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Kurebayashi - get the look! Part 1

Yay! :D Finally, I am able to present to you all, after many, many hours of hard work in photoshop and searching around to collect info and pictures, 
 my first ever "get the look" update! ^^
(I will make this one in two parts, since the update will be far to big for only one update.) 

I hope you enjoy it, and please remember that I am not an expert, I just want to give ideas and inspiration, and most of these tips are only that, TIPS! You don´t have to follow every step along the way! Look around, explore and experiment with your own style in between it all :D 
Just remeber to have fun ^^

This tutorial will include:

Part 1
  • Hairstyle and makeup
  • Accesories and creativity
Part 2
  • Clothing
  • Experimenting

Hairstyles and makeup

Kurebayashi has had most any colour under the sun, in her hair, and very often at the same time! 
Mixtures of pink hues and purple, bright blue and even different shades of green! 

(all pictures are from her personal blog)

To get a similar hairstyle to hers, don´t be afraid to experiment with all the colours of the rainbow! ^^
She is a perfect example of how cute you can make your hair, even having a short hairdo!

Achieve the style!
  1. get an undercut, dye it in crazy colours and shapes! (make sure to get help from a professional, since this a complicated process!)
  2. Tie up your hair in high ponytails, and crimp it to get a sweet retro style
  3. Add tons of cute hair clips with bright colours, but make sure they don´t have a lot of crazy patterns, as this might end up looking messy
  4. dye your hair in a bright colour, extra points if you have two or three different ones.
  5. Wear your hair in twin-buns! Kurebayashi almost always puts her hair up! It is a great way to show off your neck :)

When it comes to makeup, she is very particuilar about having BIG dolly eyes!^^
Circle lenses is a must to get that look! It is also very important to remeber false lashes, especially on your lower lash line, as that is a signature look to her makeup style. 

 (magazine scan found on google images link to orignal page)

 Achieve the style!
  1. Kurebayashis makeup is all about colour, colour, colour!
    Make sure to get a big eyeshadow pallete ^^
  2. Since she focuses mainly on her eyes, it is ok to just add a simple pink lip gloss for your lips.
  3. If you want to experiment with lip makeup, you can make polkadots on top of your lipstick, by using a shade of eyeshadow in a darker colour, with a secure blank layer of lipgloss on top
    (it can be a good idea to use a creambased type of eyeshadow! Make dots with a qtip.)
  4. If you feel particularily brave, you can pluck your eyebrows off and draw one star where the natural eyebrows would have ended, a bit over the inner corner of your eyes
    (a good idea is to make it a dark colour!)
  5. put tiny diamonds on your eyelashes, or around your eyes by using eyelash-glue! This really makes your eyes sparkle :D

 Accesories and creativity

Kurebayashi is not only known for having a super cute and unique style, but also for being an artist!
She designs her own accesories, and makes a lot of the clothes she wears on her own!

(picture found on tumblr tags, source unknown)

She often attends the POP´n´Cute events, where artists are allowed to work their art live, in the company of many other artists and kawaii pop culture enthusiasts! ^^

Not only does she create awsome things for herself, but recently,
she has made her own collection of homemade goods that goes under the name "90884".
Sadly, I don´t know where to get those things,
 except for attending events in harajuku that includes art and artists stands.

However, I was able to find some sweet deals for you, if you still want things inspired by the look!^^

Gumball machine necklace    *   pink and green bracelet   *   rainbow gameboy keychains   *   kawaii bleach necklace

All of these things can be found on etsy! and a simple search for perler beads can give you tons more results :D Also, the best thing you can do, is offcourse to get creative and make your own things! Get crazy and use all the colours you can think off! Don´t be afraid to make weird creatures and original patterns, Kurebayashi makes the strangest animals in her creations ;-)

If you are more the kind of person to buy things, over making them on your own, here is a great selection of things that all can be found in the same store!

Mint kawaii bow hairclip   *   gumball bracelets   *   Star pearly necklace    *   Red bow ring    *   Puffy ball hairties

these are all cheap, and super cute! You can easily get a lovely kawaii look with only one of these add - ons ;-)

Achieve the style!

  1. When you choose accesories, go for the less used colours! If you can choose between pink and mint, go with mint! Kurebayashi often uses the colourselections that is less popular.
  2.  Stack up on neautral kawaii bracelets with cute colours, they are very easy to add to your outfits, and they often make your outfits get that little extra touch. Get a childish and cute look with bracelets that feature things like crayons or legos ;-)
  3. Necklaces with unique features and crazy colours is a must.
    Skeleton Trex? a tooth printed piece of plastic, or a bright yellow latex bow?
    You don´t even have to ask twice!
  4. cute hairties to add to your hairbuns or crimped ponytails can make an amazing difference! Puffy balls with details, or simple gumball look-alikes gives a very childish and playfull look.
  5. If you make you wanna make your own things, but don´t care for beads or loads of work, buying cute keychains and simply changing the chain for a necklace chain or hairclip is really great!

Now, I hope you enjoyed this first half of my "Kurebayashi - get the look!" two - parts series! ^-^
 I would really like to know what you think about it,
because I would love to do other tutorials like this! :D

just a little reminder about what comes next:

Part 2
  • Clothing
  • Experimenting

It might come up later today, or tomorrow! ^^ I am just to excited to wait longer XD I just don´t wanna make one reeeeally long entry >.<

Thank you for reading!

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  1. nice post! she seems really cool, I like her make up!

    1. thank you! :D She IS really cool, atleast in my mind XD

  2. So kawaii post,her style is so amazing,love her hair and accessories :3