søndag 9. september 2012

Sunday acctually!

This weekend has been really relaxing and great :) Yesterday I had pizza and candy, while mostly just watching movies all day ^^
 I only wore jammies and it felt fantastic to not have any work to do!

These days, school steals away all of my time to do anything! I am especially busy, since my parents are visiting my sister in South Africa for the next two weeks,
 I need to take care of the house, my cat and our hens!

But today, I decided to dress up a bit ^^ 
Wanted to try out some combinations I had thought about with my new taobao items.


Dress:  Taobao
Tigh - high socks: Taobao
Shoes: An*tai*na
Underskrit: H&M kid section
T-shirt: Taobao
Accesories: Taobao, trifted, broken doll, handmade

These shoes makes my legs look amazingly long! O.o 
   I really like this combination! ^^

I got the idea of wearing this dress with these tights from Sayumi!
 She has such an amazing style * v*I added together the japanese word "yume" that means dream, with Sayumis name for the name of this outfit :)
It matches really well also, since the "NADIA" text has cherries printed on it :D 

Loving my new socks and shoes sooooo much :D I am so happy my shoes fit so nicely! ^^

Have you dressed up like any of your fashion idols lately?

The plans for the rest of the day is maybe baking something, drawing or reading, taking a walk and just relaxing until the weekend is over >.<

Thanks for reading!

11 kommentarer:

  1. You have hens? Oh my that's... I wish I had hens too! Or chickens. I have a weird fascination with chickens ( ; w ; ) Anyway, off topic! I love your outfit dear, you look so cute as always~ And those socks are extremely adorable!

    1. Yeah we have! :D My parents are very interested in self sufficiency, so we are gonna start growing our own greens and stuff also >w<
      Aww! you are so kind! :D I am happy you like the outfit ^^ I am quite new with this style as of yet <3

  2. OMIGOSH,stunning outfit!!I love this nadia dress and stockings ^^

    1. thank you very much :D I am happy you like it <3

  3. this outfit is really cute! :)love the Nadia dress

    + you have a lovely blog!

    1. Thank you! ^-^ I really like that dress also! :) It is only a bit sad that its a little bit short >.<

  4. wow......What a cute you are!!!!!! You are wearing Nadia<33 Nice<33

    1. whaah, thank you >w< It is only a replica though ^0^

  5. OMG the outfits are SOOO CUTE * o *
    And I absolute LOVE your blog!! <33

    1. thank yooou ^0^
      I am so happy you like it :D