I got my adorable new things that I recently ordered from
 Cute Can Kill
She recently updated her site with her new collection! You should totally check it out! ^-^
She was even sweet enough to put in a free bat ring, and a heartshaped keychain ;A;
And will you just look at that adorable handwritten letter <3333

LILA! YOU ARE TO NICE TO ME <33333 *cries*

Thank you VERY much for reading this far! ^v^
I am hope you continue reading on, because it is just getting good :D

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  1. Everything you bought it's so sooo cute, I have to try her shopping service too!
    And all that candy aaaaw *o*

    1. thank you :D I was so pleased with everything, and all the freebies was just amazing *A*

  2. wow! adorable! I'm so excited for your post on Kurebayashi's style as well!!

    1. Thank yooou ^0^ I am happy you are excited :D I am really excited as well >w<

  3. I'd love to try a shopping service! I like your purchases ^o^

    1. you really should! Especially a private one like this! it is so much more personal! :D

  4. YAY!!! thank you so much!! I'm so happy that you are happy with my service ;_; And super cute choices!!! I love your picks hehehe


    1. you are very welcome! :D
      And thank YOU most of all! The package was SO much more than expected ; V;

  5. aww so delicious looking sweets,and I love this jewelery from cute can kill <3

  6. Its still so weird to see you be blonde:P
    I didn't recognize you:P You seriously look like Shelby cloud on the pics^^

    Keep the bloggin up I love what you do^^